Reflections of a Miracle

Do you believe in MIRACLES?

Reflections of a Miracle is a true story of childhood suffering and the lifelong fight to overcome its devastating effects.

If you think you have problems, if you think you have suffered, stand back and take a look...this man is a true miracle. To survive his childhood and his secret drug addiction is truly a miracle.

An innocent life gone horribly wrong. Suffering from vicious abuse at the hands of those who should love and protect him, then tortured at the institution where they threw him away; he was a young man without education or life skills. All the ingredients for failure, except one, he was determined not only to survive but to live a life worthy of the love he was never given.

As an adult who was told he wouldn't accomplish anything, he sets out to become a firefighter, a husband and a businessman. Determined to break the chain of failure, he succeeds beyond his own and everyone else's expectations. But just when all of his dreams are becoming reality, a traumatic accident turns his life upside down again.

He suffers a mental breakdown and loses it all as he goes into a downward spiral of drug addiction (prescription and illegal) to hide the pain of his past. A perfect marriage destroyed by addiction and the lies that go with it.

Like the mythical phoenix rising out of the ashes, he fights for a second chance, struggling to recover earning the title of a "MIRACLE" and becoming an inspiration for other addicts to fight for their own second chances!

His life and his story are PROOF anything is possible!

To read an excerpt, click HERE.

Anthony Mucciacciaro lives in the Midwest with his wife and two daughters. Today, he is three years clean and going strong.

An inspirational story and a dynamic speaker, Tony shares his story with recovering addicts and the people who support them. He is living proof that second chances are possible!

Tony is a member of C.H.I.P. Task Force (Citizens Helping to Inform the Public) educating the public about meth and other drug abuse in Stearns and Benton Counties, Minnesota.

He is also a regular speaker at:

  • Recovery Plus in St. Cloud, where he speaks monthly on various Fridays (days)
  • Willmar Area Treatment Center in Willmar monthly
  • Previous Speaking Engagements:

  • 10/08/07 - Melrose High School
  • 10/25/07 - Paynesville High School
  • 11/28/07 - *LIVE* Radio interview on WJON 1240 AM at 8:30 a.m.
  • 11/28/07 - Centra MN Mental Health Center/Chemical Dependancy program at 7 p.m.
  • 12/09/07 - Hazelden. Listen to a clip from this engagement below!
  • 2/25/08 - Little Theater, Albany Area Schools, 7-9 p.m. *General Public WELCOME*
  • River Place Treatment Center in Anoka
  • Listen to Tony's radio interview with WJON 1240 AM below

    Upcoming Speaking Engagements:

  • 3/24/09 - Bell Hill Recovery Center 6pm in Wadena MN
  • Contact Tony to arrange a vist to your group, class or school.

    Tony has written a book about his story, available for purchase here.

    From Pyschologist Lorrie Huffman, "I have known Tony for several years and have seen him struggle and hit bottom, the cheered for him as he gathered up his courage to face the healing and growth he needed to do. His recovery from childhood abuse and drug addiction as an adult is amazing. Tony's book relates a story of tragedy turned into triumph, told in a touching manner with a wonderful sense of humor. I recommend this book to everyone."

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