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The author gratefully acknowledges contributions of the following individuals in the creation (in July 1998) and maintenance of this Web site:

Domenic A. for planting the seed for this Web site when he contributed his favorite URLs to the very first print edition of "A Research Guide for Today's High School Students" in 1995.

M.C., a true gentleman from Ottawa, for his suggestion of numerous Canadian educational sites.

Brenda D. for suggesting useful URLs in the field of Librarianship.

Patrizia F. for volunteering her time to check for broken links.

Patricia F. for her support of the Web site.

Peter F. for his encouragement, support, and guidance.

Linda G. for her recommendation of educational sites relating to Technology, Libraries, as well as professional development of Librarians.

Henry K. for his kindness, helpfulness, and support for students and colleagues alike, as well as for his suggestions of computer related sites for inclusion in the Virtual Library.

Eugene L. for recommending this site to his students and for his insistence that all students must document their sources when writing a research paper - absolutely no plagiarism is allowed.

Tania M. for her assistance in checking for broken links.

Anna M. for her assistance in checking for broken links.

David M. for his suggestion of a number of essential Web sites for inclusion in the Virtual Library.

Kathryn P. for her contribution on e-mail and spyware issues.

Keith S. for his patience and detailed explanation of how secured systems work.

John S. for suggesting numerous high quality educational sites for teachers, students, and parents.

Nadeem V. for providing instruction and guidance on Web design.

All of you from around the world (in descending order by number of visitors to this site): United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Philippines, India, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Malaysia, Cyprus, China, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Poland, Japan, Ireland, Hong Kong, Belgium, Sweden, France, Mexico, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Romania, Pakistan, Thailand, Israel, Switzerland, Indonesia, Denmark, Hungary, Austria, Portugal, Norway, Chile, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Finland, Morocco, Taiwan, Greece, Kuwait, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Jamaica, Vietnam, Kenya, Estonia, Barbados, Lithuania, Colombia, Bahamas, Oman, Ukraine, Lebanon, Malta, Ghana, Yugoslavia, Bahrain, Iran, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Guam, Panama, Tanzania, Croatia, Jordan, Guatemala, Peru, Virgin Islands, U.S., Latvia, Sudan, Palestinian Territory, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, Dominican Republic, Syria, Fiji, Uganda, Macedonia, Qatar, Nicaragua, Iceland, Belarus, Bermuda, Moldova, Mauritania, Zimbabwe, Brunei Darussalam, El Salvador, Cote d'Ivoire, Bolivia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Kyrgyzstan, Maldives, Namibia, Bhutan, Mongolia, Netherlands Antilles, Senegal, Gambia and other places - who have sent e-mail messages in the past years, have asked citation questions, have sent comments, praises, suggestions, criticisms, requests, have suggested Web sites for inclusion in the Virtual Library, have added links to the Research Guide, and have conferred awards, I thank you all. Your encouragement, help and support are greatly appreciated.

Author of A Research Guide for Students:

Teacher-Librarian (now retired), St. Francis Xavier Secondary School, Mississauga, ON Canada

Academic Background:

B.A. (English & History) - University of Western Ontario
B.Ed. (Education) - University of Toronto
B.Ed. (Inservice) - York University
B.L.S. (Library Science - now Faculty of Information) - University of Toronto
M.A. (Anthropology) - University of Toronto
M.Ed. (Educational Administration) - Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto.
Unfinished Ph.D. (Anthropology) - University of Toronto
Unfinished Ed.D. (Curriculum) - Ontario Insititute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

Additional Qualifications:

DeVry Institute of Technology - Internet/Web Design.
DeVry Institute of Technology - Local Area Networks.
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board - German (Secondary School Credit).
Halton District School Board - German (T.A. Blakelock High School Credit).
Sheridan College - Conversational German.
Sheridan College - IBM-PC.
Sheridan College - Litigation - Law Clerks.
University of Toronto - Associate Teacher.
University of Toronto - Computer Science Senior.
University of Toronto - Librarianship Specialist.
University of Toronto - Summer Advanced Placement Institute - Computer Science A & AB.
University of Toronto - Visual Arts, Part II.
York University - Computers in the Classroom Specialist.
York University - English As a Second Language, Part I.
York University - Religious Education, Part I.

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