The Journey of Rainsnow

The Journey of Rainsnow

"It is the journey which is the reward" - Taoist saying

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There are precious few books devoted to a person's voyage into their own mystical experiences, and so it seemed worthwhile making a special mention of J Rainsnow's first work, "The Journey of Rainsnow: One Man's Past-Life Journey".

The first of a series of two books, "The Journey of Rainsnow" is a wonderfully heart-felt, yet highly intelligent book devoted entirely to his own experiences of past life regression and the extensive insights he has received into his soul's journey across the ages. At 600 pages, it seemed impossible that anyone could write so much about their past life insights, and yet a quick glance at the table of contents shows that the book is devoted to the detailed exploration of no less than 11 significant past lives.

Each life is explored in-depth and instead of being assailed by meaningless facts and figures, the reader is pulled right into each life with its hopes and dreams, its struggles and disappointments while all the way through, Rainsnow's skill and eloquence really bring these touching scenes to life. By far the majority of the book is devoted to the past lives, but it also tells the story of how Rainsnow as a modern day American was first drawn onto the mystical path and his experiences along the way.

For the skeptic, the book would probably suffice as a work of science fiction, but for people who are seriously interested in the idea of past life regression and have little idea how it works or what is really possible, the book is a wealth of information - as well as being very inspirational for those who would like to someday embark on a similar inward journey of discovery.

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