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      There are several rules or standards you have to meet in order to join us.
   1) There is a two week probation period in order to sign onto the team. Unless you are being endorsed by another player. This gives us a chance to know you.
   2) We ask that you be 18 yrs or above. If you are not 18 and above don't even apply.
   3) Yes, you can belong to another club besides this one. Remember this is a game not a military regime or the Arm Forces. We  are friends and we shall treat one another as we, ourselves would like to be treated.
   4)  Have fun is the most important thing and use common sense when playing.
   5) Click on Join Us and petion   (Its actually an email)
Information That's Needed

  1) Give us your return email addy
  2)  Your current Handle or Handles
  3)  Your gender and age.
  4)  How long you have been playing
       CFS or other games on the Zone         or other gaming sites.
        a)  State whether you are a
              rookie, if so we show you
              how to play this game. We                    are all still learning.
  5) State whether you have Roger
       Wilco, not required but helpful