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This site is for people who appreciate good looking women, top football, great cars and origami.

I also offer a stress mangement page for all you people who have stressful jobs like mine.

Incidentally, by profession I am a river widener, but will also turn my hand to brooks, streams and rivulets if really pushed.

I used to work with 3 top blokes, Owen, Matt and Scott. The first 2 are Chelsea boys but Scott is a gooner so I've had to sack him.

I like to go for a tipple in my local pub - The Antelope - where good company can be found. I spend many a night discussing the merits of Delia's recipes and whether Paul Daniels was right to replace Faith Brown.

The pub also has it's fair share of celebrities - Pavorotti has been known to pop in for a quick half, although he seems to have shed a pound or two. Tony Curtis and one of the Chuckle brothers also pop in. Recently Chris Bonnington has taken up residence in the Bay Window of the Pub - we think he is about to launch another attack on the North Face of the Eiger - good luck but fuck off out of the bay, that's what I say.

Why not visit my new page about my
friends in the PUB.

QUESTION - Does anyone know if the blond bird in the Admiral Sports Wear advert is Dani Behr? For any plums that can't recall the add it's the one with Dennis Wise, Terry Venables and Bobby Charlton. Can you e-mail me or sign my guestbook.

What a stunner. I wish this was my bird!
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