Welcome to Mistic Acres
Wapiti Jr.

Joker's Dutchess Ann
Wapiti Jr's Joker
Wapiti Mistic Joker
(1984 Appaloosa Stallion)
15.3 hands

-Sorrell Loben
Dam- The Wild One
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Youth Canadian National Champion 2000

Horse lover's corral-for the kid in all of us!
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2003 COLT-Mistic Mighty Max
All Canadian!
Good Bye Ben, We all miss you till we meet again...
Died 2004
age 28yrs
Yarmouth SPCA Site
Mistic's Image- 2005 Filly
15.1 HH
Hello! This is my own personal web-site.These are some of my horses I own and love.If you would like more info about Appalossa horses or Nova Scotia in general, give me an email. I'ld love to hear from you!