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Tuesday March 17, 2004

Jesus Christ my journal is... unbelievable. not that it isn't now... *looks around*

From movie obsessions, to Rammstein obsessions. And from special guest appearances to "Dramatic Luc" expierences, we've had a pretty rough time, haven't we? Actually, I don't think anyone reads this anymore, I read it occasionally and wonder why I don't update so often anymore, and then I think to myself:
Geet off yer fuckin' ass and finish that God damned backround!
I did finish it fool! I just don't know how to get it the way I want it to. So, I'm gonna sit here and pout and shout and cry and brag and make people think I like them.

Someone's sick as a moose.

Goo' night folks.

Sunday March 15, 2004

Happy Birthday (12) to Natalie. Happy Birthday (9) to myself as well.

Got an iPod for me birthday. Also got Windows XP (sadly). iPod r0xx0rs, a lot, and Windows XP, should die.

Week went by fast, and then Friday came and I had to leave school early at around 2:00 P.M. to leave for Macon for a Tae Kwon Do tournament. Stayed the night at Macon ,Friday, wokr up early next morning to get at the high school for the Black Belt meeting at around 9:30 A.M. Had some old lady with messed up teeth and a HUGE ASS southern accent tell us about judging and such. Then we got organized into our rings where we'd judge, keep time, score, such such. After the meeting, everyone participating in the tournament lined up, did some basic moves, national anthems, then we went on to some kinda neat stuff. Everyone got moved back, and then we started the black belt board breaking competition, I volunteered to hold some boards, and it was a hell of a lot better than sittin' on my ass for an hour and a half. Then they started on the men's black belt form competition, then women's. My mum got 2nd out of three, which is pretty good knowing that the judges were from Macon and Atlanta.

Haesan Tae Kwon Do has numerous school from Gerogia: Macon, Stockbridge, Warnerrobbins, and Atlanta. These school train differently, example: Macon and Warnerrobbins train for sparring most of the year, and their forms are really choppy, very competitive. Atlanta and Stockbridge practice forms, smooth moving, lots of power, not too well known for sparring. I, am part of the Atlanta school. Oh, one more thing, my mum, my little sister, my teacher, and I were the only ones to show up at the tournament, despite numerous reminders.

Okay, anyways, she did pretty good under the given circumstances. Then I went to my ring and started rakin' up scores for some white, yellow, green, blue, and red belt 13, 14, 15 boys. Went well, and then we started sparring, where i kept time. Oh, I forgot before that I competed for Black Belt 13, 14, 15 boys Forms. Got 2nd, because my front stance sucked ass. Anyways, kept time and relaxed a little bit for some fat guys sparring. Then it was my turn to do something exciting.

Sparring, the thing people from Stockbridge and Atlanta dread to all hell. I come in, ready to go. I, being part of an unlucky family when it comes to these competitions, was first to go up against someone from Macon. sparred for about 5 minutes, 3 minutes over time beacuse none of us could get a hit off the other. I kicked the shorty in the face and got 2 points for it. Finally beatin' him after the sudden death 2-0, the kid loses and get's 4th out of 4. I now have to compete for 1st. I get a break and watch the kid i just spared spar against some fat guy. Fat guy wins, 1-0. Then I spar this short, kinda redneck lookin' kid. I knew it'd be hard to fight him, 'cause he had a buzz cut. It's an instict, you know, to know that people can kick yer ass if they have a buzz. I think that's why people in the army get buzz cuts. Anyways. I come up, and fuckin' hell, he's sittin' there with his leg up for about a minute. I can't get a clear shot on him. So I just kick his leg down, and all the judges just go "Oh..." as if "THAT MUST'VE FUCKIN' HURT". Kid can't keep his leg up for more than a couple seconds anymore. Finally I do a back side kick and get him on the side of the head. For the next 30 seconds the guy goes off on me, starts crying and shit. I beat him when the match is up at the end of the 2 minutes. Anyways, it's all set that I get 1st place.

That was a big paragraph.

My foot's messed up, and I'm sore everywhere from the tournament and manhunt later that night when Zane came over. Today I had a little cameo in my bro's movie, "Yo Vivre". It was for spanish, he had to make a music video for the spanish version of a song, in this case "I Will Survive". I think I just jump started my film career. I think I also watched Schindler's List today and thought it was very good.


Sunday March 6, 2004


Jan's here with his friends and they're playing Dace Dance Revolution in my room. I'd go to bed right now, but 1) I'm too hungry and 2) The office is right under my room, and the bang-ba-bang-bang-ing over me went be eas to fall asleep to. So, I'm listening to my music, and a little bit of DDR, complaining about how my throat hurts like a french whore, and being tired.

I went birthday shopping today with Natalie. It was quite an expierence. I got this neat-o hat, I don't know what it's called, but let's just call it the "Frank Sinatra Hat" A.K.A. "FSH". Anyways, Natalie and I both agree that I should get it, soshe buys me that and this nintendo jacket thing. The hat, it being the largest size they had, was still too small for my head. Rather, it is still too small. Oh well, I like it anyways. I got Natalie a mood ring and a Beastie Boys DVD. I would've bought it for myself, but then Natalie was there. Gr...


There aren't any bagles left in the house. I'm gonna have to resort to this morning's waffles or some toast. What'll I do next?

It's actually Sunday morning, if you haven't realized that yet. I started updating at around 1.

My throat hurts too much to ask Jan when he's gonna leave, and also that the song he's dancing too right now has a beat that I've heard before, but i can't put my- nevermind, I just got it. It's a Pink song. Pink sang a song for the Charlie's Angel with this beat. I wish I could tell him. Hm.

Gonna go get some water to see if it helps.

It helped. I'm gonna pick up the bass after the song, no wait, it just ended. Umk, I just picked it up. Have you noticed how I'm describing all of my thoughts unto the journal? I thought journals were supposed to explain what happened BEFORE, not during.

You heard it folks. Umk, well, I'm gonna play the bass. See ya.

Tuesday March 2, 2004

It took me about... three weeks to update again. Wow. Well, all I can say is that I remember having a lot to say that Monday, but when it was deleted by my fucking internet explorer, I comepletely forgot aboot it. So allow me to begin with an introduction of the past three weeks.

They were by far, the worste weeks of my my life.

Anyways, Mike thinks he can tell me how to spell/type. I then smacked him in the face. Hold on he just kicked my chair. K, I'm done.

The weather has made everything compatable to live with. Had a bad day? GET THE FUCK OUTSIDE BITCH. Gotta take a piss? NOW IT AIN'T GONNA BE COLD. I remember one time when I was at Joe's house, and we were outside and I took a well needed piss, and you know what? I saw steam... STEAM... coming off of my cock and piss. That made me feel like God. And hot.

^^^^ Don't read that paragraph if you're eating.

Hayden just realized he didn't have hair. I pity da foo'.

Yeah, I'm in Newspaper if you haven't already noticed. I have DI after school today. There's no point anymore in caring, I mean, if you haven't had a good skit by November, there's usually no hope. We hit our first, and most likely the only, good skit in Febuary if I am not mistaken. And quite frankly, that ain't good. Hayden worries about it too much, and I do realize that he's sitting here right next to me reading it, but seriously. He needs to calm down about it. If we don't win, we're not going to die a horrible death or anything like that. It's a learning expierence my good friend. Anywho, I think I'm done talking for now. Yeah, I'm done. No wait.

I went to Dana's party Saturday.

Okay, I'm done.

Monday Febuary 16, 2004

Tommygirl3128613: Ooh man
Tommygirl3128613: man o man
GuiltyForFear: check it for me, quick!
Tommygirl3128613: okay okay
Tommygirl3128613: first i ahev to fgure out hwo to use this new aol lol
GuiltyForFear: OMG
GuiltyForFear: NVM
GuiltyForFear: NO1!!!!!
GuiltyForFear: IT DIDN'T WORK
GuiltyForFear: IT DIDN'T SAVE
Tommygirl3128613: i did it!
Tommygirl3128613: oh
GuiltyForFear: god i hate my computer
GuiltyForFear: i give up

That was so much easier to explain. I had a bunch of stuff typed down for you guys, but then... nah, I don't want to explain it again. I think I'm just going to go stab someone with a rubber chicken. I'll tell ya about my weekend when I feel better.

Wednsday Febuary 11, 2003

Hallo everyone, how's your week goin'? Mine's goin' quite well, or maybe my day's going so great that it's makin' an impression on the week. I don't know, because well, I just don't know.

Today's been a good day so far. Natalie made me cookies. I don't know why, she claims I needed cookies, so I guess I did. You see, by now most of you should already know that we have some sort of symbiotic bond, and we know the other better than we know ourselves. It's scary. Anywho, I told Mrs. Hershburger that they were marijuana cookies when she saw me eatin' one of them, and she told me to put them away and go to class. She's so cool, I've never had her, but she's still 1337. Anyways, the cookies made my day, and then Arsha managed to tell me about some swimsuit special Spike T.V.'s having tonight, and he sent me a site of a preview for it. I noticed that Anna Kournikova was on it, and I managed to get the best one. I'll post it at the bottom.

I found out yesterday that I have a 63 in Math. It sucks, because I was absent on the days we had homework turn ins, and i got Cs on some quizes. I'm gonna talk to her about the homework things, and see if I can manage to get some form of a late grade for it. Kinda pissin' me off, 'cause Arsha tells me that he hasn't done any of his homework for about 2 weeks, and he's got a 90. Though I've done all my homework, and haven't gotten a speck of credit.

Tomorrow I have to teach Tae Kwon Do. My mum wanted my bro to teach, but he's probably the worste candidate, next to my little sister. He hasn't been to a class for about 4 months, and he barely knows any of the forms. Well, I guess I'm gonna teach it, we'll see how that goes. Zane might come as well, for he's probably gonna spend the night tomorrow night, and stay to hang out with Dan, Joe, Spencer, and myself, at my house. Mainly 'cause my mum didn't want me home alone all day. I'm surprised she's allowing... 4 people come over when there's no one around.

Saturday night I have to go out for dinner.

And now, what you've probably been avoiding, a pic of Anna Kournikova.

Anna Kournikova - Swim Suit

Friday January 6, 2004

Mike is an idiot.

We're sitting here in Newspaper watching Chris Moody playing some hockey game on, and now he's gonna start playing a Skateboarding game called "Skateboard Vert Park Challenge".

Anyways. Friday, finally. God, it's been a long week, and today is gonna be just as long. It's raining like a bitch, and well, it's gonna be long.

I'm probably gonna go to the movies again today. Probably gonna see Lauren there, with Dan, Joe, Emily, apperently Ashley Straut is going with her. Lauren's gonna get Krissy to go along with her.

Hold on, I'm gonna dance to Enya.

he dances like he's a fucking beached salmon. Numb nuts...

That was Hayden. Anyways. I'm probably gonna have fun tonight. If not I'm gonna play SOCOM and try to make plans with Natalie only to let her cancel it. Haha.

I have decided yesterday that I'm going to become a tatoo artist. And no, I'm not going to the dance, I gave that up a long time ago. Anyways, If I'm not a tatoo artist, I might just become a fag. Thank you. I'm gonna wait a little to see if I've got anything else to say, and then I'm either gonna find a pic to put on hurr, or I'm gonna try and play a game on . God, that shit looks like it'll keep ya occupied for hours on end.

Jessica Simpson

Wednsday Febuary 4, 2004

Ah... long time...

Hold on, I have to go kill someone...

Umk, so anyways. It's been a long time hasn't it? What's gone on? Nothing. Saturday I could've gone to the movies or something with Zane and Joe and Spencer and Jeana, but I had to stick back and go to a Tae Kwon Do testing, just sit there and watch people. And then I had to go to DI thing, where I saw Fran-e ^.^ That was uber fun-o. And so, I ended up staying home and being sick for the rest of the day. HATS OFF PLEASE.

And then Monday I stayed home, made plans with Natalie for Tuesday because we both thought it would've frozen over during the night... BUT IT DIDN'T. God Damnit... Tuesday I had to go to school. so that just kicked off the "list of plans that were cancelled". I think I'll either make a seperate page, or put it above.

In other news, everyone is getting screwed over, leaving me with... Dan... Krissy... Dana... Zane... Matt... yep, those are the people I probably won't kill soon. WHY MUST YOU ALL LEAVE.

K, I'm out.


Congradulations!!! The journal has now reached a high of 300 views in January. That just made my day everyone. Thank you, all I have to say is that I'd like to say thank you to... well... let me think about that for a minute....

Friday January 30, 2004

Why hallo there. I'm here in Newspaper, just like old times, eh? Hahaha, I'm not funny.

The bus was beyond late this morning. It got at the bus stop at about 8:15. It turns out that the sub we were supposed to have never showed up, so in its place, we got a sub of a sub. It was cool, the guy was like driving up all over Castleton and looking at the houses, he almost ran over an elemtary schooler that didn't look left twice. WHAT DO THEY TEACH IN THOSE SCHOOLS THESE DAYS?!?!?!?!!?

Anyways, he managed to pick up about 10 of us, and then we played Follow the Leader as we entered the school, and then he told us to sit down somewhere. And then he gave us some crumbled up pieces of yellow paper, and told us to "skit". We were late because as we drove up to get dropped off, the bell rang. Anyways, Hayden was apperently late as well, but he still went to the Track meeting that we were supposed to have this morning. I didn't want to go because I thought there'd be too many people I hated there.

My hair looks better when it's messy lik this.

What to do this weekend!!!! Hm... I'll probably get home today, and turn SOCOM on. I might not play online this weekend, because I'm hell bent on beating these Single Player levels to unlock some skins for the online mode. If I beat this next level, I'd have about 4 skins unlocked, 2 for every three levels.

Most of you are probably confused about my goal in SOCOM. Allow me to educate you. In the online mode, most of the new levels have a 4th... "I don't think anybody cares"... that was Hayden. Anyways, there's a 4th character for each new level in SOCOM II that you can unlock. You can only unlock them by beating levels in the Single Player game. In the Single Player game, there are areas where you play, such as in Albania or Brazil or Russia. There are about 3 levels for each one of the areas. Once you beat the third level, with a certain difficulty (I'm on the hardest one), you can unlock certain things. With my difficulty I unlock two characters per area.

I think I explained that as best I could, most of you probably skipped that paragraph, but I'm just gonna say... well... I'm not gonna say anything.

Chelsea Mento's a whore.

Now everyone I know has a journal. Thank you.

Thursday January 29, 2004

Yo... I'm in Science, and I'm also in the computer lab. Heather convinced me to write in the journal while we're here, so she could write in it, so I'm gonna let her talk in hurr for like two sentences.

Hey!! it's Heather!! whoop whoop!! in luc's journal o.o

Okay, I'm gonna bounce now 'cause I think the Mack is suspecting me.

Chelsea's a whore.

Tuesday January 27, 2004


Nothing's happened, otherwise I would've bothered to update. But obviously, I haven't. Yesterday we cancelled school, so I went to Hayden's house and we hung out. I also found many old albums that I have. Stone Temple Pilots was the first one I found, about last week, and Gorillaz yesterday. I also downloaded an update for Windows, hoping it'll fix some of my internet Explorer problems, but it only made it worse. I've decided that I'mg oing to wipe my C Drive, then I'm going to reinstall Windows. I think that'll fix it. Well, until I kill everyone, see ya.

Saturday January 17, 2004

I'm listening to Rob Zombie as I type this, so pardon any... nvm.

This week, has been pretty long and herendous.

Monday, had a migraine. Tuesday, Natalie got back. Those were the highlights of the days before all of humanity was failed.

As you all may already well know, I just lost my hair. But, since this is my journal, and since this is my chance to finally get it off my shoulder and well, kill everything. Wednsday, was a pretty good day, until Mr. Brown asked me and Hayden to undertake a secret mission. Take the Newspaper to the Newspaper trash can. This was well accomplished, without getting ran over, as was requested by The Brown. Joe then suddenly drove up and decided to visit the school.

But as Hayden, Joe, and I walked into the office to sign Joe in, something appealed to me. It was a basket, full of M&M's and Snickers. Large, if you're gonna ask. The basket, seemed to be one of those that looked like a basket full of cookies, and you can walk around with it telling people "Look! It's for everyone! Take one! It's for everyone!" I decided to help myself, but as I was walking back and putting the Snickers in my pocket to save for lunch or for a snack of some sort, a teacher or something saw me walking out from behind Mrs. Fry's desk, and asked me what I was doing there. The teacher looked concerned, so I tried to divert her attention with a lie to get her outta there, "Nothing, just looking at the doll here". But it wasn't so. She got 2 more people in there, some fat dude that has a large slur and Mrs. Fry. To my surprise, Mrs. Fry counted to Snickers that she had, and looked over at me and said "Hand it over". So I did. By now I'm thinking "Okay, maybe that basket wasn't for everyone". Mrs. Fry looked over at me and said "You do realize that I can write you up for this, right?" I nodded. Okay, it really wasn't for anyone now, I thought to myself.

Nothing happened until 3rd block, the long class. I went to Mr. Clapper's office. I must say, I've never seen anyone that could be able to pass as much judgement on a single kid in less than 15 minutes. I didn't tell him what I just told you, because I knew that he wouldn't believe me. Nobody really did. So, Mr. Clapper decided to give me two days of After School Detention, and that I had to write a page letter to Mrs. Fry. Not bad. I can write letters, and I can take two half-hour sessions after school. He scheduled them for that day, and the other Wednsday of next week. I called my mum to tell her to pick me up, she sounded pretty subtle. After ASD, I entered the car into a wailing screaming heap of crap. From then on, it kinda went downhill. Got home, looked around twice, listening to the phone conversation my mum was having with my hair dresser (lives next door). After that, my mum made me immediately go next door. I had no idea what Claude wanted me to get, so I decided to improvise. I got my hair trimmed a little bit, and got my bangs cut off (I asked the lady to take off a little bit from there, but she managed to ignore me). I went back home, and my mom kicked me out to go back and get it all cut. I had nothing else to do, so I decided to take a walk. I got back to the house later on, and got kicked out again, this time I actually went to my neighbour's place. One bad hair cut later, I got back to the house and got lectured at again. By both my mum and dad. I went back into my room, and wept. I admitt, I did. I spent 8 months trying to preserve my hair, and quite frankly, it became the basis of everything I did. They could've taken my computer away, they could've chosen my future career, they could've made me sleep outside for the remainder of the winter, but they shouldn't've cut MY hair.

I wrote the letter. It was okay. My parents said that it was the best writting they've seen me do. Either that was a sad excuse of an attempt to get me to talk to them, or it was an insult. Either way, I wanted to stab them both. I enjoyed the rest of the night being suicidal, warning the few, and doing my math homework.

Thursday was a bad day for me. That's all I want to say.

Friday was slightly better, but I spent the rest of the day sitting in my room playing SOCOM II.

Today, I played SOCOM II until about 3 P.M. Why? Because I played so much, and won so much this morning/afternoon that I finally became a Captain, the highest rank. Right now I'm at the top 26,000. Well, being quite sattisfied, I decided to try and make plans for tonight. Spencer's party was canceled, so I tried to get everyone to go to the movies. Joe and Zane got the movie times, and then they offered me a ride, that was a mistake. I took the offer, ate some pizza, got ready, and waited for them to pick me up around 7:00. At about 7:15, Amber called me to tell me. She told me that they were bragging on the phone that they told me that they were gonna pick me up, but they were just gonna leave without me. That clearly explained why I waited. Considerably pissed, I went back into my room and got settled, and started to figure out what I ever did to either of them. All I can say is that I don't plan on befriending neither Joe or Zane, not until I think they've puckered up and grew some dicks.

Right now it's 2:48 A.M., Sunday, but I decided to update for Saturday. I'm currently pulling an all-nighter with Natalie, and I looking over that this bag of Skittles and planning on eating some. See you another time.


I'd like to correct myself about what I said about Joe and Zane. It's not that I plan on befriending them, it's that I don't plan on trusting them again for a little while, not just because of what happened last night, but, because I guess it was the last straw.

Sunday January 11, 2004

Well... Well... Well... good week everyone!

Well, as you may all already know, school has started, and thankfully on a Wednsday or else none of us would've caught on to the school schedual in time to get enough sleep. I know I didn't, even though we had 3 days of school. I either couldn't sleep, or I had to get up at like 7:00 A.M. every morning to get to an early test. For the whole week i thought it was Monday, Tuesday, or Wednsday.

But now we're headed to the normal school schedule again, 5 day weeks and 2 day weekends... man I already miss the Christmas Break.

Allow me to run through the whole week for you guys: Wednsday got up, went outside to get my hair frozen while iw as waiting for the bus to arrive 30 minutes late because a section of a majour road going through Windemere got closed. Next morning I had to wake up early to get to the school to make up an 80 question quiz... I ended up going again next morning to finsih it off. Friday I got my report card, as well as everyone else. All I can say is that I got 3 B's and the rest were A's, which I think is 5 or something. My sister managed to fail 6th grade Reading, which I don't know how anyone can pull off, and it's none of my bussiness.

My new exploritory: Health 2nd period... I still have Newspaper


Friday I went to some party thing at Erin's place, where we managed to destroy her basement and leave without doing anything about it, which I find quite... un-guest-like. After that we went straight to Spencer's house where we met up with Zane, and immediately Zane broke Spencer's bed, which became a problem for the rest of the night. I slept a lot more than Joe, Zane, and Spencer combined, yet when I got home yesteday I still managed to sleep for 2 hours after my shower... I did nothing for the rest of the day. I woke up this morning at like 10:35, ate some pancakes, went upstairs, looked around, and decided to devote my whole day to SOCOM II. And I did.


I managed to stick to my room the whole day, only to get up to take a piss (or two, can't remember) and get some pickles to quench my never-ending hunger. I managed to hook-up with some guys I played with till like 5 in the morning with last week, and I got in their clan. [BaM] - stands for "Bad Assed Motherfuckers" . Haha, I love it. Anyways, I started playing this morning wit hmy rank as high as 110,000 (which i s really fucking bad) then when i stopped playing at around 9:30, it was back down to 50,000 (which is pretty good). I'm happy, so happy that... I dunno, anyways, I gotta bounce, 'cause I gotta read this crap book and then go to bed. Nighty night everyone.

Tuesday January 6, 2004

Well, ladies and gentlemen, school's startin' in aboot... 11 hours and 15 minutes, and you're all probably asking around right now if we had any homework. I, of course, am not concerned. For, as daily readers may already know, was absent for the last 2 days of school, so the teachers have nothing on me ^.^. HAHA!

More like Hazzah...

Anyways, the 4th, was of course, a night that I could not have missed. Neither was last night. BUT, there's always this weekend because Joe always get's everybody to go to the movies or something. Anyways, the last 3 days have been shit for me because I've been spending the whole 3 days, playing SOCOM II. It's a damn good game and all, and I'm pretty good at it for just playing it 3 days, but after you play it non stop all day, it starts to grow on you.

Yesterday I had to go to my neighbour's house, which is my local-Jewish-hair-cutter-person-lady, and I was told by 7 people, that I should cut my hair, or get a mullet. No worries everyone, I told them all off, but I am going to lock my doors from now on when I sleep, so that nobody'll try to ruin my life's meaning in my sleep. They'll find a way in, knowing my luck. Anyways, I'm grounded and have everybody in my family on my ass, all because of my hair. No matter how much they deny it, it's all because of my hair. Allow me to ask all you fans out there a single, simple, question... WHAT is wrong with my hair? And please, be honest with me. It doesn't even matter because most of you don't talk to me about my journal anymore, so you can forget about that question if you want.

Oh, about that mural I'm making for the new backround for the journal. Hayden just gave me a couple pictures and it's coming along, now all I'm worrying about is what i'm gonna do to make it big enough to fill up the whole screen... I'm probably gonna make it so that they'll be copies going down (or up, depending on which way your looking at it).

Today was an okay day. I woke up around 12, and then I went downstairs and decided that I didn't want to go to the movies with everyone, so I decided to stay home. They left around 12:45, and I was stuck there eating frosted Flakes and watching them leave. I spent most of the day just sitting around, waiting for Hayden to call to tell me he can come over (we'll get to that in a minute), eating Pringles, eating Grape, having a Pepsi and dancing with it, and watching Donnie Darko, which is the best fucking movie of all time. Hayden say that he wanted to come over as soon as possible so that he can see SOCOM II, but he ended up being gone till aboot 5, then he came back, and then left again after being available for about 3 and a half minutes, and I think he's still gone as we speak. I was home alone 'till aboot 7:15, and I spent it doing NOTHING. Besides dancing with a can of Pepsi.

Well, that'll be it for tonight, hope to see you guys in about...10 hours now... sweet dreams.

Sunday January 4, 2004

This is going to be the worste night of my life...

Thursday January 1, 2003... er... 4

Happy New Years everyone. Oh, and Merry Christmas. I have obviously been caught up with things since I last updated, so allow me to... clean up, so to speak.

Let's see, let me begin with what i got from Christmas, shall we? Here we go...

Best Buy 75 dollar gift card
album - Johnny Cash 16 Greatest Hits
album - CASH
album - Rammstein: Herzeleid
album - Rammstein: Sensucht
album - Limp Bizkit (don't.... ask...)
PS2 Game - Prince of Persia
PS2 Game - Tony Hawk's Ungerground
PS2 Game - Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
PS2 Game - Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
DVD - Donnie Darko
Book - 6th book in a 6 book series that I've never heard of - The Crystal City
Book - Garfield: Fait Boule de Neige (Garfield: Makes a Snowball)
Bass - Bass Magazine
Bass - String Cleaner
Random ornament - RAndom wooden guitar ornament
Chocolate - Toblerone
Some clothes - Pants, belt, BOB MARLEY SHIRT
A Random Cell Phone

Here's the thing about the cell phone. I never asked for one, which is wierd as hell. My sister asked for one out of her mind, and then I got one. You should've seen the horror in her face. Anyways, it turns out that she got the exact same cell phone than me, and the exact same phone number except for one number. Tell me if you want me number, umk?

The Limp Bizkit cd, eh? I got it from my cousins in Quebec. They're pretty much a fan of, well, every single type of music I despise. They sent my brother a Kid Rock album as well. Anywho, I tried to listen to the Limp Bizkit, and 3 songs into it I threw it out of the stereo and popped in some Johnny Cash. Ah... there's nothing quite like him.

Anywho, my little German-Canadian cousins and family left early morning 26th, leaving the house with some peace and quiet. It's funny because, their mother is German, like, straight out German, and so bassically Christmas to her and her family is gettin' drunk, and leaving some beer out for Santa. This entertained me all night, because I was thinking some logic: "Do Germans stop believing in Santa earlier than most people, if they all traditionally left a bottle of beer out for him? Or are they just lacking logic and common sense, for clearly if the big guy courtesly drank the whole bottle (or some considering the brand), he would get flat out drunk and probably won't be able to do anything for the rest of the night? Or do the Germans completely understand this, but yet hope to make Santa neglect the millions of children around the world by making him so drunk that he can only servbe the Germans and have to head back home, only to wake up with a big-ass hangover?" I thought about that hard. Very hard. Anyways, my uncle enjoyed that beer later on before we went to bed.

My grandparents left the 29th, around 1 o'clock. Joe came over, and we hung out for a little bit, and then i went over to his house, went to the movies, and I met someone quite interesting. Unfortunately, I was so distracted by her and enjoyed my night so well with her, that I ended up forgetting to call my parents after the movie ended, which I have promised to do so. Oh, correction, "movie", for the movie didn't actually start, it was a blank screen the whole time. I know why too, but allow us to move on. My mum picked me up from Joe's house the next morning around 11, and thoroughly pissed, too, because I turned my cell phone off during the night because I didn't want to waste power. I later found out that the phone can go 2 days without any form of charging, but I was still bitched at. I wish that she, and everyone else in my family understood that I did not refuse to stay in contact with them, but I was merely an idiot and forgot to read all two hundred pages of the phone manual.

Let's skip past the 30th, because I did nothing all day except play Civ: Conquests. The 31st, was bloody boring. I watched West Wing episodes all day with my brother, had some spaghetti, and waited till midnight to watch "the ball" go down in New York, watch people making out, watch people get engaged, watch people have FUN, and drink a glass of champagne. Oh, and thank you for the encouragement everyone, when you all call to tell me that I'm missing out on a big ass party and some really hot chicks. Thank you, really. Except for Briana, she had to babysit someone alone after her friend's mum denied her assistance and entertainment for Briana that night. POWER TO DA PEOPLE!

And now I'm having some guests here, and I have successfully killed about 45 minutes on my computer telling you all about my past 2 weeks. I'll probably talk to you all later, hopefully before school starts again.

Sunday December 21, 2003

Well, I'm sitting here in the office, on a laptop, forgetting my password to my sn GuiltyForFear, thus preventing me from singing on with it on this computer, let alone anyother computer outside my house. So, I got a new sn, for computers outside me house, and it's EinKausalitat. Thought this would be a good place to announce it. Anywho, I'll probably get on EinKausalitat until the 26th, because that's when the people that are staying in me and my brothers room are leaving. They just got here today. Anyways, if I'm not on by the 26th, I've either been caught up in something I got the day afore, or I've been eaten by my children.

What else... Ah yes! I'm starting to get some pics from people (readers) of the journal, and so I've decided to make a huge mural as the backround. Consisting of anything (except for balls, dicks, ugly people, and michael jackson). Anything goes. So ask to connect with me or mail some pics to my e-mail address

I've had migraines all week since Wednsday. I also saw Return of the King Wednsday. We'll get to that later. Anywho, I've been having one of those constant migraine things, or string-migraines. So I missed school for 2 days, not missing much I believe. Anyways, I had a big ass migraine Thursday night, depriving me of any sleep, until I finally fell asleep around 7. I would've come to school Friday if that didn't happen. Anyways, yesterday I declared that I was having a stomach virus or some type of cold, and so the migraines are bassically the side-effects of me fighting it. Right now it's just this constant small head-ache. I'll get better soon though. I've assured Natalie that.

So, Return of the King, eh? Saw it opening night with Hayden. And god damnit, it was good. It's quite possibly the best movie I've seen. No, one of the best. I still have to decide if it's better than Donnie Darko and Requiem for a Dream. Anyways, it was a great mix drama, PWNAGE, cool music, action, and more PWNAGE. The audience was a great mix of old Tolkien fans, British people (not just Hayden), people that have never read the books, idiots (Chase Baylor), and people that don't understand the relationship that Frodo and Sam have. Let me just clear it up for ya... They're not gay. Tell me, what would you do if you were taking a journey from your home, all the way through the most barren and complete opposite place from yer house, with a single person? Yeah, you'd probably get sick of 'em after the first couple times they give you a wedgie, but considering that they're not idiots, you'll probably trust them with anything in the world. That, and read the damned books, you idiot.

So, some people are gone, eh? Gone on their family vacations, to see family, to leave family, or to just jump in the ocean. I hope you all have the most excellent Christmas of your time, and a good New Year as well, if you're not back by then. Keep me updated when you get back. Especially you Natalie. I'm probably gonna succomb you to read this, as a matter of fact, I probably just convinced you to read this. I think it's wierd how I know that you're gonna read this, because it's been only a day since you've left, and you're half a world away, and you're gonna get here in about 25 days. I guess. Whoooo well. We'll talk after you read the rest of my journal entries.

Disregard that paragraph. Well, atleast if you're not Natalie.

Monday December 15, 2003

Remember when I told you that I was going to get a new page up? I think I lied. I'm not sure, because it was over a week ago. But anyways. I don't know what I should do for my backround, I want a no-scroll backround, but I want to put a pic in the backround that doesn't... scroll... anyways. It'd be cool if I got some pics and stuff from you guys so I can put it together in paint or something so that I can put it on here. But, most of you don't really care, so I'm probably just gonna have to pull the plug on this blasted thing. Yep, you read it. I'm gonna quit. 289 page views has been my best so far, and in the past 2 months you guys have done no improvement. Plus, Natalie here is making a good point. Nobody cares about my journal, or anyone's. It's just a big fad that I created, well, atleast for our generation. So anyways, if you guys really want me to keep this thing going, then you're gonna have to prove it to me. In the mean time, I'm gonna... I'm gonna... fuck... >.<

Saturday December 6, 2003

Why hallo there everyone, how's it goin'? I'm doing quite alright. I've thought about how big the site's gotten, not popularity-wise, but the actual size of it. So far, this journal's been up since August, which was a long time ago if you think about it. So I'm going to make another page, which'll still be the journal, but it'll have a different format and stuff. The link in my profile (which is probably the way that you got here) will lead to the new site, and I'll leave a little link for you to get back here to check up on the old stuff. I'll probably have it up by the end of the weekend, most likely before because, well, it's a weekend.

Today we should be getting our christmas tree. It's apperently a family thing, so I can't do anything until after we're done decorating. That's alright, I want to lounge around my house and hang out with my dad.

Yeah, Zane and Joe came over to hang out last night, and we watched Live Aus Berlin. God, that concert is so awesome. Well, my dad get's home from dropping my sis off at a friend's house, and he notices that we're not getting the best sound outta the stereo system, so presses a couple buttons, and BOOM, you couldn't even hear yourself breathe. Less than 2 minutes later you hear a slam, and we're all sitting there like "What the shit?", it turns out it was my mom slamming the door. Haha, anyways, my dad ordered pizza, even if Joe and Zane weren't staying over, which I thought was awesome. Anyways, I wanted to work in the basement today, so we can try and get a room finished by Christmas, but it looks like it ain't happening. Oh well, I can survive, my mum just wanted atleast one room finished by Christmas.

Lessee... I've got nothing planned for tomorrow, I'll probably be at Joe's place with Danny and Zane, we'll see. I'm gonna get started on the new page.

Thursday December 4, 2003

Hey everyone. What's going own?! Nothin' here, just bored, as usual. Got nothing to say, because nothing's goin' own. I can't think of what to say. Well, I promised Constance that she'd get in the journal today. so hurr it iz, rizzole.
luc u sexay piece of ass ........ that i love
GuiltyForFear: Penis
tUmBlEgAl56: If the penis is too large for your uniquely shaped vagina, sex may feel uncomfortable
tUmBlEgAl56: If your partner's penis is too small, well, you could have trouble getting aroused

Oh, and I looked at the stats for the site, and we haven't made it go higher than 289!!!! Com'n guys... okay, we have to get atleast 300 at the end of the month/year! That'll be our goal.

Tuesday December 2, 2003

I wanted to wait to update until I cooled down a bit. I was pretty pissed off today and yesterday. I'm just going to let it go, I've given up. Not like me though. But, oh well.

What about the happy things? It's official that I'm staying in Newspaper. That's gonna be fun. We plan on making a musical about silent lunch. That's gonna be fun. We want to get Mr. Brown saying "Shut up". That won't be too difficult, I'm sure. Mr. Brown is so cool, I wish I had him more often. I tihnk everyone does. Oh well.

Yesterday the new bell system started up. Thanks to the amazing Jellisa, accomplishing another great feat in the school, she gave us an extra two minutes to our breaks. I haven't been late to a class yet, which is good news.

I pissed all of my teachers yesterday. It was pretty funny. First I drew on a desk a dude with a mohawk with a granny behind him, and a cupid flying over them. Mr. Schulze got really pissed off, but I just said it was me, then I blew my nose in a couple people's faces. I think I pissed them off too. And then I said "Those bloody bastards!" about slaves not being treated right (there was a huge discussion about it, and I wanted to end it, so that's how I did it) and Mrs. Nodine got pissed off too. It was pretty funny. And then in Spanish I didn't want to do anything, so Mrs. Weber decided to take my agenda away... I don't think that did anything. Newspaper and Band went well though...

What else? Finished my Christmas list the other day. That went well, I think. My sister tells me that she asked for a cell phone. I told her that if she got a cell phone now when she's 10, then I'll get like 5 credit cards and a really nice cell phone. Am I not right? Well, I don't think I need a cell phone, though it'd be cool to get one, because those tell time (Natalie), and I don't like watches. I asked for a cordless phone with 3-way. Hey, I'd like to see you try and talk with a 10 year old phone.

I think that's it. Yeah. Okay, goo' nigh'.

Monday December 1, 2003

Yeah, I guess most of you are right... I am pretty pissed off.

Yep. Pretty pissed off. I've been sitting here for 5 minutes after i typed that sentence... and I can't think of a way to go on. So I'm just going to come back later today or tomorrow after I calm down a little bit to talk to you about it. Later. I love Resha. I wouldn't cheat on her, I haven't, and I wouldn't play her either. That's what I'm pretty pissed off about. I'll get into more detail later.


It's over. I'm done. Fuck all of this. Really. I'm done with it all... I just don't know what to say. I'm just stuck at a dead end... ugh... just... fuck it....

Sunday November 30, 2003

Well, lookie here! I'm back, only to find that I missed... well, nothing really. Except that everyone went out to the movies Saturday. Kind of upsetting, because I know that if my family left a bit early from North Carolina that day, I probably woulda had the chance to see everyone. Oh well, it seems that everyone had fun, while I slept and listened to System of a Down and Rammstein in the car.

Well, Wednsday I was still in Georgia, so I went to the mall with my good friend Fran-e. It was fun, because I haven't been to the mall since... for a while. Like, I haven't actually walked around in it and got stuff. Last time I was actually in there was when The Matrix Revolutions came out, and boy that was a sad day. Anyways, got me some stuff there. System of a Down shirt, a cap that litterally says "F*ck off.... it's my birthday" and a wriste band. I saw Elf too, and uh... that was a bad movie. I came home and my parents were thoroughly pissed off about the hat. "Why'd you buy that stupid hat?!" "Because it's stupid?" I think that threw the off, because then I just walked off to my room. But it was good because I got to see my good friend Fran-e, who I haven't seen since the summer break.

I left for North Carolina Thursday morning, when all of you people are sleeping in and relaxing, I was in the back of my car, reading "Pastwatch : The Redemption of Christopher Columbus" by Orson Scott Card, listened to Rammstein and some FF8, and Chrono Cross OSTs. We got to Chapel Hill at around 6 or 7, I can't remember. I bassically lounged around until Thanksgiving dinner, which sucked, because we didn't really sit... how you say... together? Kids on one table, everyone else at the other table. Anywho, knowing my incredibly fantastic luck, I got sent to the kid's table. Moving on. I watched the Dolphin-Cowboys game. I never thought that the Dolphins were so good. Anyways, the Dolphins won.

The next day, Friday, I lounged around again. We did pretty much nothing, we took a tour of the University of North Carolina, went to this wierd grocery store that had so many beers and wines that I thought "Why don't we have this place in GA?", oh yeah, and there were lots of candies. We got back home, I read because there was nothing else to do, I listened to extensive amounts of System of a Down also. Then I joined in the crusade to rent a couple movies at the local movie renting place. Got the movies, successfully. Then... we went to the grocery store again. I don't know why, and quite frankly, I didn't care, as long as I didn't have to get back at the house and read again. Anyways, my mum made a big deal at the place, and we managed to make people be like "WHAT THE SHIT?!!?!?!?!?!?! IT'S A TERRORIST!!!!" *blam blam* Yeah, well I got pretty pissed off at my mom, so I just got back to the house and read again, didn't come back down until I reached page 200 on my book.

I was expecting to leave in the morning Saturday, but we didn't. We ended up driving around for 2 hours looking for a small garden that's dying at an elemtary school. We left around 3, got home around 8:30 P.M. Got on my computer, no one was on. "Where the shit is everyone?" I thought. But they were all gone, at the movies, watching.... correction.... "watching" bad movies at the theater and hanging out. Everyone gets back around 9-10, and they told me that they had fun at the theaters. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL. While I'm stuck listening to the same god damned music I've been listening to all fucking week, you're all having... fun....Okay, I'm done.

Today is Sunday... St. Andrews day? Whatever. I'm probably going to hang out with Joe today, and I might work in the basement, I don't know. I'll find out later. I'll talk to you all later. Call me, I wanna do somethin' today.

Tuesday November 25, 2003

Well, everyone, this will probably be my last update for a while, for I am going to North Carolina to meet some old friends that my dad knew from Canada since he was like 10. The guy he knew since he was 10 was born in Egypt, and then he moved to Canada, where he met my father. Anywho, hey're pretty cool, they have good food, and are pretty funny. Obviously. They're Canadians.

What else? Nothing really. Finally got something going on in my life. That would be Resha of course. Love ya Resha. She probably doesn't have enough time to read this, because she can't really get on. But I mainly wrote that for many people's enjoyment. You know who you are.

Christmas season is around the corner. You know what this means? The Lively's, the fabtastic and loving Lively's, have put up their Christmas lights up again. For the past 3 years that I have lived in this neighborhood, I have despised them. Despised them for their "Ultra Religious" ways and their "Tacky Decorative" ways. They put up enough Christmas lights to light up a 7 story building, and have 2 blow-up big Snowmen, and Santa Clause. Someone needs to pop those things. Seriously. Then, when they do, they should pee on it, so that when the Lively's come up and try to fix it, they'll get pee all over them. That'd be great. Then they should get pictures of it, then post it all over the neighborhood saying "The Lively's Has Been Opposed!!!"... hahaha... they'll be so horrified that they'll probably leave the country... or just call the cops and send out a Forenscic team all over the place, they'll ask everyone in the neighborhood if they knew anyone that had any grudges against the Lively's (which, they all do), and then I don't know what'll happen. The cat jumped on the table at the time and ruined my concentration on the Sphere of Ze Future.

What else? If you haven't already noticed, I added a little tab up at the top of the screen. I'll put in there important links you should check out or something. It's pretty cool. You may not think much of it, but I actually thought it was cool because I did it with HTML. Woo hoo!

Wednsday November 19, 2003

Well, lots to talk about today. Where should I begin?

Let's see, Saturday I went to Joe's place for the night, had some fun there. Then I came back here around 2, took a shower, and worked in the basement with me da'. That was interesting too. I found out that the bathroom's gonna be pretty big, and the laundry room's gonna be in the same place, but there's a wall imbetween. Yeah. I also got my computer screwed by a stupid ad thingy that goes in your profile. I fixed it, naturally, but it left its mark on my computer. Now I keep on getting these links and things that come from porn sites. It's really fucking annoying, and angering, because I haven't watched porn for a long time, and there's no reason or sense in any of these things popping up in my computer. It's really fucking annoying, because everytime I delete these things, it just comes back when I restart or turn on my computer after school. I don't wanna ask my dad how to fix it, because then he'll think that I've been watching porn, when I really haven't. Whatever, I'll find a way to fix it.

Monday... well... was Monday. It was pretty good, considering that Mrs. Mack is spychotic. I think that's the word I'm going to use for her now. I think it fits in perfectly. Tuesday we had the practice writing test, so we missed our first class. Social Studies for me. It's pretty cool how I only have it once this week, or tomorrow. I did pretty much nothng Tuesday, except for go to DI and waste time there, and kick everyone's ass there. I've noticed that I've become more violent lately. Mainly because I'm really starting to get tired of taking shit from people. I've had enough of that. I get shit a lot at my house, and everyone wonders why I'm always in such a bad mood. Hmph. We may never know, eh? Tuesday was the day that I found all those porno links. >.<

Today? Well, nothing majour happened. Took a simple math test, an easy A. Came home, got bitched at, went to Brent's for about 5 minutes to help him with something, came home, ate dinner, called Joe, went to his house for about half an hour just to chill, and came back home. Now I'm sitting here waiting for the OC to start, and then there's a chance that I'll just go to bed. I haven't felt really good today. I came home from Brent's place and got bitched at, got shit thrown at me. I didn't say anything. If someone's gonna talk crap to me, I'm not going to respond. I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing. Most likely just walking and not talking to anyone, because no one cares. Everyone asks me why I'm quiet, but they won't understand.

I found out that I can't get a job in the U.S. Mainly because I'm a foreigner. I can't work in the U.S. until I get a University degree. I would've been cool with it, but what really upset me is that Mexicans can work, and most of them barely have a high school education. I don't mean that offensively, or stereotypically, but, mainly because it's usually the truth. Or the truth that I like to tell myself. Anyways, it pissed me off. Now I'm determined to find a loophole in the whole thing. I think it's country law, so I don't think mailing the governer would make a difference. If I can't find one, I don't know what I'm going to do, because I want to be able to get some income when I get a car, so that I'm not spending my parent's money.

What else is pissing me off? Nothing really. Maybe a lack of something special going on in my life, or something to look forward to. I don't want to do anything right now. Got anything to cheer me up? Probably not, because most of you read this because you're bored too. OC's on in like 3 minutes. Later

Friday November 14, 2003

Hello. I'm in Newspaper. It has been confirmed. Progress Reports come out Monday and Tuesday. Good for some, well, good for everyone. Because, some don't care. Like me. How about you, Hayden? "my penis icthes *scratches with mouse*" Yes... I don't think he cares either.

I'm horribly hungry. I stole a ice cream pass for the AR party, thanks to Adam, because Mrs. Mack rules. Yeah, she gave Adam Nathan Dozier's AR pass, so now, my name is Nathan. Hello everyone. Yeah... Hayden is sexy.
Enough of me being gay... or Nathan. The gay thing's gotten old, Nathan hasn't gotten it yet.

I'm thinking of quiting band. No no, I am going to quit band. No matter what. Because I realize that if I stayed in band, then I won't have Newspaper. It's unfortunate, really. If I stayed in Band, I'll have to have Health and P.E. in Newspaper's place. *tear* That's why I'm quiting band. After the nine weeks, of course. Yeah, after the nine weeks. I don't think I'll be able to look at Ms. Ross for the rest of my life now, because she hates people that quit band, even though she says she doesn't. "Some people quit band... and I really don't care" *entire class coughs*.

Thursday November 13, 2003

Well, apperently progress reports are supposed to come out Monday and Tuesday. Whatever. I don't really care.

Tomorrow is Friday. Again. Nothing planned. As the weekend looms closer, I want to do something, but I've got... "things" to do. Things like... polishing my shoes. And... playing my harmonica... and... fold clothes, and arrange them too! Boy oh boy, am I going to have the time of my life!
Okay, fine, I give in. Someone, please, take me outta my house tomorrow. Please...

Today, I got home. Went to another brooding day of Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do sucks now. I give up on it. There's nothing exciting about it, except that at the end of the day, you MIGHT be able to break something or body. After Tae Kwon Do, I was droppped off at my house to do my bidding. I cooked dinner for myself and everyone else, though no one was home yet. Some excellent hot dogs, and they were pretty damned good. I'm getting good at cooking hot dogs. They don't like pop open because they're getting over cooked, they're darkly tanned, almost like this guy. Well, maybe a little less. Anyways, I'm sidetracking! While I was cooking (and eating), I popped in "Live Aus Berlin" that Zane let me borrow. It, naturally, kick ass. It's bassically a live concert in Berlin a couple years ago, performed by who? None other than Rammstien. Rammstien is so cool. And funny. I particularly like the techno dude, because he dances a lot. It's funny. I think he thinks he's funny too.

Anyways. I tried playing a really cool bass line from Rammstien. I learned it all in less than 15 minutes, but my pinky can't reach very far if I wanna do some cords. I have to perfect it. It's pretty cool. If you want to hear it, download Seemann. First person to figure out what "Komm in mine Boot" means in the song gets a melted Crunch bar.

Also, I noticed that this page is getting pretty filled, so I'm going to make another page soon. But I want to make something different with it... Like layout, backround and stuff. Not sure though. Any suggestions?

Wednsday November 12, 2003

I saw The Matrix again Sunday... And then I realized how incredibly dissapointing it was. I was hoping for a better closing for the trilogy. But, it ended up as an incredible failier. So, now, I'm going to... well... I don't know.

Monday and Tuesday I decided to stay home. I had the stomach flu. And I also thought I needed a break from hell. A two day break after 5 days straight of absolute terror can't cut it. Anyways, I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing. I read the last 3 pages of "Tangerine", and uh... I thought it was pretty good for a book that Mr. Schulze picked out. I just thought that if I had Mr. Brown for L.A. and Reading, it would suck, because Mr. Brown would probably have class discussions about the book every day, and he'll always end it with this: "Well, obviously, this guy's life SUCKS. You know what he should do? He should bust da cap on diem!" and then we'd all stare until he told us that we could do whatever.

Today, I went to school. *nods* Crap on a cane made of dead midgets! I realize today that: I had a lab when I was gone in Science, so now I have to make that up; I missed some project thingy for Math; I missed an incredibly difficult test in Spanish; and I don't know about L.A. I don't mention the other crap for the other classes because, well, it's usually the Even day classes that suck. That's why I like the odd days. Apperently we should be getting our progress reports tomorrow and Friday. I have a feeling that it's going to be quite dissapointing, because Science sucks as usual, I think I'm going to do well in my Math because I r0xx0r in it now, L.A. is an easy A, no question about that, Social Studies is probably going to be another B. I never understand how it's my easiest class, but yet I always get B's in it. Whatever. Reading, that's an easy A as well. The only thing that's keeping me down is that I don't read AR, well, because, I don't care anymore. Spanish, is going to be really dissapointing. Well, not going, it has been really dissapointing. Spanish has lagged my days for the past 6 weeks I would say. Because it has just gotten so repetitive and boring, that, well, it's just not exciting. I don't really care if I fail Spanish at all this year, because I intend on taking German next year.

Enough of me being a dork now. I'm going to stay home this weekend, I don't really want to go out, unless there's a hot chick involved, but anyways... I don't want to get out. I've been leaving all the weekends since school started, and I believe I need to take a rest. So, I'm going to work in the basement. I ask of you, all of you, that are reading this, that you shouldn't bring anything exciting or something that I would like to be involved in until Saturday night, because then I will completely neglect the fact that I need to work in the basement with my dad, or I'm not going to be able to play SOCOM II before christmas... ah... SOCOM II... also, encourage me to work in the basement Saturday if you find me talking to you, because... well, you catch my drift.

I also got my black belt last week. I think it was Thursday. Anywho, I passed the test so I could become a 2nd degree Black Belt about 2 months ago. This may not seem very exciting to you, but it is to me. Finally, 7 years of training has finally paid off, and now I'm in a respectible position. Anywho, the black belt arrive Thursday, and it's pretty cool. Like my First Degree Black Belt, it has my name on it, (not the whole name of course, they had to abbreviat it like "Luc Michel L-Gijzen"... they also neglected to add a "-" imbetween Luc and Michel... those bloody Koreans!), and something in Korean under it, it's not my name, but it must mean "First Degree" or something in Korean. Anywho, unlike my first degree belt, I now have TWO stripes on the belt. Damn I'm so cool.

Quite a large journal entry to cut off here, so... I think I'm going to cut it off with a... uh... line.

Friday November 7, 2003

One's obsession over Matrix can only run so deep. Like... my comics. Zane's here. Hello Zane. Hello everyone. Look at his fingers!

Wednsday November 5, 2003

Today, was a beautiful day. Why? You know why. You know excactly why. 'tis because, of an incredible feat, in everyone's life. Concordetly, it is inevitable how much The Matrix Revolutions... ruled. I began writing my own little summary of the movie, but then I realized that not EVERYONE saw the movie. Anywho, you should, and if yer parents don't like it, tell them to take their high standards and to shove it up their cocky ass.

In other news, today was the 8th grade convention. It had its highlights, one of them being that we did absolutely nothing... NOTHING... all day. Just sat, got dressed for the convention, ate.. "ate" lunch at 9 o'clock. At 10 we left to begin the convention, or rather, the extreme chaos. To make a long story short, Jellisa kicked Trevor's ass (much to the dissapointment to many of his faithful followers), and Adam managed to fall directly on his ass.
Then I proceedded to have Hayden come to my house, and then we just hung out for about an hour until we left to go to the Mall of Georgia at 3:10. Arriving at about 3:30, we then proceeded to find a seat in the massive IMAX theater. One thing lead to another, and I managed to have a crazy Navy SEAL guy that smelt like cigaretts and mint put together. Not that the cigarettes have the mint WITH them, more like he tried to cover up the sent with some crazy Tommy Hilfiger cologne. Anyways, arriving at the theaters, I half-excpected to see someone dressed as one of the characters. Much to my distaste... I didn't. But I did later. It was a beautiful moment. Movie ends. *slight pause*. *Hayden and I laugh*. *Then we get up and leave*. Then, something struck me again. The picture of someone dressed as Neo and Trinity, together, sitting in line for the next show, the 7 o'clock show. I quickly put it aside, after laughing at all the people that were sitting in line, because we realized that they would probably be blown outta their minds. Or they'll get woken up. Anyways, walking back to the entrance to the actual theater, I noticed something with sunglasses. "You've got to be kidding me!" Then, I saw a black thing just walk imbetween to signs, far off to where the guy tears yer tickets and stuff. Hayden and I clear the signs, and we see a line, 2 men, one dressed as an Agent, the other Neo. Then, a Trinity walks up the stairs, in full leather. Then a Persophone walks up as well. I was quickly pulled away of the amazement of the amount of leather that can be found on a single human body. Then, I begin to start looking for a Merovingian, or a Morpheus. I didn't, much to my dissapointment. But, I must say, those were the closest replicas of the actual costumes that I've seen yet.

Well, I think I'm going to go... and obsess over The Matrix. You know me!

Tuesday November 4, 2003

Heya everyone. I'm sitting here in Newspaper, bored... because we have a horrible sub. Which is why I'm here talking to you. Hope you guys visited the new Another Bad Comic yesterday... no wait... the day before. Any who, expect to witness Another Bad Comic... today... I think...

Tomorrow... Is...

Hayden is coming over to my house on the bus tomorrow after school. Then, we shall expierence my ownage in Hitman Dos. Dos... yes... Anywho, then we're gonna go to the 4 0'cock... er... I mean... four 0'clock... Anywho. It's gonna r0xx0r. Because... it's opening day... to the best movie I will ever see. I'll be teaching my grandchildren about it. Palmer and Hayden wanted me to note Return of the King. I say to them this:

"Suck my fat cock you ass whores."

Anywho, where was I? Oh, yes, ownage. You know, since I'm such a loser and am obsessed with The Matrix in every single way, I would probably show up in a Twin costume............ if I had one... FUCKING LACK OF TRENCHCOATS AND SUNGLASSES!!!!... but I CAN dissapear and eat you... no wait, that's a Ghost... no wait... that's a Twin... OWNAGE!!!

I'm gonna stop my ownage now. I'll update this again with a new All Matrix Week comic. Later everyone.

Promised you guys a comic earlier today. Here it is, took me about an hour to make it:

All Matrix Week 2

Sunday November 2, 2003

Well, as you can see, I have a new "comic" added up. It sucks, naturally. Oh well, Enjoy your horrible day.

All Matrix Week 1

Saturday November 1, 2003

In my hands, I hold with me, the meaning of all our lives. I hold the truth, the toil, and hardwork of all the people in Newspaper. Well, atleast MOST of the people. Anyways, I got the hook-up, holla if ya hear me. Mr. Brown hooked me up with the floppy disk that contains the layout for the school newspaper for the first 9 weeks. Here's how it went:

*me walking down the hall to Spanish to end the week* Me: YO, Mr. Brown!
Mr. B: Hey man, wow's goin' on, G?
Me: Nuthin' much, finally finishing up the week! I'll see ya Tuesday *cough* guilty! <---he has jury duty Monday and Tuesday, but he claims he'llbe at school Tuesday 'cause he'll try to suck at the jury-ness.
Mr. B: Hey, you want in on somethin'?
Me: Yeah, sure.
*inside Mr. Brown's classroom*Mr Brown: You know what this is?
Me: Uh.... holy crap man, that's the layout for the newspaper...
*smiles* Mr. B: Yeah... I know. Look, I want you to take this, so on Monday, you can watch Matt Barr freak out and stuff with the sub here. I want everyone to witness his panic, man. I want him to just pass out on the spot!
Me: Yeah, sure, man. I'll do it. See ya Tuesday.

I ask of all of you that have just read this, to not tell Matt Barr. I know we all want to see Matt flip out and burn the whole school down when he finds out that he can't find the floppy disk. We will all enjoy it. So, again, I ask of you, don't tell him that I have the disk.

It's been a while since we've had a guest appearance in the journal. Here we are.:

hey all of luc-es homosexual lovers....yoo all better be homosexual cuz i'm his only straight lover...he's mine...BACK OFF ALL!!! i love luc the mostest out of everyone, so hah!!!

ps:i have a hickey..hehe

ps2:luc's dick is 7.75 inches long..hehe

I love Fran-e so much. I miss her too! I wish we could see eachother again!

Anywho... remember that Dracula play I was telling you about? Yeah, it was actually pretty good. But I think I was most apalled by Jan's awsome costumes. The best one was his first one. Jan gave me the inside scoop of it:
"You see, what we did is that we got a Neo costume from Reloaded, and we took the collars and turned them inside out. We took it all, bassically, and turned it inside out where the buttons were. We then coloured the inside of the colars red." Of course...

Wednsday October 29, 2003

Well, this sucks. I was plannig on going to Adam's house Friday, but my mum said that I have to stay at the house for the weekend because I never spend any family time with the family. Ironicly, Jan doesn't either. And you know what? By morning Saturday, he'll be outta the house again. The only reason I'm staying is because I have to stay and watch his bastard "Dracula" thingy at fucking midnight.

I bet it's gonna suck.

This is bull shit, Jan is always outta the house, and my parents don't care. While I have to be under close watch by my fucking parents 24/7 or life's over for 'em. Fuck this shit. *eats a pillow* The fuck?

New bad comic for you guys. Enjoy the fruits of laughter... *cough*

Another Bad Comic

Tuesday October 28, 2003

Yeah... Well, we don't have problems. Though I know that I've been refered to mental instituion(s). I am very good at raping small girls. Oh right, we have DI practice today. Hayden's mum can't come. Why not? Lewys (Hayden's bro) has a killer strep, man. Kick-ass. so does my sister. Maybe she'll die too. */*

i'll check in with you later tonight, *cough* not likely *cough*

Monday October 27, 2003

Comic #2?

From here on out, I will have my very own "comic". I don't have a name for it, least of all names for my characters, but oh well... From now on, I will add my new comic along with a new journal entry. just so you won't get confused ahead of time ^.^

hopscotchexpert: ...
hopscotchexpert: ok, forget that you know what else is cool. is if you meet a flat chick in a bar (flat as in breasts) and you take her back to your apartment and have sex with her...and in the centre of sex shouts...wheres you tits?
hopscotchexpert: i think...that would be hy-lar-i-ous
hopscotchexpert: shout*
GuiltyForFear: that would be funny
GuiltyForFear: then you barf on her
hopscotchexpert: LOL
hopscotchexpert: and kick her into the hall with just a sheet on her
GuiltyForFear: haha
hopscotchexpert: and take pictures of her in the hall crying with barf all over here
hopscotchexpert: her*
GuiltyForFear: then you keep her bra

Sunday October 26, 2003

I figured this would be a good time to update the journal.

Hayden just recently got his journal up and working, after her finally realized how fucking stupid Xanga-type sites can be. At first, I thought it was really cool how he finally got it working, ya know? But then as I read his first entry, he said something like "yeah, I've finally figured out HTML... without Luc's help, of course." I can't really quote him because I didn't bother to look at his journal at the last second. Anyways. As some of you may have already noticed, I was actually quite dissappointed by that statement. For the second I got my journal working, with the help of my brother, I instantly recommended hayden to try it out. I told him all that I knew, and I still am/was whenever I learned something new about HTML. I didn't really mind when he said "Yeah, yeah, I'll do it, I'll try it out sooner or later". And then BOOM, he comes up, with his own journal, on HTML, which is cool, and then he just blows me off...

You see... I'm a person that has to feel important... needed in everyone's world. If I don't, then I utterly feel like shit for the rest of the day until I get some time on my own to think about the day. Those of you that know me well, should already have figured that out by now. If you didn't know that, then I guess we have some bonding to do ^.^. I'm not the kinda guy that sits back and does nothing but do things that he's always done in his life. I'm the kind of guy that TRIES to do everything new, tries to do all the things that other people haven't, so that when they want to do excactly what I did, they'll need me. And considering my incredibly social uh... social life... I'll always be there!

In other news, Natalie is the Ms. Pac Man master. I intend to send her to "The Ms. Pac Man School of Gifted Children" so that she can perform to her greatest. Then I will send her to the World Olympics to compete, and she WILL recieve the Gold Medal. Good day.

Yet to be Named

Friday October 24, 2003

Hitman 2 has been bought... It owns with a passion. I've figured out the idea of it, so now it's pretty simple. Good game otherwise.

Well, enough of my game talking. let's talk about what I did all week.

Sunday and Monday, I had a horrible mirgraine from a "chemical" that my mum decided to spray on the walls in the basement. It still smell down there, I fear that I may not be able to participate in basement finishing this weekend. Tuesday, I went to school. Yeah... Wednsday, early release. I went over to Brent's house, and we went to Target. That's where I got two new memory cards and Hitman 2. Brent got The Matrix Reloaded and some Eagle's album. We also saw a number of mullets that day. Thursday... I had DI practice at my house. It was totally, completely, unproductive. Friday, today, marks the end of early release, andthe dawning of... well, nothing really new happened today. Just the football game, me being stupid. You know, the usual.... SFHS football game in my opinion.

I think I want to make a documentary of a high school football game from my point of view. Then, I will be able to watch it over and over again so I can realize how incredibly stupid I am. More on that if you feel nosy enough to know ^.^

This weekend? I have nothing planned, probably gonna eat a lot, be forced to work in the basement/have migraines. Thinking about food is making me hungry. But I'm too tired to go downstairs and make somthing up... no wait, maybe I can. I'll talk to you all later this weekend.

Firday October 17, 2003

Ah... Friday... Today... was a good day. Many things happened, yet so few happened.

Let's see, this morning, I had a migraine, so I decided to stay home. Waking up at 11, I was actually willing to go back to school, I don't know what it was, but it lured me. But what drew me away, was my mum saying "Don't you wanna stay here? Just kinda relax?" I spent the rest of my time watching Black Hawk Down, eating, playing with my dog, and helping my mum with re-making a chair.

Remember what I told you about The Matrix Reloaded? I recieved it today... I'm writing this to you as the credits are finishing up... and I must say, it's a great movie. But if you watch it, while you're all hyped up about The Matrix Revolutions, it makes you not want to watch it when it comes out. I don't know what it is. Maybe I'll tell you more about it once I watch all the extra features.

I also just got back from the theater. What movie did I see? Kill Bill. Dricted by who? Quentin Tarantino. I mistook him by someone that was called a Jew in his childhood. Now, I have come to believe that he is a Vampire. The movie, was ridiculously funny. I think you have to see the movie to understand anything about him. When you do... call for me, and I will send you to my brother, for he is a genious.

Alright everyone, I'm off to watch some special features for The Matrix Reloaded. See ya later.

Wednsday October 15, 2003

Okay, well, here's the story...

My mum got the Matrix Reloaded, BUT, she won't give it to me until Friday. Why? Well, let's think here... A. Report Cards come out on Friday. B. She wants to keep it 'till Friday so that we can both watch it together. C. She's evil and wishes that I turn into dust by then... the answer? NONE! She just doesn't want us (me and my bro) to get carried away and do nothing but watch the movie... OBVIOUSLY she's mistaken... because... even if the Matrix was a great movie, and it is, and I got the DVD, I wouldn't watch it all the time and not do any of my school work... nope! Nothing gets imbetween me and my schoolwork! Yessirie...

Presented my Spanish project today. Yeah... don't tell, but I think it was my floppy disk that screwed the computer up... heh heh, anyways. I want to get my computer checked for viruses. I seriously tihnk Zane and Joe put something in there.

I also had Tae Kwon Do today. I got to teach the beginning of class (the beginning being the warm-ups) and I often mistook much of the numbers for the spanish numbers. Ocasionally the english numbers. I also got to RE-LEARN my "new" form. I haven't been to Tae Kwon Do lately, so I kinda forgot the form. My yeacher also forgot it, so I guess I'm okay. We talked about how he's getting bored teaching all the time, and he wished he had time to learn his own form, learn more stuff, technigues, you know, black belt stuff. Then I thought to myself "Damn, I don't wanna be like that, I don't wanna teach until I'm in my thirties and not learn anything at all." So I made a declaration... well, not really. I just thought I'd hate to teach Tae Kwon Do as a volunteer job... that would suck...

Monday October 13, 2003

Lessee... it's been a bit since I've updated. Nothing much happened, I just tayed home and hung out. Worked on the basement, you know. I taught Zane how to own at HTML as well. You know, all in a day's work. I also watched the special features on Black Hawk Down. It's pretty cool, but I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know, except for the fact the the visual effects in the movie totally rock. But I have some upcoming news for ya!

Tomorrow... is Tuesday... Tuesday the 14th... you know what that means?

It will own us all, especially me. Actually, it already owns us, because my mum new about the dvd before I told her. That's some majour ownage man. If you don't see me, or I just don't respond to you, it's probably because I got the dvd. Or laid. Probably both.

Friday October 10, 2003

Sup nigga?

Don't let me say that ever again...

Yeah, the game today was fun. Everyone for some reason is like in love with me. There's really no good reason. Oh well, I'm not gonna cry about it. I think I'm gonna go find some pictures for you guys...

Wednsday October 8, 2003

Halloo everyone...

I had a migraine today when I got home. I think it hurt, because I can't remember much about what I did all day before I went to sleep. All I do remember is that I listened to Rammstein when I went to sleep. Heavy metal does that to me when I have a migraine. It'll just make me think about the tunes instead of the pain.

I'm not going to sit here and act poetic to ya. I'm going to try and remember something that happened today...

Lessee... I'm happy with a grade I got in Math, maybe it'll show my teacher I really don't suck ass at it. Math is mesmerizing me about many things. How can I completely understand everything that we cover, yet, at the tests, I fail miserably?

WTF... I just read Monday's post... and I'm trying to figure out why I asked you if you wanted shit on a stick... What the hell...

I want to leave you a picture... but I don't know of what... maybe tomorrow?

Monday October 6, 2003

Would you like shit on a stick? okay...

Got the Mutter album for Rammstein today. R0xx0rs. Also got some knew headphones. They also r0xx0r. Mum forced me into American Eagle. Got some much needed pants there. God a jacket too. I must say, I've never seen so many pockets in a jacket since I've been in Canada. What else... nothing really... I left the house today hoping to waste the money i earned this whole weekend... only to come back with no money spent. Which is a plus, because I get to keep 80 bucks ^.^

Hopin' to go to the game this Friday. I haven't been out for a while now. Anywho... Uh... nothing!

I'd like to make a statement to everyone from North: I don't know you. And it seems that you don't know me either. If you really honestly think that you do know me, I'd like to see you try and write into this journal. Also, if you know me so well... tell me WHY I would want to punch you in the face?

That's it, I'm out.

Sunday October 5, 2003

This post will be used for my own html experiments. Good day!

Lessee... today, I pooped... well, not really... well, maybe I did... but that's not important.

What I actually did was I woke up around 11 A.MThen I was extensively shouted at by my mum (not suprsing). Then I went on and helped bring some wood from my dad's truck into the basement. I took the choice of mowing the lawn then, which was a well needed breath of fresh air. Then I took a refreshing shower, but the second I walked out of the shower ,there's my mom again bitching at me to help my dad with the basement.

I spent about and hour and a half down there, and my dad decided that we've done enough for the day, considering that we've added an extra wall to the basement. In two days time, my dad and I added two new walls, a new door space, and a ton of saw dust ^.^

I got bitched at again by my mum. You know what? I can't wait till I'll have my own car to legally drive. Then I'll never be at the house, probably working or at a starbucks... having both would be a plus. Who wouldn't want to work at a starbucks? That'd be a great job... I'm trying to think of a better job but I'm failing miserably. Starbucks r0xx0rs.

I've played extensive amounts of my bass lately. I've noticed that I've gotten pretty damned good for not having lessons and playing the bass for not much more than 6 months. I wouldn't say that I'm actually EXPIERENCED or GOOD AT IT until I've taken atleast a month's worth of lessons. Oh well... speaking of music... Rammstein has re-entered my life with a huge bang. I think they're only band that can actually have a mohawk and still look kick ass with it. What makes it even cooler is that they're all in their thirties or late-thirties. I've tried all their songs on my bass, and they're almost horrificly easy... but when you play it, it sounds like... well... I can't really explain it. Oh well.


Saturday October 4, 2003

Lack of Journal-age...

I don't know what to say... nothing really exciting happens anymore... no hot chicks to drool over... nothing...

I've listened to extensive amounts of Rammstien lately though... I think I want to go to Best Buy and buy a couple Rammstien albums... I don't know any other albums to buy... Any suggestions?

Yeah, well, my mum just came up outta no where and told me that i was grounded... even when last week she woulda let me go over to Joe's house just as long as I did my homework... whatever... there wasn't anything to do yesterday. Well... actually... nah... there wasn't anything to do.

Note - Try smashing pumpkins on people driveways or on the front porches, it's fun. I did it last night.

Saturday September 27, 2003

wow... I'm at Joe's... I found an interesting pic...


Thursday September 25, 2003

*sigh*... Lessee... when did I last update? Monday... right... okay... where should I begin?

Let's just skip all the way to today... school today was so long, god damn. After school Joe and I went to a football game at north. That was fun. He and I were so damned jumpy, i swear, if someone touched us, we could've killed them. I might also go to another game with him tomorrow with Spencer and (possibly) David. From there... well... I don't know yet...

Yeah, going back a little, today was a long day. It was also hat day. As many of you might already know, I brought my fanastic Corn Hat. Oh man... I beat the hell outta everyone that flipped it off of my head... by the end of the day, I was so damned jumpy I think I could've killed someone... like at the game ^.^

This page is getting pretty big, I'm going to make a link that goes to another one, where I'll continue it.

Monday September 22, 2003

Sittin' here in Newspaper class... I've looked back a couple times at my previous journal entries, and I found that I have updated many times in this class. Fascinating, isn't it? Yes, that's what I thought...

Lessee... I'm bored... and hungry... I just had "lunch" last class too... It sucked because my mum packed me the wrong lunch... (yes... my mum does pack my own lunch, I still don't understand why that's such a problem with you people...)


Saturday September 20, 2003

Holy crap. It's been a while since I've updated. Quite a but to update on, eh?

Well, lessee, the entire week I've (we've) had those blasted ITBS testing. Unforunately, I was told on Thursday that there would be more to test on on Monday. Wednsday we had early release, and Joe came over and we went to Tae Kwon Do. Good times.

Lessee... yesterday I went to the football game at South High with Joe as well. Haha, great times. Someone didn't want to finish their Sprite bottle, so I didn't want to put it to waste (and was told to do it by Natalie), so I sprayed a huge group of people there. I think Mary and Breanna got the full brunt of it, I don't know about the rest. I don't know if Lexi (Breanna's little sister) got sprayed as well, but that doesn't matter because she kicked my ass anyways. And Mary and Breanna. What else... Joe and I got in a frenzy of picking people up and throwing them, but the person that gave us the least trouble (resistance, really) was probably Scotti. Joe stayed for the night yesterday, and oh my, did we have a good time.

Lessee... at 2 o'clock in the morning, I opened up a window in the basement and we snuck out, and we just walked around Windemere for the entire night. We got home and the sky was turning blue... or it could've been our eyes. But we wandered the neighborhood, setting mailboxes afire, egging a house, and going on the golf course to be hosed by a very scary sounding sprinkler. We took a flag from a hole (I don't know from what hole) and decided to put it on Kim's front porch. We then proceeded to write our names on someone's back yard on our way back home. We got home at around 5 in the morning.

We woke up this AFTERNOON at around 12:30, and Joe left to go home at around 1. Soon after, Kim asked me if I just happened to sneak out of my house and take a golf flag and put it on her front porch. Then she convinced me that her family was gonna sue whoever took the flag and put it on their porch. Thus, Joe and I admitted to her that we did. But hell, it was so damned funny.

What else happened today? Nothing, really. I just got back from watching the move The Quiet American. Great movie, gave me a new found interest in Vietnam, but not the American Vietnam. For those of you that do not know of anything that I'm talking about, please go back to your porn. Good day.

Tuesday September 16, 2003

Mary and Breanna just came up to the Newspaper class window, and as I glanced over to the window, they ran off... Hayden looks at me and says "You waving at yourself again?"

Okay, so I'm sitting here in Newspaper, bored outta my mind, so here are a couple things that you should see... Haha, Mike just noted that he snorted a staple before...

Me: Dude... we're never going to get to interview her...

Hayden: Yeah, I know...

Me: Yeah, we're going to interview her at the end of the year... ask her all the questions that I just copied unto the journal

Hayden: Haha, yeah.

Me: Yeah, we walk in... "Yeah... so... I'm graduating tomorrow..." and then we spend like 2 hours calling her a whore and sheeit.

Mrs. Savor: Any more questions?

Hayden: Can we stab you?

Here are the questions that Hayden and I want to ask Mrs. Sarvor for our "interview"... Hayden wants to add that we're never going to interview her.

No Excuses, Just Results

1. What is the meaning of your new drive for the school ‘No Excuses, Just Results’?

2. Was there a previous school motto last year? What was it?

3. What inspired you to create this new motto?

4. Would you consider yourself a cum guzzler?

5. Does Mr. Cornelius ring any bells?

6. Does Mrs. Sarvor mean “whore that owns my school”?

Tusday September 16, 2003

Heya everyone. I haven't cared much for updating the journal (much to all your discontent).

If you haven't read the meanings of my name, do so, because I want you to make me think that you care. Unfortunately, they do not have an entry for "Luc-Michel" but "Luc" and "Michel" are both accurate to myself. Also, check out the link to the site that i have below. The results are shockingly accurate, 3/3 chance. One thing I wanna see is the chances of you being gay. One reason to have this is so I could laugh at Hayden's because his will be "100%" chance in being gay.

Haha, I'm already laughing...

Early release tomorrow, that should be fun... I remember last year we had DI practices Wednsdays and Thursdays... I hated that because I would end up coming home at the same time that I would on a normal day... hopefully we won't end up having to make Wednsday an extra practice day because we are going to World... World is fun... but the work that my mum makes us go through for it... is painstakingly... well... painstaking.

Today at the beginning of class in band, to my happiness and sickening arousal, we were given the written song of "Gollum's Song". Of course, to the dismay of the low brass (except for myself, for it was I that suggested that we play some music from the Two Towers soundtrack after listening to it about 50,000 times... I can't think of an ironic joke to go with that comment), we had an amazing array of... 4 notes. But once we started playing for the first time, it was awsome because the flutes and the trumpets have a kick-ass part. I think the lowbrass is listening to the song more than playing. Oh well. After we sight read the song for the first time (yes, it was that simple and fun to play), everyone around me said that it was an awsome song. Now... I try to think of what other songs that Ms. Ross (our band teacher) will make us play. I might even ask her if we can play anything from a Final Fantasy soundtrack. If we ever do, well... you make the bet.

Monday September 15, 2003

the meaning of the name Luc:

Your name of Luc creates a very expressive, versatile, and spontaneous nature. You are happiest when you are associating with people and participating in activities with others. Your name gives you a desire to sing, dance, and have a good time. This name makes you very idealistic, emotional, and temperamental, liking to do things on the spur-of-the-moment and disliking being repressed or held down to monotonous detail. A lack of concentration makes it difficult to establish stable, secure conditions in your business life. In order to bring out the higher side of your nature, you should develop your artistic and creative talents.

the meaning of the name Michel:

The name Michel gives you a strongly independent and highly creative nature, with drive and ambition to have experiences and accomplish things out of the ordinary. You can work intently at whatever is new and holds your interest at the moment, but your interest wanes quickly when drudgery and monotony set in. Obstacles to your progress or restrictions on your freedom to act create a sense of frustration which may cause you to feel resentful and even rebellious. You can then become intolerant of others, and caustic and belittling in your expression, thereby imposing stress on your personal relationships. Although you have a clever, quick, capable mind, your progress in life is restricted by instability in your affairs and misunderstandings with people. Your impulsive nature can lead to actions which you later regret taking, or to accidents.

They don't have anything for Luc-Michel. Oh well, here's the link to see what your name means


Saturday September 13, 2003

Heya everyone. I'm over at Nathan's mum's house. Great stuff. Suprisingly I haven't drank much Coke yet... wha's happened to me?! Maybe it's puberty... lol

I could've gone to Brittany's houser today, but I didn't feel like going to a 3 old's b-day party, and her parents wouldn't let her stay at home with me there too. Oh well. I'll have to wait another week I guess... *stares down at himself* I think they're already turning blue...

What else? I dunno, sheeit. I've got nothing improtant to say... um... good weekend? I'm thirsty now, I'm going to go get a Coke. Later everyone.

Friday September 12, 2003

I'm bored, I'm in Newspaper class. This is what my proggress reports are:

Reading: 93

Spanish: 91

S.S.: 82

Language Arts: 96

Not too bad, my S.S. grade got brought down thanks to not brining in a Current event. Oh well, I think the Spanish grade's gonna go down.

EDIT - Newspaper: 87

Aight everyone, I'm outta here. Later dudes.

Thursday September 11th, 2003

Hey everyone. I'm sitting here with about 5 people crouding around me, fascinated by HTML. Makes me feel like I have some form of power over them. I dunno... maybe I'm paranoid... would that even fit the moment? Whatever...

Mr. Brown's now a prostitute. He asked Hayden to give him money for a hug...

Last night Zane got on a little late cause he had a form of church to go to all day... So we didn't update anything on South Mid. But we do have a bunch of stuff written. Alright, I gotta go, Hayden's bitching at me so that he can finish up a piece of shit paper.

Alright, I'm back from school. Had an alright day, no homework except some math that I laid off last night. Got some good grades on my progress reports... we'll just have to see what I get in Math!

Came home to open up some of the forums in South Hi. I noticed how most of the high schoolers that loved South Hi loved it, yet when they visited South Mid, they hated it. I thus came to the conclusion that there IS a drastic change and difference between the humor and ages of [Zane and myself] and those of [the creators of South Hi]. Makes me feel somehow better. ^.^

Wednsday September 10th, 2003


check out South Mid you bastards...

Maybe tomorrow... maybe tomorrow...


Tuesday September 9th, 2003

Heya everyone, just got back home from DI. Yeah...

Last night Zane and I stayed up till around 1 in the morning working on the brand new South Mid site, it's it going pretty damned well. We'll have plenty of people on reserve if we run out of any ideas, but with Zane's mind, that's not possible. South Hi is... as far as I know... dead...

South Middle

What else? I dunno. Check out the forum while you're at it. Gotta run, got plenty of laid off homework ta do. Later everyone.

Monday, September 8th, 2003

LMAO. Hayden and I are sitting here in Newspaper class lauging about Bill Gates and Colin Emereson's Mom. LMAO. Okay, here's how it is:

Luc: Look, we can't do anything on Word because we got assr aped by Bill Gates, okay? Ask the dudes at the newspaper company to straighten it out for ya, umk?

Hayden: Yeah... Damn him. *starts stabbing the chair*

Luc: What're you doing Hayden?

Hayden: I'm stabbing Bill Gates' penis.

Colin: Yeah, how would you know what it looked like?

Hayden: I dunno, maybe you should ask your mom.

*agh, shit, i can't stop laughing whenever i think about this moment*

Colin: What did you just say about my mom?

Hayden: I just said that your mom had sex with Bill Gates.

LMAO, good tmies. Well, I gotta run, I'll probably update when I get home. ^.^

hEy YaLL tHiS iS MaRY aGrAmOnTe.. jUST SaYiNG hEY .. umMm LuC iS tHe fRiCkEN COoLeSt KiD eVEr ;) lOl.. WeLL.. i g2g NoW>. bYEbYE XoxOXO

Yeah... thought I'd have someone say something in here. I love it how I can get people to talk in here. Makes myself feel all powerful over those that have troubles over HTML. HAHA, I own j00.

Yeah, anything that you read after the re-run of the incredible Bill Gates joke, is written after school.

Lessee... I went to the chyropractor after school, got my back messed with, but fixed. Glad I get to go there every couple weeks now, because you can tell how much stress builds up in my back. I think I go there again next week. Maybe the week after. I've got tons of homework.

Yeah, I got my math test back today. Sheeit, son, I woulda failed if I hadn't noticed that I had an answer written down, but it wasn't copied down in the Line where it belonged. So it got brought up from a 69 to 73. Which is good when you think that there were only two people that scored more than an 85 out of the entire class. Oh well. My mum is shockingly cool with it. Sw33t.

Okay, crap, South Hi is screwed... really, crap... go to ... haven't read it yet because I wanted to update all this for you guys. See how much I love ya? Okay, now I'm going to leave to read it. lol. Later.

Saturday, September 6th,2003


I just got back from Brittany's house. Good times. A bunch of little kids and almost half-sober parents. And by that i mean that they passed the "half-sober" point. There were 4 of us : Me, Brittany, Joey Ross, and Ashley. Joe and I were the only 8th graders there, Ashley and Brittany are 9th graders. Lots of silent moments on Joe and Ashley's part, lol.

well, lessee. How was the rest of my day? I couldn't sleep last night, not until like 2 I think. Then I woke up at 7 and considered going to go eat breakfast, because i couldn't fall back asleep. But, I ended up falling asleep, and woke up later at 10 or something. Then I had to clean my room, and half of the bathroom that my brother and I share. Why? Well, I dunno really. I was told the night before that someone was comign to watch some movies for IB, but before I left for Brittany's house, I found them watching Robin Williams Live on Broadway. God, I love that movie. I think I'm going to watch it once I'm done writting all this. For my last moments of peace before I started watching Die Another Day with my sis around 5, I got to finish up the 3RD disk of the 4-disk set. God damned... I still need to watch the movie. Well, I don't think I'll watch the WHOLE movie, but I'll watch some interesting parts. *sigh* Okay, I'm gonna leave now. Later guys and gals *wink wink*

September 5th, 2003

Heya everyone. I'm sitting here in Newspaper class. Bored as hell >.< Yeah, I woke up sick this morning. Okay, i'm going to pass the journal over to Chelsea now:

I have know LUC forever and ever! he is my hero! oh yeah adn he ROCKS MY WORLD!!! ha it is the truth!! love ya luc!! hehe

Yeah. Well, moving on. I was sick this morning with a slight dose of a Sore Throat and a progressing Migraine. The excidrin didn't work, so i cranked up some heavy metal and i fell asleep. Good times. Then i decided to go to school, after eating some french toast and some jello ^.^ I also had lots of water... i still need to go pee-pee... okay, moving on. I'm sick as hell. No hayden, you're not sexy... again... :'( Okay, anyways, i went to school with a sick stomache, and i am very grouchie. Piss off j00. I own j00. r0xx0r. Okay, fatness. I' outta here. Oh, and if you haven't already checked out the pics of the hot chics, do that. I love the Olson Twins one... Jan stole my picuture.... damn him... *gun shots*

Hey, Luc here updating my update. I just got back from the football game. And, as usual, we kicked their arses. Had a good time, actually. Hung out with Stony quite a bit. Hayden... well............ I've been sitting here for 3 minutes trying to think of what Hayden's night was like. Oh! I got one... no wait... nvm... I think that's it... oh! I didn't go to the dance... because i wasn't hungry and i wasn't in the mood in moshing. If anyone every does anymore... Skipped D.J.'s party because i wanted to go to the game. Good times, good times...

September 4th,2003

Hey. Didn't go to school today because I got a really annoying and painfull sore throat. Yeah. Sucks. Hayden wants me to update the journal... BURN IN HELL.

Okay, so what did I do today? I woke up at about 9 and didn't get out of bed till 10. Got some oatmeal and some fresh bread my mum just made. Excelent stuff. The entire loaf weighs like 3-5 pounds. Good stuff. Then i decided to watch TTT a couple times, then i started watching some extra stuff on the FOTR Extended 4-disc version. I still need to finish that... I had a great time sitting around in my boxers all day...

i got my bro to fix the pictures of the hot chicks yesterday. i think i still half understand it. Just scroll down and enjoy. Good bye everyone.

September 3rd, 2003

Heya everyone. I'm sitting here in Newspaper class updating my journal. That's silly. Mr. Brown doesn't care. Hayden is sexy. >_O Damn, I'm bored. Yeah, I'm updating now because i don't want to do it when i get home, so ha. *sigh* what to say... what to say... um... I woke up? Okay, i'm going to let Hayden write whatever he wants until i tell him that it's enough. Here it is:

Ok, Hayden here, i don't know what possesed me to do this, but i thought it would be fun and everything...cause...naw not really, i just feel like talking, but sinse i'm here i will talk about my day...first off, our bus driver is some 101 year old lady is driving the bus, she drives at like, 16 mph, so when she is supposed to to get to my house at 7:45 she gets there at 8:10...slightly late, eh? After I got on the bus the entire back of the bus had a conversation about how Andrea Stacy is a whore, it got quite interesting...but after the first 7 minutes of it, i lost interest and went to sleep...end

ah.... good times...

September 2nd, 2003

Luc here... I'm alive again, to all your surprises. Yeah, Friday I got LOTR: The Two Towers. So i watched it, and then this huge bolt of lightning went off near my house, and i lost my internet connection and a bit of the t.v. cable. I think my entire family died. Then we were sent back, until our tasks were done. We come back to you now... at the turn of the tide...

Don't... ask... okay? I'll go over my weekend:

1. Got the Two Towers... watched it 4 times.

2. Played the game and beat it twice... with all four characters...

3. Played Vice City... good times...

4. Monday I went to a barbeque at Lake Lanier... yeah...

5. Saturday I tested for my second degree for my black belt... more on that soon.

And now here I am, listening to the Final Fantasy 8 OST with no pants on. Anyways... Just give me a couple more times to watch TTT and i'll memorize most of the lines... it takes time for these 3 hour movies...

Saturday, I tested for my second degree. Yeah, it sucked. I had to memorize 4 forms that morning, i ended up doing just one of them. The floor was slippery from who knows what, so i slipped on "who knows what" a couple times, and i was unable to do those forms correctly. But at the beginning of the testing, i got to break some boards! Which is always the highlight of a testing. I got to do a front kick, which is extremely simple. But I chose to do a running jump sidekick as well. I had a choice if i watned to jump over people or not... i chose to jump over 5. The headmaster pulled out 6. I don't care, the more the merrier. I was already risking it with 5. Anywho, it took me two tries. The first try i jumped off the wrong foot, so i barely managed to jump over the 6th person. The second try was simple, and after i broke the board, that was a large roar of cheering. Damn, i'm good. It was cool because there were 3 other schools at the testing, so maybe they'll have something to look forward to...

okay, i'm outta here. Later.

August 28th, 2003

Okay, i'm just going to say things as i think about them.

I went to the football game at Vickery today. 'Twas alright, got to see Chloe for the first time in like a year i think. I saw Constance as well. Anywho, i'm thirsty so i'm going to go get something to drink...

i'm back. Yeah, they rang out of cokes over at the game, so that pissed me off a bit. I ended up like poring a bunch of someone else's diet coke on a bunch of strangers. I got in there for free, i showed the lady my "Press Pass" and she's like "alright, go ahead"... damn... i was soo suprised. I also dared myself to walk up to a hot chick that had a "Vickery" shirt on, and grab her and start speaking in french to her. It was great. You could see her face light up in delight when i started speaking. Then some old lady pulled me off of her just as things started getting better and the old lady said something about bad language. Unfortunately, i have no idea of what she's talking about. I was speaking in FRENCH and saying stuff like "you look very pretty today" and stuff. *shakes head* whatever, dude. I got stopped often by people saying that i was hot, which brings me to a conclusion:

The if i went to a school and never met anyone, i would get so many chicks, dude, it would be great. Then i'd laugh at all the people that go to South, and then they'll beg me to come back because i'm hot... you know what? i'm not getting anywhere with this, so i'll just shut up now. lol

well, i'm finishing this up. See ya guys later. Oh, and trust me, i'll get these "hot chick" pictures working soon enough. but for now, start sending me pictures of hot chicks, because i'm lazy ^.^

August 27th, 2003

Argh, i still haven't gotten the pics to work!!! don't worry my people, they'll be here soon enough, until then, try and stay off the "celebrity" pr0n and your hands off your social studies teacher's ass, umk?

Okay, the day's gone by somewhat smoothly. Taught some people how to speak french in spanish, as usual, and Newspaper took a dump in my face today. I got all the press passes printed out, and the second i log off and start to relax a bit, 5 people come up to me (including francis, of course) and ask me to print out their press passes. Apperently, someone that was holding all the press passes for the past two weeks has lost a bunch of the press passes that i printed out, so thus i am forced to print them out again, and making my job harder for the friday deadline. Hayden and I still haven't had the chance to do anything for our article. Jesus, one of the people asked me why i was pissed the whole time that i was reprinting his press pass, hm... i wonder, should i be mad at the person that was holding these passes the whole time, or the person that wants me to reprint his/her press pass. "Eat me, ass face"!!

moving on, i'm totally stoked for tomorrow because i finally get to see Chloe, that atta be foon.

no hot chick today, unless someone wants to sumbitt a pic of themselves, that would be a great feature for the journal. *waves while luc fades away*

August 26th, 2003

Got some homework to do, so let's just cut to the chase, shall we?

okay, lessee... the day went by quickly, and surprisingly, i only thought about LOTR: TTT DVD TWICE today... wait, never mind, thrice, damn you Lee. Anyways, the day went by quickly, because L.A. is just talk basically with Mr. Schulze. Newspaper, of course, r0xx0red you b0xx0r.

We had our first DI meeting today, and we came to the conclusion that DI has now become extremely large in SFMS. Maybe because of all the times the morning announcements hasn't worked, people listened to the times it did work, to see why it didn't, but they didn't say, so instead they heard "DI" and they're like hypnotized by it... or maybe it's because Mr. Brown paid them to go. Anywho, my improv team has been chosen; Me, Hayden, Nathan Dozier, Hunt Gentry, Colin O'Meara, Matt Klem, Palmer Jones. Right, it's gonna r0xx0r, hopefully we'll find a good prop maker. Jake's taught me a couple things from last year... but that's only with newspaper and duct tape... damn the long list. Any who, from now on until further notice, I'll have practices once a week, not sure what day though, don't miss me!!

 Okay, I'll end this with a pic I found yesterday, Olsen Twins. Enjoy



August 25th, 2003

*waves* Luc here. Bored as hell. Let's go over a recap of my day.

Okay, woke up this morning around 7:15, got some left over waffles from Saturday morning, and took my shower. Unfortunately unnecessarily rushed by my mother, but it was still kinda refreshing. Got to school and went to reading, which was boring because it was the first class, and it's reading. Now we're required to read 30 minutes by the school because the school likes wasting time. Anyways, I got assigned a project in which i have to create my own little town and make it as perfect as possible... in my opinion... of course *evil laughs*. Social Studies sucked, because of the god damned fund raiser thingy. I don't think anyone really cares, we're just there to waste time and hang out with friends because teachers are fascists. My lunch sucked, as usual, but the sandwich was amusing, which brings the lunch to an alright. Let's not get into Spanish, because it was the extended class. *burns the schedule*.

Everything else sucked, got home and went to the chiropractor and decided that I am going to steal my neighbor's old Corvette because I saw an exact model there. The only thing that'll stop me is the fact that the brakes don't work in that damned thing... I also made plans to go to the football game on Thursday with Kim to go see Chloe, and maybe watch a couple plays of the actual game because no one actually cares. No... seriously...

well, I'll end this with a hot chick, here ya go:

Hot Chick

August 24th, 2003

Hayloo everyone, Luc here just to tell ya "welcome to the journal". Yeah, most of this is done on HTML which makes me feel bad assed, but that's just me. Any who, I'm going to have numorous things here, most likely "Movie Update" (I'll have weekly updates on movie that i saw, just to humour myself, of course), "pic of the day" andvery likely journal updates. I got an idea from Billy to have a comic here, but that'll probably happen when I get a scanner and the skill of... drawing...

Unfortunately, I don't have anything for all of you people here, because i have to get started on my Social Studies Project, do a little of math, and move a bunch of stuff around in my room. Maybe tomorrow, alright gang? Laterz  

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