A Synergetic Revisioning of

Number Dynamics

In Light of Ancient Metrology
& Modern Cosmography

by Robert Marshall and Iona Miller


"Bob and Iona's Adventures in SUM AREA"


#108, AUM or OM,


by Robert Marshall and Iona Miller, c1998

Number Mysticism and Alphanumeric Writing
Cosmic Cycles and the Doctrine of Yugas
The Hindu Concept of Number
The Surya Siddhanta
Synchrograph C: Mandalog of the Universe
Synergetic Base Ten Number Dynamics

ABSTRACT:  Syndex II is about the process of discovering synergetic, rhythmic symmetries on a graphic enspiralment called Synchrograph C.  On this number wheel, the natural numbers are spiralled 60 times around a radial array of 108 increments to the number 6480.  Contemplating the C-Graph over the years has produced several revelations, including the following Holotomic Sequence: 12, 24, 72, 360, 2520, 27720, 360360, 6126120, etc., created by prime number multiplexing, and the exemplary 9/11 wavecycle (a +4, -4 basewave).

This book is not about number mysticism, or numerology.  No occult theory of numbers is presented, no cosmic code of alien descent, no ideologies.  Rather, it outlines the history of numbers and writing and the ancient science of astronomical measurements.  Classical cultures are characterized by certain general basic ideas, of which metrology is foremost.  We show why certain cultures considered certain numbers "divine," and why we should turn our attention to them in modern times.

Most of these numbers seem to have originated in Sumerian culture and are the result of geodesic and cosmological measurements (such as the Precession of the Equinoxes) discovered thousands of years ago, in the mists of prehistory.  These numbers are important in certain inherent rhythms in the base-10 system of numeration.  These synergetic qualities have hitherto remained unnoticed in classical number theory.

: Robert Marshall, Master Numeronomist
: Iona Miller

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