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Where to Find Songs by Roger Whittaker

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"CANADA IS" is available on this DVD Video:

Roger Whittaker - Live: Greatest Hits (DVD Released Sept. 2006)
Roger Whittaker
Live: Greatest Hits

(DVD Video Released
Sept. 2006)

DVD Track Listing:
Roger Whittaker: Live: Greatest Hits

"This outstanding 73 minute in-concert programme, shot live at the Tivoli Concert Hall Copenhagen on 7 March 1989, features a mega collection of Roger's smash hit singles..."
Producer: John Anderson. Director: Ian McGarry.

1. Mexican Whistler [2:07] - Whittaker
2. New World in the Morning [2:26] - Whittaker
3. I Love You [4:03] - Whittaker
4. My Land Is Kenya [3:57] - Whittaker
5. What a Wonderful World [2:36] - Weiss/Thiele
6. Wimaweha [3:50] - Linda/Campbell
7. I'll Tell Me Ma [2:05] - Trad/Arr. Whittaker
8. The Skye Boat Song [3:32] - MacLeod/Boulton/Whittaker
9. I Don't Believe In If Anymore [3:15] - Whittaker
10. Guitar Instrumental [2:20] - Whittaker
11. Rocky Top [2:42] - Bryant/Bryant
12. Wilkommen [1:57] - Kander/Ebb
13. Cabaret [2:49] - Kander/Ebb
14. Oh Mein Papa [5:02] - Burkhard/Amsted/Charell/Gilbert
15. Send in the Clowns [3:43] - Sondheim
16. If I Were a Rich Man [3:12] - Bock/Harnick
17. Thank You Love [3:28] - Whittaker
18. Make the World Go Away [2:47] - Cochran
19. Canada Is [2:54] - Robertson/Hyde
20. America (American Dream) [3:46] - Marson
21. Durham Town [3:09] - Whittaker
22. The Last Farewell [4:05] - Whittaker/Webster
23. Whiskey in a Jar [3:14] - Trad/Arr. Whittaker

Roger Whittaker on YouTube

The Last Farewell sung by Roger Whittaker. Video from YouTube. 3:12 min. Provided with comments by cdhurley1977: "Roger Whittaker's last performance from the Tivoli show. This song was a poem written about the Hundred Years' War between England and France. It was the "runner up" in a song writing contest Roger sponsored. He put music to it and created his only American hit song. A wonderful marriage of words and music!"

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Whittaker Would Rather Laugh. Tsunami-inspired song - a sombre exception to singer's usual upbeat program - Article by Roger Levesque, Special to The Edmonton Journal, November 28, 2005. Concert Preview: Roger Whittaker's Hits & Christmas Classics. Brief excerpt from Levesque's article:"The singer with the world-renowned bass voice was in Bangkok with his wife ... when a tsunami hit southern Thailand and other parts of southeast Asia, taking a disastrous toll on human life in its wake. He cancelled the rest of the tour and sat down in his hotel room to try to absorb the horror of what was happening only a few kilometres away as he saw it on television. From that experience came a song, 200,000 Souls, named after the estimated number of lives lost to the tsunami. The song is still selling as a charity single to raise money for the victims ... (see The Official Roger Whittaker Website)."

Love Will Be Our Home by Roger Whittaker
Love Will Be
Our Home

Listen to samples of 12 songs
Roger Whittaker:
Golden Age
I Will Always Love You by Roger Whittaker
I Will Always
Love You

Listen to samples of 15 songs
Danny Boy & Other Irish Favorites by Roger Whittaker
Danny Boy &
Other Irish Favorites

Listen to samples of 16 songs
Hear Whittaker whistle
Now and Then: Greatest Hits 1964-2004 by Roger Whittaker
Now and Then:
Greatest Hits
The Best of Roger Whittaker (1994)
The Best of
Roger Whittaker

Listen to samples of 11 songs
The Very Best of Roger Whittaker
The Very Best of
Roger Whittaker

Listen to samples of 18 songs
The Very Best of Roger Whittaker, Vol. 2
The Very Best of
Roger Whittaker
Vol. 2

Listen to samples of 18 songs
A Perfect Day by Roger Whittaker
A Perfect Day

Listen to samples of 22 songs
New World in the Morning: The Encore Collection by Roger Whittaker
New World
in the Morning:
The Encore Collection

Listen to samples of 10 songs
Roger Whittaker - Greatest Hits (1994)
Roger Whittaker
Greatest Hits

Listen to samples of 11 songs
Hear Whittaker whistle
The Wind Beneath My Wings by Roger Whittaker (1982)
The Wind
Beneath My Wings

Listen to samples of 10 songs
What a Wonderful World by Roger Whittaker
What a Wonderful World
Listen to samples of 11 songs
Celebration by Roger Whittaker
Listen to samples of 15 songs
The Christmas Song by Roger Whittaker
The Christmas Song
Listen to samples of 17 songs
Happy Holidays by Roger Whittaker
Happy Holidays

Listen to samples of
10 Xmas carols/songs
Legends by Roger Whittaker - 3 CDs

3 CDs
Irish Standards by Roger Whittaker, April 14, 1998

Irish Standards
Listen to samples
Awakening by Roger Whittaker
Listen to samples
Moments in My Life by Roger Whittaker
Moments in My Life
Listen to samples

Please go to Roger Whittaker Music Catalog to view many more albums (numerous songs sung in German) by Roger Whittaker at The Official Roger Whittaker Website.

To CANADA IS - Song sung in the spirit of Roger Whittaker