As previously mentioned (if you've read what you should have) I met The Husband on the Internet (can I hear a *GASP*?).  Yes, in a chat room of all things.  That same one I was so scared to go into, remmy?

We "met" in July 1999.  Just chat buddies, right?  He was going through an emotional separation and then divorce and needed friends to lean on.  I was more than glad to be friends with this wonderful man.  He was so wonderfully sweet.  I don't want to go into too much detail as it's his story, not mine.  So, I'll leave it there.  Suffice it to say we became good friends.

We started ICQ chats in August 1999.  He was sooo nervous to do that.  The intimacy just went up a notch.  If you don't know
ICQ click on it.  Gods..we spent hours and hours on ICQ.  Three and four hours at a time.  He sent me a picture or twenty (man oh man, he was/is cute).  My scanner wasn't set up yet so he was out of luck.  AND I knew I wasn't the prettiest flower in the bunch AND shy, etc, so I wasn't in any hurry to send him one.  He sent me the sweetest card about bees not caring about what a flower looks like, they just want a sweet one.  Well..gods, if that wouldn't turn a girl's head I don't know what would..

Finally, in October 1999 I got up the courage to send him a couple pictures.  I was so scared.  But we wanted to talk to each other on the phone by this point just made sense at the time that it was finally time for me to send him some.  So I did.  He called me once he got the pics.  I could tell from his voice that he wasn't disappointed..what a

We talked and talked and talked through October, November and December.  Sometime in November we decided that we really needed to meet IRL.  Just a note - I had already decided to move to Seattle in early 2000.  I moved that up to December 1999.  We met at my brother's house.  I had the poor man help us unload my moving truck..what a way to meet, but it was a great ice-breaker.

We hit it off right away.  We both felt we were in love, but meeting would "jell" it so to speak.  It sure did!  At the time I wasn't working (I had cashed in my 401k and was living on the proceeds) so I was free to spend lots of time at his place..and did so at 125 miles each way, door to door.  We had and have so much fun.  We spent Christmas and New Year's together.  It was awesome.  We spent lots of time at his brother's and sis-in-law's house having great fun.  I learned to fish for trout and salmon (not that I caught any salmon, BUT I have caught more trout than he has *smirk*).  We went camping, I've met lots of his wonderful friends.

So, back to that 125 mile commute each way.  This was getting tiresome let alone that we were apart a lot of the time.  I went back to work in April 2000, there went the long weekends together.  We started discussing me moving up to Canada to live with him.  Wonderful idea.  Awesome plan.  Until Canadian Immigration got involved.

"We don't let just anybody live up here", I was told.  Damn.  Okay, I'll apply to be an immigrant.  HA!  Wasn't gonna happen as I don't work in a high demand industry.  It was inferred to us that getting married was our best bet.  Well, this wasn't the plan.  He was just divorced, I had never planned to get married.  It just wasn't in my cards as far as I was concerned.  Well..we were told that on a Monday.  We got married the next Saturday.  The families were surprised to say the least, but they were all happy for us.  They knew how much we were in love and how being apart was driving us both crazy.

Well..we've been married for several months now and it just gets more awsomer (is that a word?) as time goes on.  I love that man to distraction.  I resent every moment we're apart.

He is my sun and moon, my earth and stars..he is the very air that I breathe..

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