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  Paul Mattick The Masses and the Vanguard

 Cajo Brendel Council Communism and the Critique of Bolshevism

 Cajo Brendel Some Thoughts on the Re-organization of the Revolutionary Left

  Council Communism

  On Workplace Organization

  The Real Movement

 Monsieur Depont - Reply to "The Real Movement"

 Working Class Self Activity

 Communism in France : S ou B, ICO, Echanges

 Monsieur Dupont - To Get Over the Wall, We First Have to Get to the Wall

Noel Ignatiev - The Backward Worker

Chicago Revolutionary Network - Spontaneity and Organization

Reply by Red & Black Notes

Anton Pannekoek - Anarchism is Not Suitable

Anton Pannekoek - A Letter on Workers' Councils

Workers Playtime - Workers? Autonomy?

Frank Girard: In Memorial

Unions: A Revolutionary Critique

Benjamin Peret - Factory Committees

Revolutionary Organization and Class Consciousness

Letter from Internationalism

Comment by Red & Black Notes

Maurice Brinton 1922-2005

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