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The contents of this page are brought to you by a small group of researchers.  Many hours have been spent researching and compiling this information.  We have tryed to insure the information contained here is accurate.  If there is not documentation to support the data, we have noted that it is not a proven fact but rather a belief.
Genealogy is not an exact science, the resources are sometimes very limited, the first Census records only had the name of the Head of the Household, other members were listed in catagories according to sex and age.  Birth Certificates were not used, family bibles were used to record important family information.  Keeping in mind that during this time period not everyone knew how to write.  So there are variations of the spellings of names, and often nicknames were used rather than their given names.  The same family names were used over and over, leading to more confusion.  It was normal to have more than one sibling name their children after a parent or grandparent.  So one family may end up having several persons of the same name it it.
Rather than list endless pages of facts, we have included information about the family, the region they lived and in some cases references as to other happenings that were occurring during the same time frame.  
It is our hope that this page will find it's way to other family members.  The story is never complete and a genealogist is always looking for one more piece of the puzzle.  

The Curnutte Family came to America from Ireland in the 1700's.  We know the American line of the Curnutte family is descended from John Curnutte, dob 1740, near Belfast, Ireland.  We know that he worked in a shipyard as a helper in the Mathamatics Division and advanced to Master in 1772.
John Curnutte married Lady Tolliver in the same year.  Their seven children came to America and settled in Virginia and North Carolina.
 The     Boston Tea Party did not take place till     1773.
 Canutte       Family History:
It is believed by some that the family is descended from King Canutte II of Denmark.  At this time I have no data to support that belief nor do I know if there is any available.                          
King Canutte II of Denmark "Canute the Great"       (995-1035).  He was the first Danish King of England.  Under his       rule Norway was conquered.  He was the son of Sweyn, King of       Denmark.

Other Spellings
Although Curnutte is an unusal name, there are many variations in the spelling of the name.
Variations of the Curnutte name:  Canute, Carnutt, Canutte, Cornutt, Cornette, Curnut, Curnutt, Curnutte

Regional Information

During the 1790's Census the boundaries of the state of North Carolina were much as they are today, that was not the case with Virginia.  It included present day Kentucky and West Virginia.  It was not until June 1, 1792 that Kentucky was admitted to the Union as the 15th state.  West Virginia, became the 35th state on June 20, 1863.  

Map of Lawrence County, Kentucky
A large number of the Curnutte Family lived in a region of eastern Kentucky and Western West Virginia. The area is a rural area known for it's production of coal.  Farming was one of the primary occupations of the citizens of this region. There are many small communities in this area  Blaine, Brushy, Buchanon, Fallsburg, Fullers and Mattie to name a few.
There have been several well known performers who come from this area as well.  Ricky Skaggs, Billie Ray Cyrus and Skeeter Davis are from Lawrence Co., KY  Naomi Judd who is a descendent of the Curnutte Family is from Ashland, KY which is about 25 miles from Louisa.
Louisa, Kentucky is located on one side of the Big Sandy River and Ft. Gay, West Virginia is on the other.  Even today the town of Louisa, Kentucky only has a population of about 2,000 people and is the county seat for Lawrence County.  The nearest city to Louisa is Ashland, KY.

DescendentsGeneration II

Children of John Curnutte & Lady Tolliver
John Tolliver Curnutte Circa 1774
b. Elisha Curnutte Circa 1776
c. Martin Curnutte Circa 1778
d. Reuben Curnutte Circa 1780 
e. Sarah Curnutte 1782 
f. Nancy Curnutte 1785 
g.   James Curnutte         1787

Descendents Generation III

a.John     TolliverCurnutte married Deresa Chaffin in 1793.          
d. Reuben Curnutte married   Kessiah. 
No additional information is   available.
We currently have no information on  
b. Elisha, c. Martin, e. Sarah,   f. Nancy & g. James
The first blast furnace was built   in 1792.  
The Whiskey Rebellion occurred in   1794 when a tax was placed on whiskey.  
George Washington had to call out   15,000 militia to resolve the dispute.

Descendents Generation IV

    a1. John Tolliver Curnutte II married Amanda Chaffin                   No additional information is     available.

    a2.Elisha     Curnutte married Deresa Berry.                                   

a4.David   John Curnutte married Diedamia Lyon on August 01, 1822 by Lewis Wellman   * 
   *Lawrence Co. KY, Marriage   Register Vol. 1, 1822- 1859, Pg. 6.                           
Erie Canal was completed   in 1825.      
 John Quincy Adams   was President of the United States.

a7.   William M.   Curnutte married Mary "Polly Berry
on April 16, 1828 

a8.   Reuben Curnutte   married Zelpha Holbrook                   on March 21, 1833 by Stephen Wheeler *
*Lawrence Co., KY  Marriage   Register Vol 1,  1822 - 1859,  Pg. 91

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