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Hi there folks! Been look'n at some of those web pages and sites you've been sending to my Email. Phew! Ah, some vaddy, vaddy intaddesting stuff indeed! In the least, you could say impressive. I'd put some of the dandies in in my links section but not sure what that kind of content might bring about. Well maby later. Ok that's it. Keep up the good work and keep sending those emails.  
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Guess you wanna read somthin here too eh?
ok Hobbies and Interests:
#1Music of most varieties. Primarily slow jazz and hardcore rock bands.
#2 Sound recording systems and all the tech stuff that goes with it.
#3 Radio electronics.    Two-way and broadcast equipment.
#4 The great out doors and hot chicks.
That's it, check out my links and send me some email, thanks yr bud CreggerCamshaft.
My family and friends (if you really want to know) are the hot babes and music lovers who get things done right, amen!