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Last Updated: 11/28/00

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Welcome!  This page is dedicated to the fan-based notion of Willow and Spike as a romantic couple.  It is updated as often as new fiction is received and I have the time. All stories contain W/S.  When Adult Fiction is submitted, it will be on a separate section of the site and slash fiction is clearly labeled.  Fiction not written within the previous three months will be moved to the Archive sections of this site; challenges will be archived when space is limited.  None of the fanfiction contains any Willow/Spike/Other.

Feedback is welcome and appreciated.  Please contact me immediately if you find any dead links.  If there is anything Willow/Spike-related that you would like to see and it is not provided on this site, please contact me.

DISCLAIMER:  This site and its contributing authors have no affiliation with either "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" nor any its characters.  They were created by Joss Wheadon and are owned by Mutant Enemy and Warner Brothers.  This site's owners and authors receive no financial gain from operating this site. For official show information, please go here.

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