Welcome to Shammus' Pre-war cards

Welcome to Shammus' Prewar Cards, my Web site dedicated to Prewar baseball cards and my own collection which focuses on a few prewar sets and examples of rare type cards. Feel free to browse through these pages dedicated to displaying some of the vintage sets I am working on completing. I've also displayed some of the other tough cards in my collection that don't necessarily fall into the "set completing" catagory.

While my site breaks up my collection into various sets or subcategories, I wanted my homepage to display some of my current favorites in my collection. Those are pictured below. I try to update this site from time to time so do check back from time to time to see what new cards I might have up for sale or just to check out the latest additions to the site.

e100 Cutshaw   t209 Pressley   t210 Morris   Obak Mohler

I'm always willing to discuss trades, the hobby in general or provide any insight or experience that I have in the hobby. Feel free to contact me at redmaccie@hotmail.com if you'd like. Hope you enjoy my site and thanks for stopping by!

Last Updated: 5/23/09