This is the story of us...

We met in 1996.  We became very good friends right away.  On Halloween, 1997, we decided to dress up as a bride and groom and our friends dressed up as our wedding party.  That was the night that we realized that this was more than a friendship.  We've been together ever since!
On June 26, 1999, Michael proposed to Christie at her work.  After celebrating our engagment, we started planning the big day.
We were married on September 2, 2000.  We chose that date because it was Christie's Grandmother's 66th birthday.  It was perfect!  Everything went very smooth!  It was the best day of our lives!
We decided to make a website so we can share parts of our lives with others.
We hope you enjoy our website!

Love, Michael & Christie
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We've created a whole new branch to our website solely for our Family Trees. Family Trees are never complete, and we haven't got a whole lot of information  for all lines yet.  But check out what we do have by clicking below.
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June 1, 2005
Our baby girl, Teagan Jo,
is here! 
Visit her website by clicking here
(this will take you to another site)