In Memory of 60th Anniversary of His Death . . .
Jean Moulin, who unified French Resistance, is one of the greatest heroes in France, perhaps supplanting even Joan of Arc.
Yet he is completely unknown outside France.
Even though I am not a Frenchman and came across his name only by chance, I find his legend a fascinating story on a number of different levels, and it is a shame that he is not better known in the United States.
His story of undoubted heroism and tragic fate is an inspiration for everyone in our cynical times. But as you will find in this website, stories surrounding his life and death tell much more than that.
I can only hope that this humble website will somehow serve the memory of all those who fought against tyranny of all kinds.

Prologue - Who is Jean Moulin?

Moulin the Republican - The Third Republic

Moulin the Artist - Romanin

Moulin the Resistant - Premier Combat

Mission Impossible - Resistance Unified

Betrayal at Caluire - The Gestapo Strikes Back

Judas Among Us - Who Betrayed Moulin?

French JFK - Conspiracy Theories

Post Mortem - Legacy of Resistance


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