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Thursday January 8th, 2003

Thanks a lot to everyone who came out to last Sunday's show. It was good to be back on the stage after such a long break. The show was messy (due to a lot of not practicing and a lot of band member sickness) but we still had a great time. Thanks to the other bands, FullSystemTilt, Glory Over the Gallery and Trole for coming out to play with us and thanks once again to Brodie at the Underground for giving us somewhere to make our noise.

As things stand right now, we have no new shows to tell you about in the immediate future, but stay tuned to this site for any news in that regard.

However, we do have some excitement to tell you about. On Sunday January 11th, 2003, redshift is going into the studio and we're not coming out until we've achieved our ultimate goal...a recording that doesn't suck. That's right, we will be pooling our vast wealth of talent and inter-band insults to create a collection of six songs that will make you dance about, scream and necessitate a change of pants. The recording will include all the songs we currently have and like:

In Hands
The Surgeon
A Game of Chess
Even In Sleep We Are Building Monoliths

Tenative titles for the album are "The Abbey Dog EP," "Songs About Catholics," and "A Recording That Doesn't Suck." However, title options are still coming in and we haven't made any decisions yet. Stay tuned here for a glimpse into the recording process and perhaps some snippets of the final product.

Andrew, Dave, Daryl, Matt