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The Reisterstown Jazz Ensemble is a non-profit organization for the preservation and education of jazz music for adults.


The Reisterstown Jazz Ensemble has been in existence since 1992. The first two rehearsals were held in the Cater's living room. Scott actually paid his parents to leave the house for the evening so the band would have a place to rehearse.

Times have changed since then. The band has grown from the original seven members to over twenty members. Since we don't fit in the Cater's living room anymore, we now rehearse in the basement of Trinity Lutheran Church, Reisterstown, MD every Sunday evening from 7:00-9:30 pm.

Officers and Board Members

President Scott D. Cater Secretary Lenny Schwartz
Vice-President Scott Bowers Assistant Director Matt Elky
Vice-President Alan Schumann Assistant Manager Mike Schlothauer

RJE Sponsors

This site would be incomplete without mentioning our sponsors. Our thanks to:

Jonell Lindholm
Reisterstown, MD

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