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&nbsp;; In mid January of 2002 two stoners who were getting ripped in the middle of the night, playing this wacked out simulator game on the Zone, decided to form a flying association of gamers on the Zone for CFS or other games if our membership improves in numbers. We believe in fair play but as for our attitudes, that all depends on the type of mood you catch us in while we are blowing smoke up other pilots arses. This association is only intended to be fun and to stay away from the military aspects that  squads try to implement. We are here to smoke the fatty girl and trip as we fly. Just some old fashion fun.
      Last update.
Febuary 28, 2009
   For the last couple of years RGA as been pretty much inactive. We are planining our return as soon as few of upgrade our pc's and return to the true from that we were once at .. With most of our members flying IL2 and the games for that format is hard to come by in the local stores. We are searching for a new flight sims or other games that may catch our attention. If you have any ideals please post them in the guest book for now. Right now there are three members playing games on the InstantAction.com website. RGA_2BitMissy, RGA_GirlGoneBad (CHeRiSe) and RGA_MeanWillie..
    They have some generic browser games we are playing there . I will be shooting a email out March 1, 2009 to everyone on my address book. The inactive emails of the members will be deleted off the Roster by April 1, 2009.