Red's Audio Page
(Funny thing, I think this painting looks quite a lot like me!)
Warning: This page contains content only suitable for those who are considered adults.  Warning: This page contains audio files that are decidedly amateurish, and contain various annoying sounds, eg.: coughs, throat-clearing, and loud breathing.
LAST UPDATED: October 4, 2005
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This is a file that I recorded in July 2003.  I was house-sitting for my parents.  It was one of many files I recorded that week.  I got a little silly.
Another file from that same time, about the books I'd read.  I wish I could record more files, but for some reason, I get too much static.
A goofy little ditty about losing my glasses.  Hey, at least it's cheerful.
Red's Vanity Page (Pictures)
The Vanity Page has New Pics!  Look at my gorgeous Nephew!  See me at nineteen years old!  Also, my recently burned leg!  Fun for all!!
Random Picture
Tuesday, October 4, 2005
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