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Common, Uncommon and Specialized Abbreviations

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Some Common Abbreviations

abbr. - abbreviation, abbreviated abr. - abridged, abridgment
acad. - academic, academy adapt. - adapter, adaptation, adapted by
adj. - adjective, adjourned, adjustment adm. - administration, admiral
adv. - adverb agr. / agri. / agric. - agricultural, agriculture
Amer. - America, American anon. - anonymous - author unknown
app. - appended, appendix, appointed approx. - approximately
arch. - archaic arr. - arranged (music), arrival, arrived, arrives (travel)
art. - article assn. - association
assoc. - associate, associated attrib. - attributed to
aux. - auxiliary verb b. - base, bass, bat, battery, bay, book, born, brother
bact. - bacteria, bacteriology bap. - baptized
Bcc - blind carbon copy  
bib. - Bible, biblical bibliog. - bibliographer, bibliography, bibliographic
biog. - biographer, biography, biographical biol. - biology
bk. - bank, block, book bkg. - banking
BL - British Library, London bldg. - building
blvd. - boulevard BM - British Museum, London (1973 transferred to BL)
bot. - botanical, botany bp. - bishop
brig. - brigade, brigadier brig. gen. - brigadier general
bro. - brother bull. - bulletin
bur. - bureaus © / copr. - copyright (e.g. © 2009)
c. - circa - about, to cite doubtful dates in history (e.g. c.1911) ca. - circa - about, approximate dates used in narrative
c.a. - chartered accountant, chief accountant, commercial agent, consular agent, controller of accounts cal. - calendar, caliber, small calorie
cap. - capital, capitalize capt. - captain
cath. - cathedral cc / cc. / c.c. - cubic centimeters. Cc - carbon copy
CD - compact disc CD-ROM - compact disc read-only memory
cent. - centigrade, centimeter, central, century cf. -  Latin confer = compare
ch. - chaplain, chapter, check (chess), chief, child, children, Latin chirurgia = surgery, church chap. - chaplain, chapter
chem. - chemical, chemist, chemistry chm. - chairman, checkmate (chess)
chor. - choreographer, choreographed by chron. - chronology
cir. / circ. - circular, Latin circa = about cit. - citation, cited, citizen
civ. - civil, civilian clk. - clerk
cm / cm. - centimeter(s) co. - company, county
c.o. / c/o - care of, carried over c.o.d. - cash on delivery, collect on delivery
col. - collected, collector, college, colonel, colonial, colony, column coll. - college
colloq. - colloquial, colloquialism com. - comedy, command, commandant, commerce, commercial, commission(er), committee, commodore, common, communication, community
comdr. - commander comr. - commissioner
comp. - compiler, compiled by compar. - comparative
con. - concerto, consolidated, consul cond. - conductor, conducted by
conf. - conference Cong. - congress
Cong. Rec. - Congressional Record conj. - conjunction
consol. - consolidated Const. - Constitution
constr. - construction cont. - containing, contents, continent, continental, continue, continued
cont. / contd. - continued corp. - corporal, corporation
cp. - candlepower, compare cpl. - corporal
cr. - credit, creditor, creek crit. - criticism
ct. - carat, cent, court cu. - cubic
cwt. - hundredweight d. - dam (pedigrees), date, daughter, day(s), dead, democrat, density, diameter, died
d. - pence, penny DA, DAI - Dissertation Abstracts, Dissertation Abstracts International
DAB - Dictionary of American Biography dec. - deceased, declaration, declension, declination, decrease, Italian deprescendo = decreasing in loudness (music)
def. - definition, definite deg. - degree(s)
dep. - department, departure, deposit, depot, deputy dept. - department, deputy
der. / deriv. - derivation, derivative dev. - development, developed by
diag. - diagram dial. - dialect
dict. - dictionary dim. - Italian diminuendo = diminishing in loudness (music)
dipl. - diplomat, diplomatic dir. - director, directed by
disc. - discount, discovered diss. - dissertation
dist. - distinguished, district distr. - distribution, distributed by
div. - dividend, division, divorced dm / dm. - decameter, decimeter
DNB - Dictionary of National Biography do. - Latin ditto = the same
doc. - document doz. - dozen
dpt. - department dr. - debit, debtor, drachma, dram
d.t. - delirium tremens, double time dup. / dupl. - duplicate
DVD - digital videodisc DVD-ROM - digital videodisc read-only memory
dwt. - pennyweight  
e / e. - erg, errors (Baseball) ea. - each
eccl. / eccles. - ecclesiastical ecol. - ecology
econ. - economic, economics, economy ed. - editor, edited, edited by, edition
eds. - editors
edu. - educational, (domain name extension, e.g. www.harvard.edu)   educ. - education, educational
e.g. -  Latin exempli gratia = for example elec. / elect. - electric, electrical, electrician, electricity
elev. - elevation e-mail - electronic mail
emp. - emperor, empire, empress e.m.u. - electromagnetic unit
enc. - enclosed ency. / encyc. / encycl. - encyclopedia, encyclopaedia
eng. - engineer, engineering, engraved enl. - enlarged (e.g. rev. and enl. ed.)
entom. / entomol. - entomologist, entomology esp. - especially
est. - established, estimate et al. - Latin et alibi = and elsewhere,
Latin et alii, et aliae, et alia = and others
et passim. - and here and there, used to cite pages scattered throughout the source indicated et seq. - Latin et sequens = and the following, Latin et sequentes or seqentia = and those that follow, meaning the pages that follow
etc. -  Latin et cetera = and so forth ex. - examined, example
exch. - exchange, exchequer exec. - executive, executor
ex lib. - Latin ex libris = from the books of f - Italian forte = loud (music)
f. - farad, father, farthing, fathom, feminine, fluid (ounce), folio (size), following, franc, frequency fac. - faculty
fac. / fax - facsimile
facsim. - facsimile  
fed. - federal, federated, federation fem. - female, feminine
ff - Italian fortissimo = very loud (music); ff - folios (several sheets of folio size, or pages following) ff. / fol. - folios, following
fig. - figure fin. - finance
fl. - florin, flourished, fluid (Latin floruit - for use before historical dates are known, e.g. fl. 300 BC)  fn. - footnote
fr. - fragment, franc, from front. - frontispiece
ft = feet, foot; ft. - fort fut. - future
fwd. - foreword, foreword by g / g. / gm - gram
gal / gall. - gallon gaz. - gazette, gazetteer
gen. - gender, genera, general, genus (e.g. gen. ed.) geog. - geographer, geographical, geography
geol. - geologic, geologist, geology geom. - geometric, geometry
gloss. - glossary gov - government (domain name extension, e.g. www.irs.gov)
gov. - governor
govt. - government GPO - Government Printing Office, Washington, DC
gr - grain(s), gram(s) gram. - grammar, grammarian
            hab. corp. - Latin habeas corpus = that you have the body
H. Doc. - House of Representatives Document her. - heraldry
hist. - historian, historical, history HMSO - Her (His) Majesty's Stationery Office, London
hort. - horticultural, horticulture hr - hour(s), HR - House of Representatives
H. Rept. - House of Representatives Report H. Res. - House of Representatives Resolution
ht. - height http - hypertext transfer protocal (e.g. http://www.bydewey.com)
  ib. / ibid. - Latin ibidem = in the same place of the work as cited immediately above
id. - Latin idem = the same i.e. - Latin id est = that is
illus. - illustrator, illustration, illustrated by imp. - imperative, imperial, imports,
Latin imprimatur = let it be printed
in. - inch, inches in loc. cit. - Latin in loco citato = in the place cited
in re - in the matter of inc. - including, income, incorporated
infin. - infinitive  
ins. - inches, insurance inst. - instant, institute, institution
intl. - international introd. - introduction, introduced by
ips - inches per second (e.g. tape recorder speeds: 7 1/2 ips, 15 ips, 30 ips) irreg. - irregular
is. - island, isle ISP - Internet service provider
jour. - journal Jr. - Junior
jud. - judicial k. - kilo, kilogram, thousand
KB - kilobyte kg - kilogram (note: no period after kg)
kilo. - kilogram, kilometer km - kilometer (note: no period after km)
kt. - carat kw - kilowatt (note: no period after kw)
l - liter l, ll - line, lines (to avoid confusion, better to spell out line, lines)
lab. - laboratory lang. - language
lat. - latitude lb - Latin libra = pound
LC - Library of Congress leg. - legal
legis. - legislation, legislative, legislator, legislature lib. - liberal, librarian, library
lieut. / lt. - lieutenant lit. - literally, literary, literature
loc. cit. - l.c. - Latin loco citato = in the place cited; in the same passage, same work, same page, by same publisher and same author as cited previously. lon. / long. - longitude
LP - long-playing phonograph record ltd. - limited
m. - male, married, meridian, Latin
= noon, meter, mile, minute, month
mach. - machine, machinist
mag. - magazine maj. - major
mas. / masc. - masculine math. - mathematician, mathematics
MB - megabyte mdse. - merchandise
mech. - mechanical, mechanics mem. / memo - Latin memento = remember, memorandum
med. - medical, medicine, medieval  
mfg. - manufacturing mfr. - manufacture, manufacturer
mg / mg. / mgm - milligram mgr. - manager
mi - miles, mill (note: no period after mi) misc. - miscellaneous
ml / ml. - milliliter mm - millimeter(s), Latin millia = thousands
mo. - month(s) mod. - moderate, modern
MS / MSS - manuscript, manuscripts mt. / mts. - mount, mountain, mountains
mus. - museum, music, musician n / nn - note, notes
n. - noun narr. - narrator, narrated by
natl. - national nav. - naval, navigation
NB - Latin nota bene = mark well, take notice, note well n.d. - no date of publication
NED - A New English Dictionary (now OED - Oxford English Dictionary) n.n. - no name
neg. - negative no. - number
non seq. - Latin non sequitur = it does not follow nonstand. - nonstandard
n.p. - no place of publication, no publisher n. pag. - no page number, no pagination
ns - new series NS - New Style (New Style calendar: Gregorian calendar was decreed by Pope Gregory XIII on 24 Feb. 1582)
numb. - numbered  
obit. - obituary obj. - object, objective
obs. - obsolete OCLC - Online Computer Library Center
OED - The Oxford English Dictionary (formerly NED - New English Dictionary) op. - opus (work - especially musical composition)
op. cit. - Latin opere citato = in the work cited, but not the same page orch. - orchestra, orchestrated by
org. - organization (domain extension, e.g. en.wikipedia.org) orig. - original, originally 
os - old series, original series OS - Old Style (Old Style calendar: Julian calendar was introduced by Julius Caesar in 46 BC, came into force 45 BC)
oz. - ounce (Italian abbrev. of onza) p. / pp. - page, pages
P - Press (e.g. UP - University Press) par. - paragraph, parallel
part. - participle  
passim - here and there pat. /patd. - patent, patented
pct. - percent p.d. - Latin per diem = by the day
PDF - portable document format pen. - peninsular
per se - by itself, of itself perf. - performer, performed by
philol. - philology, philological philos. - philosopher, philosophy
phys. - physical, physician, physicist, physics pl. - plate, plural
poss. - possessive ppd. - postpaid, prepaid
pref. - preface, preface by prep. - preposition
pres. - present prin. - principal, principle
proc. - proceedings prod. - produced by, producer, production
pro tem. - Latin pro tempore = for the time being pron. - pronoun, pronunciation
pronunc. - pronunciation PS - postscript
pseud. - pseudonym - pen name psych. / psychol. - psychological, psychologist, psychology
pt - pint (note: no period after pt) pt. - part, payment, point, port
pub. / publ. - public, publisher, publication, published by Pub. L. - Public Law
pwt - pennyweight (note: no period after pwt)  
q. - quarto, question q.v. - Latin quod vide - which see
qr. - quarter qt - quart (note: no period after qt)
qt. - quiet (slang) qtd. - quoted
ques. - question quot. - quotation
r. - reigned r.b.i. / rbi / RBI - run(s) batted in (Baseball)
rec. - receipt, recipe, record, recorded ref. - referee, reference, reformed. Ref. - Reference (section in Library)
reg. - regent, regiment, region, registered, registrar, regular, regulation rel. - relative, release
rept. - report, reported by res. - resolution
resp. - respectively rev. - review, reviewed by, revision, revised, revised by
riv. - river RLIN - Research Libraries Information Network
rpm - revolutions per minute (unit of frequency used to measure rotational speed of gramophone/phonograph records, which typically rotate at 16, 33⅓, 45, or 78 rpm). See Indopedia. rps / r.p.s. - revolutions per second (used in electrical or mechanical engineering)
rpt. - reprint, reprinted, reprinted by s. - saint, second, semi-, shilling, silver, sire, solo, son, soprano, south. S / SS - Saint, Saints
S - Senate sc. - scene
S. Doc. - Senate Document sch. - school
sci. - science, scientific, scientist sculp / sculp. - sculptor, sculptural, sculpture
sec - secant, second(s) sec. / secy. - secretary
sec. / sect. - section ser. - series
serg. / sergt. / sgt. - sergeant sess. - session
[sic.] - thus in the source (exactly as quoted) sing. - singular
soc. - society sol. - solicitor
sp. - special, species, specific, specimen, spelling, spirit spec. - special
sq. - square, sequence Sr. - Senior
S. Rept. - Senate Report S. Res. - Senate Resolution
st. - stanza St. /Sts. - Saint, Saints
Stat. - statistic, thermostat, photostat, Statutes at Large, Latin statim = immediately  
sub. - submarine, substitute, suburb subj. - subject, subjective, subjunctive
substand. - substandard sup. - superior, supplement, supply, (Latin supra = above), supreme
supp. - supplement supt. - superintendent
surg. - surgeon, surgery sym. - symbol, symphony
syn. - synonym, synonymous t. - temperature, tempo, (Latin tempore = in the time of), tenor, tense (grammar), territory, time, ton(s), town, transitive, troy (weight)
tbs. / tbsp. - tablespoon tel. - telegram, telegraph, telephone
temp. - temperature, temporary terr. - territory
theol. - theologian, theological, theology topog. - topographical, topography
trans. / tr. - transitive, translated by, translation, translator treas. - treasurer, treasury
trig. / trigon. - trigonometric, trigonometry TS / TSS - typescript, typescripts
tsp. - teaspoon twp. - township
U - University (e.g. UP - University Press) ult. - ultimate
univ. - universal, university UP - University Press
URL - uniform resource locator (e.g. http://www.bydewey.com/ is the URL for A Research Guide for Students) USC - United States Code
usu. - usually uv - ultraviolet (note: no period after uv)
v. - verb, verse, versus, Latin vide = see, voltage, von (German name), v. = toward, opposite var. - variant
vb. - verb VCR - video cassette recorder
vers. - version vet. - veteran, veterinary
VHS - video home system (a recording and playing standard for video cassette recorders (VCRs)  
vide ante- see the preceding vide infra - see below or the following
vide supra - see above viz. - Latin videlicet = namely
vol. - volcano, volume vox. pop. - Latin vox populi = voice of the people
v.p. - vice president, vice principal v.s. - Latin vide supra = see above
vs. / v. - Latin versus = against vs. / vss. - verse, verses
wpm - words per minute writ. - writer, written by
wt - weight (no period after wt) www - World Wide Web
yd - yard(s) yr - year
zn = zinc  

The above list of abbreviations is by no means complete. For a more exhaustive list of common and specialized abbreviations please see Abbreviation from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For a complete list of Common Scholarly Abbreviations and Reference Words, please see Chapter 7.4 in MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers 7th Edition.

Abbreviations of Degrees in MLA Style

Note: When documenting sources using MLA style, the normal punctuations are omitted for degrees when used in parentheses, tables, works cited, and so forth. For example, B.A. is written as BA. Other abbreviations retain the periods if applicable, e.g. acad., bib., misc.

BA - Bachelor of Arts BBA - Bachelor of Business Administration
BS - Bachelor of Science DA - Doctor of Arts
EdD - Doctor of Education JD - Doctor of Law (Latin juris doctor)
LLB - Bachelor of Laws (Latin legum baccalaureus) LLD - Doctor of Laws (Latin legum doctor)
LLM - Master of Laws (Latin legum magister) MA - Master of Arts
MBA - Master of Business Administration MD - Doctor of Medicine (Latin medicinae doctor)
MS - Master of Science PhD - Doctor of Philosophy (Latin philosophiae doctor)

Abbreviations of Works by William Shakespeare

Ado - Much Ado about Nothing Ant. - Antony and Cleopatra
AWW - All’s Well That Ends Well AYL - As You Like ItAnt. - Antony and Cleopatra
Cor. - Coriolanus Cym. - Cymbeline
Err. - The Comedy of Errors F1 - First Folio edition (1623)
F2 - Second Folio edition (1632) Ham. - Hamlet
1H4 - Henry IV, Part 1 2H4 - Henry IV, Part 2
H5 - Henry V 1H6 - Henry VI, Part 1
2H6 - Henry VI, Part 2 3H6 - Henry VI, Part 3
H8 - Henry VIII JC - Julius Caesar
Jn. - King John LC - A Lover’s Complaint
LLL - Love’s Labour’s Lost Lr. - King Lear
Luc. - The Rape of Lucrece Mac. - Macbeth
MM - Measure for Measure MND - A Midsummer Night’s Dream
MV - The Merchant of Venice Oth. - Othello
Per. - Pericles PhT - The Phoenix and the Turtle
PP - The Passionate Pilgrim Q - Quarto edition
R2 - Richard II R3 - Richard III
Rom. - Romeo and Juliet Shr. - The Taming of the Shrew
Son. - Sonnets TGV - The Two Gentlemen of Verona
Tim. - Timon of Athens Tit. - Titus Andronicus
Tmp. - The Tempest TN - Twelfth Night
TNK - The Two Noble Kinsmen Tro. - Troilus and Cressida
Ven. - Venus and Adonis Wiv. - The Merry Wives of Windsor
WT - The Winter’s Tale  

The above abbreviations have been gathered from various lists of Abbreviations of Works by Shakespeare: The Shakespeare Project - Abbreviations, Standard Abbreviations of Shakespearean Titles, with bias towards MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers 7th Edition (7.7.2).

Links to Common, Uncommon, and Specialized Abbreviations

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leaf Abbreviations and Official Names from Style Guide for Editors and Proofreaders of IDRC Books, Archive of International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Note: The two-letter designation for the Province of Québec is no longer PQ, but QC.

Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds. Example: Type in your keywords to search, e.g. asa = Results for ASA
- acetylsalicylic acid
+ 2-acetyloxy benzoic acid.

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ABC of Bulletin Board Terms for posting messages on Bulletin Boards, from BabyCentre.co.uk. Examples: AKA = Also known as, LOL = Laughing out loud, BTW = By the way, CUL = See you later, Yw/Ty = You're welcome/thank you. Emotions: :) or :-) = Smiling (Happy), :( or :-( = Frowning (Sad), :-o = Shouting, xxooxxoo = Love (or hugs) & kisses. See also Shorthand and Meaning from Genealogy.com. (Scroll way down the page to view Shorthand). Examples: = I'm grinning, IMHO = in my humble opinion, FYI = for your information, FWIW = for what it's worth, ROTFL = rolling on the floor laughing, WTG = way to go, Emotions: ;-) or ;) = winking, :-D or :D = laughing.

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Inter Active Terminology for Europe (IATE). European Commissions multilingual term bank. The automatic dictionary was launched in 1964. Entries are classified into 48 subject fields (ranging from medicine to public administration). Languages include Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. A typical entry contains the term itself and its synonyms, together with definitions, explanatory notes, references, etc. At present the term bank contains about 5,500,000 entries (terms and abbreviations), subdivided into more than 800 collections.

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US Army Abbreviations, Brevity Codes, and Acronyms (ABCA). Records Management and Declassification Agency. Search U.S. Army exact Abbreviation, Brevity Code, or Acronym, Acronym begins with, Acronym (wild card), Reverse lookup (Keywords), or Search by Criteria.

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Usenet Abbreviations and Acronyms by Dr J R Stockton, Surrey, UK.

Vietnam Veteran Marines Glossary: A-Z. Americans in Vietnam had their own unique language, and each unit had its own dialect. In the CAPs (Combined Action Program Marines), their dialect took words from English, Vietnamese and French, with expressions borrowed from street slang, Marine jargon, rock-and-roll and many other sources.

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