East Timor ( now called Timor Lorosae ) was a portuguese colony in Oceania ( neighboring Indonesia and near Australia ) until 1974 . After that year , a violent civil war between east timorees ( and the exit of portuguese forces ) took to the ocupation of that territory by Indonesia ( in 1975 ) .

Indonesia has ocupied the territory for more than 20 years ( during that time the postage stamps used in Timor whore the indonesian stamps ) until 1999 facing an armored resistence of brave east timorees . In that same year a popular referedum ( organized by the U.N.) took place giving a victory to the option of independence , leaving to the exit of Indonesia military forces and to the establishement of a U.N. mission ( UNTAET ) to rule and organize the territory until the formal independence .

Timor Lorosae is therefor the first country of the 2000 year and in that same year the first stamps whore issued ( under the UNTAET auspicius ) concretly in 29 th April . This philatelic issue consists in two stamps , one for domestic service and another for international service .


Timor Post Office in Dilí


Timor Lorosae UNTAET first issue

Year Issue Price ( USD )
2000 Timor Lorosae UNTAET first issue ( 2 values : Dom / Int ) 1


This is the first Internet HTML refering to Timor Lorosae Postal Service philatelic material in this terms .

Be alert that there is a website ( with the « Philatelic Service » title ) that offers philatelic material from the auto denominated Sultanate of Occussi-Ambeno , a enclave ( that belongs politicaly to Timor Lorosae ) in the western part on Timor island . The philatelic material offered by that « Philatelic Service » it is not real ( only cinderellas ) and they are a philatelic fraud .


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