Fondest greetings to you all... and welcome to my little space on the web.
I am Marie Rose Noire, known variously as either Marie or Rose,
depending on the fandom and the mood. Here, you will find an eclectic
collection of my writings and my artwork. Everything can be seen here
from Phantom of the Opera phan phiction to custom My Little Ponies
to funny photo-manips, all courtsey of... me!


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The Scrollery

This is where I keep my stories and poems and various other scribbling of the literay-persuasion.
Fandoms run the gamut from Lord of the Rings to Notre Dame de Paris,
with Harry Potter and Phantom of the Opera along the way.


The Gallery

 Here is where all of my artwork is kept.
Fanart for just about everything that can be found in the Scollery,
as well as professional pieces from both job and school.


The Fireplace


And... everything else. Personal photographs, links to my LJ and elfwood galleries,
the URLs to my favourite places on the web, and all of the webrings I belong to.
And of course, all contact information.


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