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The 21st Century Populist Party
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This site is not a technically professional site.
It is of, by, and for grassroots populists and intended to be the world's greatest KISS! (as in, Keep It Simple Stupid) website and political independent's resource, because we try to practice what we preach.
Please print this page and put several copies in your purse or pocket
  to give others and post on bulletin boards.
We, citizens of the State of Minnesota, commit ourselves to  reform our political system to secure the blessings of liberty envisioned by our forefathers in the preambles to the United States, and Minnesota, Constitutions and to re-establish trust in our government by electing ethical officials, dedicated to fiscal responsibility and political accountability.
FAQ- Is the Reform Party Jesse Ventura's Party?
Answer:   NO, he left us when we would not kowtow to him and his handlers.

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The Reform Party is about REFORMING the POLITICAL SYSTEM so government will produce good public policy on issues.   Many public policies (excessive government,  overwhelming federal debt, overwhelming trade deficit, looming society security insolvency, excessive healthcare costs, excessive education costs, failed war on drugs, etc.) are symptoms of  a political process (election, ballot access, campaign finance, etc. laws) that has made government a kick ball for single interests, special interests, money and greed for power and money.

"A reform is a correction of abuses: a revolution is a transfer of power."
Edward Bulwer-Lytton in a speech in the House of Commons.

"What is wanted is not more law, but a better public opinion."   James G. Blaine
(Blaine was a reformer in the 1850s)