The Costume Box
Hello, and welcome to the costume box, my costume making resource. On this page, I will include pictures of costumes I have made and instructions detailing how i made them. These costumes vary in price and difficulty, but seeing as I am merely a college student, the price is usualy as cheap as i can get it. A lot of what I use comes out of my own closet,so don't dispair if you can't find exactly what I have. Just keep an open mind and creative vision. Enjoy!
Before you Begin
How to make a Drawstring Bag    A lovely accsessory for costumes.
Princess Leia from Star Wars

A Hogwarts Student

A Newsboy

A Blue Fairy (this doesn't have to be blue, that's just what I did.)

A Gypsy- various designs

Coming soon:

Sally the Rag Doll from
Nightare Before Christmas

Cats Cat

Cruella DeVil from
101 Dalmations

Marlyn Monroe

Scarlett O'Hara



The Wicked Queen from
Snow White.

A Peasent- various designs

George Harrison (or any other Beatle, really)

Cher/ 70's Disco Queen
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