If you read discussion groups on the Internet, it is apparent the majority of people want the Twin Towers rebuilt to restore the skyline and help morale by showing our resilience. At the same time, many of the relatives of the victims want a large memorial. The business people want at least a few smaller buildings so that they can make money. 

   The above layout has something for everyone. The four acre memorial covers the area where most of the people died on 9/11. Four acres is equivalent to about 4 football fields. This should be an adequate amount of space to allow people to mourn their loses. The Twin Towers are the only two buildings that must be rebuilt to restore the skyline. They are offset from their original positions by about 300 feet. This should allow the skyline to look the same from most angles. The exterior of the twins should look the same, however the interior might be modified for strength and fireproofing.

   Rest of the land could be used for other buildings, a plaza, or maybe a museum about the disaster. I like the museum idea. It could include pieces from the original buildings, the famous American flag from ground zero, and other artifacts. I was also thinking that maybe the lights from the current Towers of Light memorial could be reused. We could put them on the roof of the new buildings. Every September night the lights would be turned on.

   This design is the best compromise possible, it has something for everyone. The victim's families, business people, the general public, and tourists from around the world all get something.