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Coming back soon

  • 6/17/03: I am currently in the middle of a site redesign that will allow me to get back to updating regularly and staying relatively sane at the same time.

    Right now I'm catching up on all the boxscores I've missed in my absence, and I plan to have everything ready by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience, and since I've stopped the message board has come alive like no other time in this sites 4 year history. Head on over and be heard. That means you too fish-man!

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    I need a break

  • 6/4/03: Well, I finally completely flipped my lid after that horrific series over the weekend. I need a break from the site, it's just not fun right now, I'm getting way too worked up over this, and all I do is go on and on like a mediot (thanks for calling me on that NSD) and rip the team to shreds. Right or not, I need to recharge the batteries.

    This could last 2 days, or it could last 2 months, I have no idea. I will however, be on the message board daily. So I ask all you regular visitors to head over there and chime in on some of the threads. Even if it's just one message a day, the more the merrier.

    We'll see how long this lasts.

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    Have to spend $$ to make $$

  • I had a long article planned for today based on a couple of emails I received yesterday. One agreeing with my outlook on things, and another that was on the other end of the spectrum. But then the Trade happened, so I'm going to talk about that today, and turn the email thing into my next instalment of '1918'.

  • At the moment I would love to think that the guys on Baseball Tonight are the end-all and be-all of baseball (specifically Harold Reynolds and Bobby Valentine). Both of them saw the trade as an absolute steal for the Red Sox.

    It was a good trade, but I can't bring myself to say that I like it. Meaning, this deal definetly helped the team, in a huge way, to fill part of the gaping hole that is the pitching. But at the same time, Shea was making his way up the ladder to being my favorite Red Sox player.

    Guess it's a good thing I'm not the GM, decisions like this need to be made with the big picture in mind, not with your heart. The reaction right now is going to go both ways, some will hate this move, others will think it was the right thing to do.

    If Shea sticks to his career norms, then he's due for a big tail-off and Theo will look like a genious, as long as Kim does his job. To start I heard that Kim will take Pedro's turn in the rotation until he comes back, then he'll be moved to the closer role after that. Of course things can change at a moments notice so I'll be taking that with a grain of salt.

    I see it as also possible that Grady asks Wakes to go back to the pen when Pedro comes back so they can keep Kim in the rotation.

    Overall I think the team was improved with this move, but Shea was one of those rare players who wasn't a superstar, but he could play in the day-to-day circus that is Boston and not have it be a distraction. That is definetly an intangable that you cannot teach.

    Kim is most remembered for his blow-up in the World Series against the Empire, and alot of people are only going to use that as a comparison when evaluating this trade. Contrary to that thought, Kim is a very good pitcher, whoes 1-5 record so far this season is a direct result of the D-Backs being one of the worst offensive teams in the game right now. Everyone knows that a mid 3s ERA in today's game should net you a good record. Hopefully the Red Sox are the right remedy.

    No comfort

  • 5/28:It was a loss, plain and simple, so anyone who feels good about the come back, I think is ridicoulous. It was a great come back, it was fun to watch, but it was a LOSS and you gain no ground from it. "Oh, but look at the way they battled back, this says good things about this team." Like what? That we can come up just short? Woopeefrikindo!

    Anyone feel good about almost winning it all in 86?

    The most recent six games with New York proved one thing only, that this team isn't going anywhere as it's currently composed. We're far enough into the season to safely say that Lowe sucks outside of fenway, and with Pedro on the shelf, our current Ace is Wakefield. I love Wakes, but he isn't an Ace by any stretch of the word. We're in trouble, big trouble, and now that we've jump started the Y-----s we can watch another season crumble away.

    Anyone notice that we're only one game above .500 for the month of May? The only reason we're in 1st is because the Y-----s have tanked, not from great play from the Sox, and the schedule only gets more difficult. The interleague schedule that looks nice and cushy is just a mirage, everyone knows the Sox track record in interleague play.

    You guys out there that visit all the time are probably good and sick of my banter this year, my morass of negativity, but I can't help it, I'm not at all excited about this time at this point. I think the much improved offense is throwing a VERY thick cloud of dust over some huge problems this team has. As much as they've made big come backs and won games, they've made about as many and still fell short, but all anyone remembers is the come back, the 'almost'.

    A loss is a loss, and I don't see how you can come away from one with a smile or a 'good feeling'.

    Well... now that I've probably pissed off 95% of the regular visitors, I'll shut up now and stew until tomorrow when the Sox open up a three game set with the 'not a push over anymore' Toronto Blue Jays. Wakes, Fossum, and Burkett against the best offense in the league, get your hard hats ready.

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