Bharata Natyam

Welcome to the Bharata Natyam page, where you can explore the exciting and rich Indian dance BHARATA NATYAM. And take back a slice of South Indian dance, you won't find anywhere else!!! Bharata Natyam
Bharata Natyam, which originates from the state of Tamil
Nadu in South India, is one of the most popular dance styles
in India.
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About Regha
My name is Regha Pal. I am learning Bharata Natyam for the past 3 years. To know more about me Click Here
Bharata Natyam is a oldest of all classical dance forms in India. Dance of mind & soul. It is extremely traditional and known for its grace, purity, tenderness, staturesque & sculpturesque poses.
B harata Natyam, uplifts the dancer and the beholder to a higher level of spiritual consciousness. The dancer is considered as a worshiper, worshiper of the Divine. An embodiment of beauty, charm and gracefulness. Top About My Guru
Since her Arangetram in 1969. Mrs Bavany Shivakumar has performed all over the country. She also travel extensively, giving lecture demostration. Click Here

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This page contain more than 10 Bharata Natya pictures of my self, my sisters Viji and Yoga. Click Here
Bharata Natyam is evenly divided between nritta, pure dance, and nritya, expressinal compositions. Natya is a combination of nritta and nritya with a dramatic element to it.
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