The fight for the classless society

The fight for the classless society The fight for the classless society is anti-political. Because any politics, whether „left“, „right“ or „centrically“ means only the administration of the capitalist misery; it is a part of the organization of the lack, dependence and the alienation. The „revolutionary“ policy is one of the varieties of the power(politics); it has done its duty to the history. It did not only prove its true character in Russia 1917 etc. and in Spain 1936 etc., it has also proved its inability to free humans from capitalism. The „revolutionary“ policy is likeweise part of the problem like it can be no part of the the solution.

The fight for the classless society is anti-identity. Because any identity under capitalist conditions is product of existing and starting point of new separations and splittings. I.e. our fight is at the same time anti-proletarian and anti-bourgeois. Identities within the capitalist society reduce and chain us to the system, they are its product. Human identity can develop only beyond the capitalist economy. Acknowledgment as a worker, etc. is not important, it is important to have the possibility to become respectively to be able to be humans in the full sense. Aim is not the rule of the working class, since communism means the abolition of all classes.

The fight for the classless society is anti-national. Because any nation is an artificial construction; any nation is an coerced collective, which includes some and excludes the others. The nation is the condition of illusory community. It is a prison like also the religion and all other identities; it is part of social control. It is an obstacle on the way to the social revolution; therefore there are either "suppressing" and or "suppressed" nations, because nation as such means suppression. There is no such thing as "national liberation", there exists only the liberation from the nation. National liberation movements fight for their own state and thus the participation in the national and nationalistic madness that states consists of.

The fight for the classless society is anti-religious [we fight not humans, but the ideologies and the rule! - R. Devil ]. Because any religion is just like the nation an artificial construction and an coerced collective. Any religion, whether Christianity, Judaism or Islam, Buddhism, etc. are all the same, briefly each religion is an obstacle for the social revolution, an obstacle for the human development. The religion is like the nation one of the opiates of the bourgeois society.

The fight for the classless society is anti-state. Because any state is an organ of suppression and an expression of class society; it is an instrument of domination of the ruling class for holding the controlled class down. Therefore there exists no such thing as an "proletarian state" to realize or to defend. We are fed up with experiences concerning such kind of states. The state is thereby no contrast to the market. The achievement of capitalist economy in its forms of the trade, the war and the wage slavery are not conceivable without it.

The fight for the classles society is anti-capitalist. The capitalist economy is the origin of the existing human misery and the dominant absurdity. Capitalism is not a means to eliminate the poverty around in the world or to mitigate it, but on the contrary the cause for the existence and the continuance even of this poverty in all its material and psychological manifestations.

The fight for the classles society is anti-union. Because any trade union works as a higgler for the price of the commodity manpower. As "revolutionary"such unions may appear, so much it has accepted the capitalist basis of capitalist business, if it haggled about the height of the payment (wages) and the conditions of sale of the commodity manpower (working hours, etc.) by means of strikes and negotiations. Trade unions are a component of the class society. They are an instrument of the integration and the Co-management. They are just as few useful as the organization form of the party in order to abolish class society.

The fight for the classles society is anti-democratic. Because the democracy is beside fascism, the military dictatorship and its combinations one of the political forms of the rule of capital. The todays democracy was always from its Greek origins part of class society. There is no such thing as "direct", "socialist" or "real" democracy to realize and no democratic rights to defend as these rights and the bourgeois freedom consists for the proletarians in the right to sell their manpower and the bourgeois equality is that of the sellers and buyers of commodities . Democracy as ideology and political form of the capitalist rule is a means, in order to stir illusions. Democracy is a means of integration, not one of emancipation. Our fight will eliminate the capitalist economy not by means of the ballot, but the ballot together with the economy.

The fight for the classles society is anti-spectacular. All forms of policy and power (state, trade unions, capital, party, etc..) try to set themselves spectacularly in scene, in order to sell its commodities respectively to retain the society of commodities. It is important to prepare the end of the capitalist scenery, of the whole tristesse instead of taking part in the misery in any form.

The fight for the classless society is anti-static. Finally it is present in the motion of the humans that happens in front of our eyes. This fight and the people in it do call their fight "fight for the classless society", usually this fight and the people in it also does not consciously aim at the goal of the classless society and commism. Its clarity like its goals develop in the fight. It is just as present in all fights as it is an answer to the existing conditions, which are conditions of survival under the dictatorship of the capitalist economy with its wage slavery, its economy of money and commodities, its state and its politics. This fight you can not model, it can not be forecast. Even if it is also still so quiet around it: it existed, bubbles in the underground of the bourgeois society. Those ones, who tried to manage this fight, neutralisized it, integrated it and its fighters, deactivated its weapons like its criticism, cheated its fighters of their "wages".

But the fight for the classless society is not only anti, but also for something. In the negation of the negation of the human life, thus in the negation of capitalist survival expresses itself daily the desire for an end of survival, which is sometimes a more clearly, sometimes more unclear desire for a life. A life which deserves its name, a life, which is "worth" it, to be lived and to be loved.

The fight for the classless society is all that or it will forced reproduce the system in one or another variant.

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