A Touch of Magic by Vikki, The Magic Lady
Entertaining Through the Art of Magic!                        
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on the VIP Level.

Vikki, The Magic Lady was one of four magicians performing at the SuperBowl.
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What can "A Touch of Magic" Do for Your Event or Restaurant?

* Create an atmosphere of fun, magic, and excitement
      for your guests that they will not forget.

* Leave your guests entertained!

* Make your restaurant more exciting, magical, and a
      place that your guests will tell others about.

* Make your party or event the "talk-of-the-town" by
      your guests for days, months, and even years

In essence, A Touch of Magic is about...

Touching peoples' lives through magical entertainment!

Society of American Magicians
National Organization
Local: SAM Assembly #19

Wizard's Circle
A Note from Vikki, The Magic Lady:
For me, performing magic is not about showing people how many tricks I know or to even show how good I am.  It is about YOU and YOUR GUESTS!  It is about bringing A Touch of Magic to their lives where they, if only for a brief moment, will experience fun and wonderment and where the seemingly impossible becomes possible. 

It is about bringing smiles, laughter, wide eyes, gaping mouths, quizzical looks, and expressions of wonderment to your guest's faces.  It is about making sure they have a magical & entertaining time at your party, event, or restaurant and that they will remember it for a long time. 
I know I have touch a person's life and brought them into the world of magic when I hear such things as "WOW! How did you do that?!" or "Do that again!" or "That's just not right!" and other expressions of amazement!  For me that is the ultimate satisfaction.

Your guests will react the same way as Vikki, The Magic Lady entertains them at your special event, party, or restaurant.  My schedule fills up fast, so, give me a call or send me an e-mail now before it is too late and allow me to help bring about a magically entertaining atmosphere to your special event, party, or restaurant.

Touching lives through the art of magic,

Vikki Skelton, The Magic Lady
"Magic is an illusion...

In other words, "You only see what you think you see but you're not really seeing what you think you see...you see?" 

Quote by  Vikki,
The Magic Lady
Vikki, The Magic Lady has primarily focused on close-up magic for the past 4 years.

She is also the production manager for Magic Banner Productions through which she can provide...

* Birthday party magic shows with live
    animals to Las Vegas Style Family-
    Oriented Grand Illusion shows.

* Balloon Sculpturing,

* Juggling.

Call or e-mail Vikki,
The Magic Lady for details.
Local:  713-957-1367                                      E-mail: vikkithemagiclady@yahoo.com