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Welcome! My name is Bud. I'm an active polar bear 5'8" tall, 160 lbs. My lover jokingly gives my age as 55 and better. I say 55+ and holding.

That's me above in the wine T-shirt with my lover. As you can see, I'm one more happy man. He's wonderful and the love of my life. To see more of him click on his name, Lane.

We enjoy swimming and camping out at Lake Travis and getting naked at Hippie Hollow, a clothing optional beach. But just living in Austin is what we enjoy most.

Surfing the net, opera and other music, movies, T.V. and local "family events" are some of our other interests. We love to play and sometimes invite a friend over to join in the fun.

I was into collecting pictures of celebrity nudes but lost interest because of the number of fake pictures on the net. However, if you have the URL of some that you know to be authentic I'd like to look at them. After a year of surfing the net, I've come to appreciate amateur pictures more that any others.

I like corresponding by e-mail with old friends and new, so write me a note at redrover610@austin.rr.com. I would also enjoy seeing your pictures.

Some More of My Pictures

Artwork: "Trillium Dawn" by David Palermo

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