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Hello and welcome to reflections yesterdays child,this site is about any forms of abuse,some of my pages are for you to read and understand what can happen if it has not already happened to you,we have many pages for you to read and if you have anything you wish to add please email me you can link our site theres a banner below please email me back with your url.thank you

~*~ I am not a councillor  am a survivor of child abuse and rape ~*~

i hope this web site helps you as its helped me knowing i can reach out to others in need and knowing i have friends who have supported me two of them susan smith an cheeky angel lori who will always will be a good friends an i thank them deeply for never given up on me
you no we can go on with life you can go forth, my abuse was out shut away so i had to deal alone with it i had noone to turn to, but the good thing is you dont need to be alone there are many support groups that will help you and councillers  who will listen and you wont be judge or feel noone believes you an helping you talk about things you were not aloud to talk about .and you can also read self help books to help you,

Please remember if you do  join a support site from the internet please make sure it is safe before joining

never give your personals details out to anyone over the internet

please  be aware of the risks if you do decide to met up ask for adult supervision for your own safety never take any chances stay safe and play it safe its your life keep it safe at all times.
if your under 16 please email me and i will help you
find the help you need.

Please look around my site take your time reading about dangers and remember stay safe at all times.
take gentle care always
to those who need them
if you have anything you wish to add please email me

music refections
by christina agaulera
please take a look
Refections  Yesterdays