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This site contains digital photographs of more than one hundred army cap badges, representing a personal collection built up during the past seven years. I have concentrated on collecting the badges of the regiments and yeomanry which were in existence before and during the First World War. The most interesting and collectable ones are those of the Pals battalions, of which I have only managed to find the Leeds, Cardiff and Wigan Pals to date. I am sure you know that this kind of badge is difficult to find and expensive and, also you have to be alert to the dreaded restrikes!

Collecting army cap badges is a solitary hobby and I thought that I would like to share my collection on the internet. To view a photo of any of the badges in my collection, please click on the "Photo Gallery" button to the left, or alternatively click here

If you have noticed any omissions or errors or wish to correspond on the subject of military cap badges or other aspects of British military history, or if you have a collecter's website, please contact me by e-mail by clicking on the "e" below

Site last updated 28 August 2002

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