Birth of an Empire

Synopsis of Pacifica

Pacifica - The Birth of an Empire
Science Fiction Genre
Circa 2070-2075 AD
164 pgs. 84,110 Words

Pacifica is the epic tale of a great and vast Athenian Empire that ascends to power through the conquest of South America and forms a military alliance with China, known as the Pacifican Alliance. This new oceanic agreement directly threatens world security and American interests abroad. The North Alliance (an American and Russian military pact) quickly responses with aerial blockades and economic sanctions against the Pacifican member nations, which ultimately leads to World War IV. Western America and Siberia are invaded and come under occupation by the Pacifican imperial armies. The cities of Washington and Moscow are destroyed by surgical air strikes.

A few years later, an Athenian Civil War breaks out on the home front, while the Pacifican forces continue to fight against the North Alliance. In Olympia, (the capital of Athenia) dividing factions of Loyalists (the Imperial Guard and the Alpha Corps) and Nationalists (Rebel Forces) battle each other for control of the empire, while the bulk of their military forces remain at the frontlines. The global conflict between warring superpowers progresses until ultimately the Athenian Empire and its other supporting allies (The Fourth Reich, United Islam, and Aztlan) are defeated due to internal conflicts of rebellion and by the coalition of nations that had banded together; the Israeli Empire, United Europe, South African Union, Canada, New Hindustan, and Greater Persia. The neutral nations of the world finally enter into this global conflict of human struggle.

Pacifica explores the complex, emotionally drawn, and confrontational relationships between Athenia's imperial family and the dissent officers within its Central Command structure. In Addition, there are several love interests centered around a few of the leading characters, where love is lost in the face of unspeakable acts of evil. And a young Athenian officer must sacrifice himself to save the princess that he loves in a heroic act of courage. The story goes on to intrigue the reader by exploring an underlying conspiracy of an extraterrestrial connection and the covert operations of opposing foreign intelligence networks. The stories drama throughout this adventure can be substantially felt as a few of the main characters meet their demise at the hands of their enemies, while others resurface again near the climatic end of the war.

Artist Statement
Artist and Writer - Leo Corben

The Classical Arts became the catalyst for the artists exploration and actualization for representative realism and creative writing. His charcoal and graphite drawings of the human form illustrate this notion. In addition, he provided background stories for his artwork to explain his figures, setting, style, and vision for each individual piece. The storylines continued to expand and evolve over time, until they had progressed into his literary works, known as Pacifica, Reichlandia, The Eternal Struggle - The Latin Mestizo Manifesto, The Solius War, Thy Legion, and The Dark Empire.

He portrays characters and subject matter that identify with love lost, culture clash, resistance against the social establishment, power of the state, and racial insanity. There is a call to arms within his message and shown in the madness to his style. Medieval imagery can be seen throughout several of his works that center around mythological creatures, futuristic warriors, and the magnificent goddesses that rule over them. He draws on the loves and pains of his life to express his stories on canvas and in written form. His struggle of life is a testament of mankinds ability to reach beyond their personal constructs and conquer their fears. And in doing so, he has demonstrated his character, values, and virtues. His life defines who he is through his noble actions and words. He pulls from all his worldly experiences and deeply rooted ambitions from which he can portray his fictional realm and share himself with others in the process. He reveals the demons that torment him. These shadowy elements are the manifestation of emotions and hardships suffered along the way. They fuel his anger and define his destiny.

Dualism and Symbolism play a vital role in the artists fictional writings and multi-medium artworks. These two priniciple concepts illustrate the struggle of power between light and darkness both in a phyical sense when it comes to his use of high contrast and also metaphorically woven through his philosophical perspective on life. Dualism represents the inner conflict within the artist, his underlining socio-political ideology, and ethical codes of morality. Symbolism is the driving force behind his motivation as an artist and his message of the truth that is expressed throughout the artists collection. Symbols can inspire a demoralized people, revolutionize a divided nation, and change the known world.

He desires to transcend the limitations cast down upon him and make his voice heard to all willing to listen. He has become his own symbol of the truth. For, he sees our reality engaged against its own human nature and shares these fascets of upheaveal within his stories. Because, they are apart of him and a reflection of his own struggles. It brought his concept of idealism to an even higher dimension of reality and the last measure to fulfill his destiny through his words. And those words relate to the struggles of life and the acceptance of death. For, he has expressed that one can not truly live until they have undertaken a spiritual death and have been reborn anew.

Pacifica Artwork
Artwork done by Leonardo Valdez III




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