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        RGA's  BYLAWS
1) We ask you that you use comon sense  and homest play when playing games on any gaming sites when using the RGA call sign.
   2) Don't accuse others of cheating unless you have absolute proof. If you don't have proof just leave the room to let your anger subside.
        If you don't have the proof  this doesn't mean that they are not cheating, it just means you don't have the goods on them to make them admit that they are.
     3) If you are accuse of cheating you have the right to defend yourself and anger the other person if the accuser is persistant in the matter. Just remember to keep your cool. You have the advantage you have already angered the accuser , keep your cool is going to piss him/her off even  more.
     4) In the Main Lobby Chat in the game rooms and the Multplayer Ready Rooms of the games we play. Watch your language, remember young kids are also playing and it could be one of our children  watching and reading what is being typed. Use of foul language in arguements is showing anger and weakness, insults without the colorful minophors  is more effective in angering with others.
     5) On RW there is no language restriction unless one person or persons is offended of the language being used and/or requests language tone be changed.
We would like to remind those veiwing this page, that RGA is not squad we do not have any military standards to uphold. RGA does not have any or does not recoginize any Military COC's OR Regulations  that gaming squads impliment. We are Civilians just honest gaming and having fun is what RGA is about.
   Respawn shooting is COOL!!!!!
    , Crashing to avoid being shot down or just because you were out flown and you  were throwing a fit is
NOT COOl!!!!.
     Going back the Ready Room after being shot to avoid giving credit to the aggresive player is
Here at Reefurs Gaming Association, We feel that our members should not be regulated or strapped to one organization. (Squad, Clan or Association).
   (1) We can not restrict a member to be only belonging to one organization. Nor should any oganization should enforce  a rule they can not implement.
   (2) We are not the military, nor do we have any binding contract with the members just to be a member in the RGA . If their were binding contracts between individuals and their clubs there would be dozens of lawsuits all over the gaming arenas. Besides this is just a damn game for entertainment purposes.
Reefur's Matches and use of Handles
    (1)   RGA Will only accept challenges in CFS with the settings of 100%, no less than 90% at hard settings.
    (2)   RGA members are only required to wear the RGA uniform during club matches.
    (3)   RGA members are allowed to use other handles with out the RGA logo. Yes, you can fly solo if you wish.
Cool , Not Cool's