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ESOL 4 Writing Tasks and Projects
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Proverbs of the Americas:  Student writing
Student help:
Class Rules
Writing Checklist
Cursive Writing Guide
Chess Rules
Fair Expo 2003 Photos
Present perfect practice

Dictionary Form
Homework form
American Classroom Customs
Present perfect continuous
Learner Diary
Double negatives: rules and practice
30 Minutes Reading Q2
Adjectives:  Rules and Practice
Student self-correcting exercises
32 ESOL Students enter Holocaust Showcase
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Classwork exercises from 2001-2002
Poetry Link
Project Connect 2002  (click here to view photo)
Merriam Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus
Babelfish Translation Service
Grolier Encyclopedia
National Geographic
Miami Herald New York Times
Math links: History timelines
Economist magazine
Explore photo albums: 2000-2001
Project Connect
Youth Fair
Solar Viewing
Miami-Dade County Youth Fair 2002
Let Me Tell You Who I Am!
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Reading Comprehension links
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SAT Vocabulary
Human Rights Violations: 2002
Find a book--OPAC
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