There are many reason why we should rebuild the Twin Towers. Below are listed some of the reasons.

1. Look at these pictures of what smaller buildings might look like. If you put your mouse pointer over a picture it will turn turn into the full size buildings (this requires an up to date browser.) This alone should be enough to show why we must rebuild to full height.

(put mouse over pictures to see full size buildings)


2. There are 16 acres on the site, plenty of room to rebuild and include a nice memorial.

3. The Twin Towers were cool. They were also major tourists attractions and will be again in the future. We need amazing things like the Twin Towers, they were special and brought smiles to millions of people that saw them.

4. A few people want shorter buildings to be built on the site. In my opinion it would be depressing to see short 50 story buildings where 110 story skyscrapers once stood. Short buildings would make the site ordinary and is the worst thing you could do. Also, as many have pointed out, shorter buildings aren't safer. Look at Oklahoma city were a bomb destroyed the building. A similar bomb did little damage to the Twin Towers in 1993.

5. Rebuilding shows the terrorists we don't give up. It seems to be the American thing to do.

6. In the long term, people will prefer the Twin Towers over a mega-memorial. A memorial should be included, but the Twin Towers should also be included. Look at all the things we keep and rebuild for histories sake. What better then to have Twin Towers that people can visit in the future.

7. The towers can be rebuilt safer. New, high tech fireproofing materials exist today that could protect the beams from overheating. Also, a redesign of the floor support structure could probably allow the Towers to withstand a similar attack.

8. We are fighting a war so that we can have freedom and do the things that we want to. People would work in the new buildings, I know I would. Look at the airlines today, they are up to about 80% of the passengers they had pre 9/11 and increasing every month. Flying is more dangerous then working in a skyscraper and people are returning to the skies.