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      Don't take any of the graphics without permission.  You can adopt creatures by saving them to your own computer and then filling out the adoption form at the adoption center. Don't take my backgrounds or anything else though until furthur notice.  If you send me anything /sign the guestbook or anything related or on this page it should be kid-safe. No porn,no bad language,okay ? Oh and just to make sure you read this ,the only way to enter is thru the blue cat below =^_^=

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June 20,2002

Make sure you read the rules people. I'm exhauseted today , the revamping is taking forever !!! But its gonna look great ! I don't want to spoil the surprise though. I can't wait ! I'm working on new pictures, most of the old one will go, remember copyright laws !! Don't take unless you fill out the adoptioln form !!
Much love peeps,

Shhhhh, were gonna get animeish stuff too ! !

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