Spectrum OS is a RAM-based operating system for the Spectrum 128K range (128K+, +2 (A) and +3). It gives you access to mass storage by using a rs-232 link with your PC.

This means you will have access to ALL PC drives (harddisks, floppy drives, cd-roms, etc).The PC runs a server program which communicates with the spectrum at 14400bps. On the Spectrum side you must have a boot program. This will be on disk (+3 and +2's with disk systems) or tape. If you have a Multiface, you only need to play the tape once (feature not present on this version). Then, every time you need to reload the DOS just press the red button. Tape only users have to load the (very small) boot program every time. If you have access to an EPROM programmer, you could put the routine somewhere (substitute the TV tune program for instance).

As you can see, the online documentation is very scarse... read the docs in the .zip file and wait for an update.

Here's a screen of Spectrum OS, running a little application i made to test command line parameters:

SpectrumOS in action!

This is a little program that plays SoundTracker (compiled) songs on the AY sound chip.

Download Area

Click here to download SpectrumOS v1.0 Beta.

Demos Download

CC'999 Invitation Dentro by Digital Reality
C2H5OH 4K Intro from CC'999, by SerzhSoft
Hallucinations Opera Demo by Avalon
Insult Megademo by Code Busters

Beta Testers

Here's the list of the people who've managed to get SpecOS v1.0 Beta running on their setup:

Davide Barlotti [Spectrum 128 +] - Had troubles getting it to run with his PC (Celeron 450 Mhz MB ASUS P3B-F, Windows 98), but is now using his notebook (IBM Thinkpad 430, 486 SLC 50 Mhz 4Mb, PC-DOS 7.0) and it works perfectly.

Phoenix/Raww Arse [Spectrum 128K +2A] - Tested on my old Pentium 90, and on my current setup: Pentium 166 MMX, 64Mb ram, Windows 98). Works fine. ;)

Namco/Raww Arse [Spectrum 128K +2] - It worked on his Celeron 300 something Mhz, but he has little time for Speccy now... :(

Raww OS

Raww OS - When ?

A few months ago I started working on a new version of SpectrumOS. I got the serial link up to 38400 bps, designed a GUI that uses the server's mouse and added a background screen option. It's compatible with SpecOS but, it isn't finished yet - and I don't know if it'll ever be.