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So, you want to know more about me, eh?
What does anyone really want to know?
I might say there's not much to tell, but in reality everyone has a life story...


I was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1978. I grew up there and have spent 88% of my life there. (yes, I actually did the math.) I went to Riverside Secondary School where I was pretty much a nerd and a loner. Yet, I did have a good time, I mean, who needs loads of friends? I had 4 or 5 good friends that was enough for me - and I was smart.


I started university in Sudbury at Laurentian University. I enrolled in the French-English translation programme. I had an awesome 2 years there, but, unfortunately, I wasn't very good in French, and that could be a problem when translating!
Thus, I moved back home and went to the University of Windsor to finish a bachelor's degree. I double majored in French and Classics. I had a great time there too! The folks in the department of Literature, Languages and Cultures are wonderful!
I graduated in 2001 and things were going ok, but I was having difficulties deciding what to do with my life. I tried teacher's college but quit. Horrible experience!(I wish all the meanest things to Mme B.) So, I was pretty much lost.

The Next Step...

Last September, I took a job as a language instructor, more specifically an Official Language Monitor. I moved to a little town in Southern Quebec, Plessisville. It's the world maple capital.I worked at Polyvalente La Samare, working with Secondary one to Secondary five students and their teachers, providing them with activities to enhance their English skills. (Gee, after that run-on sentence, I think I need help with my English!)
I finished my contract there at the end of May.


I returned to school in September 2003 to get my MLIS at UWO. What's that you say? Well it's library school. Yup, I'm a librarian. I cannot believe how much work it was and I can't believe how fun it was too! For one semester I returned to Windsor for a co-op position. It was very enlightening and I got a pretty good perspective on academic libraries. I finished my MLIS December 2004 and promptly when on a job hunt.

By february I received my first job offer and I accepted it - I was in no position financially to wait around. Despite those reasons, I also did like the sound of the position and the work environment. So I started work as a cataloguer in March 2005. It's been great so far and I enjoy all the learning I'm doing.

And more

It was at U of W that I met Phi Sigma Sigma and became a sister in that glorious sorority. I love it to death and devote a lot of time and energy to it. When I was an undergrad I held positions such as Membership Recruitment Chairman and Scholarship Chairman, as well as Archon (president) for my final year. I've been on the advisory board ever since and for 2 years stepped up to take on the role of Chapter Key Advisor. Currently I hold a regional position - one that does not require me to be physically present at chapter meetings.
I also enjoy volunteering! In the past I have volunteered at schools and doing fundraisers. Last year I was a Scout Leader and the year before I was a Brownie Leader. I enjoy working with kids (as long as they are in small groups!). Currently, besides volunteering for my sorority, I volunteer for the Ontario Library Association- just one on a team of many!
I'm generally a lazy person. I do however enjoy bicycling and doing yoga. don't laugh! Yoga can be a very strenuous workout! I also spend a lot of my time on the computer. Usually checkingout my livejournal, or Greekchat.com, or just chatting on MSN or AIM.
I have several friends, but since I don't have a car, and they're busy, I don't see them often. Mackenzie and Marilyn are my closest sorority sisters! I love them to death! Janice is another sister that is just awesome! I love talking to her, we have the best convos! My cousin April is a cool chic. She is such a hardworking single mom! I enjoy just chillin with her and the kids. And my Best Friend Rendia is the greatest! She's one of those people you could lose touch with but when you start taking again, it's like no time has passed! She is doing pretty well with her husband, son and new baby boy!
As for me, no boyfriend in sight. That's ok though. Although, I wouldn't mind one - I do love attention! So, hey, any guys out there, feel free to email me! Ha!
That's all folks!

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