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The following is what I call the chronicles of Cragon. A sort of journal from my early days in Fed II to the present.

I emerged from the meeting point on Earth bewildered and confused. The place looked familiar but my true identity was unknown to me. I knew where I was but not who and it was going to take some time to recover. Reading seemed to be called for to gain the knowledge that would be needed in order to survive and progress in this strange new world.

From the Spaceport Terminus on Earth shuttles could be seen taking off and landing. What a glorious sight and thought to myself that I must learn more.


With the aid of a computer terminal I was able to find out that I was a Groundhog named Cragon. The unit of currency was Imperial Groats and it appeared that I had the grand sum of 13000 in the bank. The computer also provided some personal statistics which are listed for the record below:

Strength max:50 Current:50

Stamina max:20 Current:20

Dexterity max:20 Current:20

Intelligence max:50 Current:50

In addition, I also learned that I was insured against (1) death in Fed2 Data Space.

After spending some time in the Starship Cantina which was located Southwest of the Terminus, I decided to explore my surroundings. A sense of deja vu was felt as I left the Cantina and proceeded East to where I found Jarrow's Shipyard. At Jarrow's I was informed that a permit would be needed before a ship could be purchased (with the help of the bank) so off I went looking for the permit office.

For some unexplained reason I seemed to remember that officials were corrupt and that a bribe might get me the ship permit I needed and sure enough it worked as it only cost me 500ig. With permit in hand, back I went to Jarrow's to purchase my first spaceship. Promotion to Commander was immediate.


The goal of a Commander is to pay off his/her loan and to do that, work is needed to haul cargo from one part of the solar system to another. Of course in order to do this you need to know where you are going and exploration is required.

Since I am now part owner (the bank owns the other part) of a Panama registered, Harrier class space ship, I will be off exploring and working my way around the galaxy. To give you an idea of what my ship is like I have provided some stats below:

Fuel: 80/80

Hull: 15/15

Engines: 40/40

Computer: 1/1

Cargo Space 75/75

Between jobs I worked on the Magellan Quest and have become a member of that Society. Once I have promoted to Captain my story will continue on the second page and you will see the link below.

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