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The Nintendo Wii came and Redsteel - Red Steel
is sure is one of the most hottest launch titles...

Red Steel for the Nintendo Wii
by Nintendo Of America (Nintendo Wii) - Walkthrough, Cheat Codes, Secrets and more...

nintendo wii twilight princess the legend of zelda gamecubeThe Nintendo Wii is coming and Redsteel plus bonus Metroid Prime 3: Corruption walkthrough is sure to be one of the most compelling launch titles. In a nutshell: Fight against armed gangs in both the U.S. and Japan in this brand new first person actioner from the publishers of Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell. Master both guns and swords as you play through the bloodiest game yet on the Wii.

The lowdown: One of the biggest third party games cheat codes announced exclusively for the Wii, this is also the first proper first person shooter for the new console. You use the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption nunchuck controller to move around and the Wii remote to aim your weapons with real precision (the game even knows when you’re holding a gun sideways, gangsta style).

When using a Metroid Prime 3: Corruption sword the motion sensors in the nunchuck are used to block and you can slash away with the Wii remote. The graphics aren’t massively more impressive than a good GameCube Redsteel maps game but the seedy Japanese back streets and giant explosions look great and the artificial intelligence for enemies is already quite a challenge.

Most exciting moment: Red Steel video showing the game's multiplayer. The game features an ability to called freeze tagging which allows you to slow down time and “tag” enemy body parts with the Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Wii remote. When you switch back to normal time you can take down each enemy you tagged instantly.

Since you ask: As seen at E3 the sword controls do not respond exactly to the movements you make with the Wii remote, for example moving the remote up actually causes a downward thrust. Following complaints though Ubisoft have promised to change things for the final game. The bottom line: The Wii gets violent with the next gen’s only first person Metroid Prime 3: Corruption sword fighter.

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redsteel-wii-red-steel-1twilight princess wallpaperfantasy adventure game Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princesscheat codes gameshark walkthrough link to the past cheatswindwalker gamecube wind walker orcarina of time majora's mask

Red Steel is set in modern-day Japan. Players master both the ancient art of the katana and the sophisticated technology of modern firearms taking advantage of the emotion and immersive gameplay possible only with the Revolution's unique controller. Red Steel is looking like one of Wii's biggest launch games. Ubisoft hopes to push the boundaries of the genre with a new free-pointer control style and fancy sword-fighting mechanics, all operated using the motion sensing powers of the Wii Remote. After a lengthy hands-on session with a near-final version, CVG grabbed Lead Game Designer, Roman Campos-Oriola, for a chat about the challenges of developing a totally new control system for a totally new piece of hardware.

As with most Wii games, it's more about the gameplay than the looks. While Red Steel obviously isn't going to stand toe-to-toe with Halo 3, it's not an awful-looking game at all. Characters models look much better than before, and the quirky cutscenes lend themselves to the presentation. The lighting and destructible environments also look quite good. All in all, the game has come a long way from what we first say on the GameCube development kit that ran the system a few months back.

Red Steel has undergone quite a few changes since the face time that we've gotten over the past few months with it, between San Francisco, LA, and New York. Character models have come a long way, and most importantly, the controls are tighter where they've needed to be more precise, and more fluid where they've needed to be looser. Still, having some sort of auto-center of the camera would be a nice gesture, but one that we're not sure is going to make the final cut. Also, it remains a bit of a pain in the butt to quickly turn around when someone's shooting from behind. However, the overall experience feels much better than it did last month, and leagues better than what we first played at E3. We're still reserving our judgment for the final product, but our impressions of how it could be have taken a turn for the slightly rosier.

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* The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Nintendo)
* Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Nintendo)
* Red Steel (Ubisoft)
* Rayman Raving Rabbids (Ubisoft)
* Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz (Sega)
* Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (Square Enix)

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Red Steel is an exclusive first person shooter for Nintendo Wii console. Players will use both redsteel guns and swords against advanced foes. Holding the Wii remote sideways for example will translate on-screen. Interactive environments and graphics further increase the appeal of the best wii title.