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Names Many names which appear while reading scriptures, are given here with brief description for ready reference purpose. Some of them have detailed description also.
Dictionary Many Hindi words are explained here to clearly understand the texts given in scriptures.
Locations Names of many places, rivers, and mountains are given here with their references 
Tidbits This is the most interesting part of this Web site. It gives so many interesting, rare and consolidated facts that people would have never thought about them in that way. It gives lots of background information and many historical facts about India since ancient times.
Do You Know This section gives many interesting information written in and about our scriptures.

Several sources have been consulted to compose this dictionary. They are :--
(1) The Aangiras Dictionary of the Hindu Religion and Culture. Sacred Books, 1999. [Although this book is written scientifically, still wherever the ancient dates are given, they create doubts in one's mind, as they do not match our religious Time Division of Yug etc.]
(2) Puraan. Published by Gita Press, Gorakhpur

Some interesting sites about Hindoo religion are given below. One may like to visit them often to increase his knowledge and reference.

Religious Books
(1) www.celextel.org  - is a site for 108 Upanishad, Geetaa, Brahm Sootra, Aadi Shankar Stotra etc.
www.urday.org  - is a site for many things - 18 Puraan
(3) www.sacred-texts.org - for MBH translation by KMG 

(3) www.ibiblio.org/sripedia/ebooks/mw/index.html  - is a site for Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary.

Other Sites
There are some other sites worth reading Hindoo religious information --



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