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no future
author:    paul cornell
isbn:    0 426 20409 3
this guide was written by peter ware


(2, 13, 67) Cybermen      
(9) Professor Clegg      
(9, 15) Zygons      
(10, 13, 100) The Master      
(10, 134) Autons      
(10) Axons      
(10) Omega      
(12, 28, 204, 227) Silurians       
(12) Morgaine      
(13, 167)  The Garvond      
(13-14, 167) Huitzilin      
(13, 15, 131, 204) Daleks      
(14, 24, 106, 120, 168) Land of Fiction      
(28) The Guardians      
(30, 34) Alan from 'Blood Heat'      
(28, 127, 168) Gods of Ragnarok      
(48, 49, 53) Malcolm McClaren, his shop "Sex", Vivienne Westwood and the Sex Pistols      
(67) The Timewyrm      
(74) the CIA (both US and Gallifreyan)      
(99) Brigade-Leader Lethbridge-Stewart      
(106) the Hoothi      
(127) The Eternals      
(134, 213) Yeti      
(132, 138, 167, 224) Sontarans      
(150) Iceworld, Skaro      
(166) the Minotaur, Fenric      
(184) Chelonians      
(197) Moroks, Yartek and the Voord      
(203) The Sisterhood of Karn, Minyans, Eternals      
(204) Mandrels and Vraxoin      
(231) General Carrington      
(238) a Shayde (from the DWM comic strip)      
(239) Magnus (from the DWM comic strip)

(11) During the events of 'No Future', Ace wore her body armour, bomber jacket and mirror shades.  (34) She was attracted to Danny, (36) but he turned down her advances.   Mortimus thought he had adopted her as a companion; she apparently attempted to assassinate the Queen on Mortimus' instructions and later seemingly stabbed The Doctor.  (258) However Ace was being a better "player of games" than either Time Lord and had in fact remained loyal to the Doctor throughout.  (253) She showed compassion in the treatment of Mortimus - by wishing she saved the Brigadier she mistakenly thought she could save him from Artemis' wrath.  Ace showed regret at the deaths of (28) Alan and Jan (see also RYDD, JAN).

(8) Officer with ultimate responsibility for captured ETs.  Captain Pike held this post.

(1) (Within a game played by Mortimus) Miss Allen was a scientist in charge of a nuclear facility.

(9) Group whitch gave rise to Black Star in 1976.

(204) A minor functionary in the Minyan military service.  He had eight children.  He was killed at the end of his regenerative cycle by Mortimus, using cloth and poison.

(197) A chronovore trapped by Mortimus and used to change history.  (163) Her image was summoned at Stonehenge on June 21st 1976 by Mortimus.  (199) Artemis was used by Mortimus to find the notes the future Doctor left for himself and to arrange the encounters the Doctor had with Silurian Earth, Huitzilin, the Garvond and the Land of Fiction.   Artemis had been summoned by others (using the same basic ritual as Mortimus) many times before; however, the fact that Mortimus used Eternal blood instead of human blood allowed him to capture her.  Artemis appeared to Ace as a woman in a red dress.
(250) Artemis saved the Doctor from being harmed by the Monk's laser gun; she felt this act displayed symmetry as she had allowed Morka to kill the Doctor's 3rd incarnation.  She was also persuaded by the Doctor not to devour the Earth, when the Doctor pointed out that she must have been "merciful and wise" to have saved him and thus would not do so only to then "crush his spirit".
(253) By obeying Ace's wish to save the Brigadier, Artemis apparently trapped herself once more in the Containment Unit (as Ace would not have been free to save her).  (254) However, as Mortimus' TARDIS dematerialises, insane girlish laughter and an agonised scream was heard... (256) Vardan/Pike later explained than in the changed reality where Ace saved the Brigadier, it was he who freed Artemis.

(27) Division of UNIT.  Lt. Brown headed No.2 Assault Platoon.

Venue from which the British leg of "Live Peace" was scheduled to be transmitted.  (230) Broadsword and Plasticine infiltrated the BBC via the Blue Peter garden.

(21) London pub where Bertram bought Plasticine drinks.

(182) A member of the British Cabinet.  He experienced the effects of Bertram's Pacification Ray.

UNIT operative.  (14, 54) Concerned over Brig's behaviour, he helped the Doctor escape from UNIT HQ.  (82) Owns a specially converted Jaguar with an extended boot.  (109) He has a friend called Violet.  (137) Benton hasn't got time for TV and thus was not taken over by the Vardans.

(20) Owner of  Priory Records.  (12) He is fat and has a pudding-bowl haircut.  He wears a grey suit and skinny tie.  (20) According to Danny,
Bertram is very rich, very famous and owns lots of very big businesses with the group name of "Priory".  In truth, Bertram is Mortimus, the Meddling Monk.  (78) Bertram's companies supply equipment to UNIT, including the Virtual Reality training room (through which Vardans secretly infiltrated the organisation).  (79) The Prime Minister, Mrs. Williams made him UNIT's scientific advisor.  (156) He was a secret patron of Black Star. (See also MORTIMUS)

(30, 31) London landmark blown up by Black Star in June 1976 using one thousand  pounds of plastic explosive.

(9) According to Pike, "The Big Bug Era" occurred some time between 1971 and 1976. During the Big Bug Era, a Doctor John Smith was on UNIT's payroll and was involved in the death of a  psychic.

(160) Black Star member taken over by the Vardans.  He killed Julie Quinlan.

(9) Codename for an alert caused by suspected Black Star activities

(140) An anarchistic terrorist group formed originally by a group of artists in the Winter of 1975.  (9) They were a development of the Angry Brigade.  (141) The founder members set up the group to oppose the subliminal mind control from broadcasting media, for which they thought the government was responsible.  According to Pike, Black Star were responsible for bombs in Hamleys, Harrords, the Albert Hall and the Science Museum.  (30) They also blew up Big Ben.  (29) The Doctor knew that they were not "historical".
(32) Code words in the Athena series were used by the group to show terrorist actions were their responsibility.  Founder members of Black Star included Julie Quinlan and  Kevin Doyle; other members included (154) Puckey and Douglas.  Mike X and Clare Tennant were members but in reality worked undercover for UNIT's Broadsword.  Following the restoration of order after the Vardan invasion, and after the loss of their patron Robert Bertram, (262) Doyle declared that Black Star were finished.

Pop star.  (150,151) The Doctor once played "Find the Lady" with the young Bowie in the back of a punt Romana was poling.

(205) Another name for Vain Beauty, the Eternal.

(45-46) An elite special operative plain clothes division of UNIT, created and taught by the Brigadier to be independent, to make free associations, to think laterally and to be impartial.  (55-56, 101)  They are SAS trained and were created to fulfil the Doctor's old role - i.e., to "muck things around a bit"!  (101) They were instructed by the Brigadier not to undergo the new virtual reality training.  Members included Clare Tennant and Mike Yates

(See also POLITICIANS)  (78, 178, 182) The head of the governing body of the UK.  Members include The Prime Minister (Mrs. ?Shirley Williams), Tony Benn and Roy ?Jenkins.  (255) The Cabinet Office had been infiltrated by the Vardans.

(7)  Tall, thin UNIT officer with a scar on his left cheek.  (9) Unbeknownst to him, he was given the nickname "Karen" by some other soldiers.  (198) Prior to June 1976, Carpenter was replaced by a Vardan.  (242) The Vardan/Carpenter shot the Brigadier dead; (253) however, Artemis changed history, and in the new reality Ace disarmed Carpenter before he could fire.  Carpenter, in common with the other Vardans was eventually captured and returned to Varda.

(7, 11) Tatty club in Oxford Street where Plasticine played.  ?A former strip joint.  ?Managed by Mr. Macoustra.

(199)  According to Mortimus, Chronovores are "inhuman beasts" that "exist outside of the space-time vortex".  They are "essential to the ecology of the cosmos" and are "magic personified.  They can do anything."  Chronovores may be summoned using rituals and incantations dating from the Dark Time. Artemis was a Chronovore.  To summon Artemis, Mortimus used knowledge from the elder books of the Dark Time.  (203) He required the blood of Minyan, Silurian, Dalek, Human and Mandrel mingled in Ice on a grand pentacle.  He also required spheres stolen from the Sisterhood of Karn to be placed on the corners of the pentacle.  (205) By using the blood of an Eternal rather than that of a human, Mortimus was able to capture Artemis.

(12, 18)  Bald headed drummer of the punk group Plasticine.  He has a tattooed chest.

A recording medium that should not have been available for use in 1976, but was used by Mortimus.  (83) The Doctor first heard Benny's voice on a Plasticine CD.

(249) A device resembling a pendulum, within the sphere of which Artemis the chronovore was imprisoned.

(2) (Within a game played by Mortimus) Creatures who attempted to invade Earth.

(199)  According to Mortimus, "A time where none can visit" when the "elder powers" existed and the knowledge of how to capture a chronovore was written down.

(66) Term referring to the self-deception experienced by the population following preposterous circumstances (such as 'Invasion of the Dinosaurs').

(10) During the events of "No Future", the Doctor wore his white safari suit.  He is not in control during this adventure; indeed, clues left by his future self were removed by Mortimus.  His role as a "player of games" is taken by Ace.  (10) The Doctor claims to have killed The Master.  (9) According to Pike, "Doctor John Smith"  was last seen a few months ago by a serving officer during the Zygon incident.  (132) Describes himself as the "Ka Faraq Gatri" to the Vardans.  (150-151) He and Romana once met David Bowie.  (231) The Doctor was once interviewed on Nationwide at BBC TV Centre during the "General Carrington business", and kept a copy of his security badge.  (243) The Doctor is somehow aware of when the Brigadier dies; (201) similarly,  the Brigadier states that "If the Doctor was dead, I'm sure I'd know about it!"  (218) The Doctor can imitate Ace's voice perfectly.

(140) Formerly an artist and member of Black Star.  (139) He has experience of killing and knows how to use explosives.  (140) Although a Unionist, he is not interested in the Troubles of Northern Ireland.  Doyle was one of the founders of Black Star in Winter 1975, when he shared a squat with Julie Quinlan.  (262) After the failed Vardan invasion, he decided to set up a co-operative, additive-free food shop and a booksellers with Mike Yates.

(185) Area of Germany , the bombing of which was once witnessed by the Doctor and Benny.

(199)  According to Mortimus, these include the Daemons, the Eternals and the Gods of Ragnarok.  They existed during the Dark Time.

One of the elder races that existed during the dark time.  The blood of "Vain Beauty" (or Brett") was used by Mortimus to trap Artemis.

(134, 156) A  state which may be declared by the Prime Minister.   Those declared to be a FHE become aliens in the eyes of the Geneva convention.

An annual rock festival held in the summer.  It was here in 1993 that Benny joined in an impromptu Plasticine reunion gig and the Doctor deliberately broke the chameleon circuit.

(67) UNIT term  for "bog standard alien bogeys".

(130) UNIT Captain taken over by the Vardans.

(224) Military organisations on the Earth.  They include UNIT, the Soviet Voidyanoi, the Chinese Foreign Guard and the USAF.

(171) Un-named planet upon which Mortimus and Ace leave the Doctor to die.  (Possibly the same planet that the Doctor trapped the Monk on in story V)

(57) Black Star member and an anarchic artist.  An exhibition of her work at one point included Bertram's desk pinned to a wall.  Black Star members met below the gallery.

(132) A title which the Doctor holds.  (199-200) Mortimus mused on whether he would be regarded as the Ka Faraq Gatri by the Daleks after he thought that he had defeated the Doctor.  It is not a position that Mortimus aspired to, considering it "too much of a responsibility".  (239) Ka Faraq Gatri may mean "the Destroyer of Worlds".

(12, 17) Bass guitar playing member of the punk group Plasticine.  (24) He used to play the drums and was in pub bands in this capacity for seven years.  In 1976 he had bad teeth, a wrinkled face a long hair.  (40) He drove a battered old Cortina.  (41) He disapproved of Black Star's bombing of Big Ben.  (1993) By 1993 he was in management and a yuppie!  

(14) Place where the Doctor had learned that Earth in 1976 was occupied by Alien Invaders.

(10) In June 1976, the Brigadier was 46 years old with a neat moustache. (45, 56, 100) Following the Doctor's example, he began practicing Buddhist techniques in 1975.  (138) Meditation prevented him being taken over by the Vardans.  He created and help train the elite UNIT Broadsword division.  (263) He didn't like Plasticine's music.  (264) Realising that the Brigadier was traumatised and also that he did not recognise his 7th incarnation during their future encounter with Morgaine, the Doctor "rewrote" Alistair's memory.  (265)  As a result, the Brigadier went on to retire before his time and take up teaching without ever really knowing why.  (243) The Doctor is somehow aware of when the Brigadier dies; (201) similarly,  the Brigadier states that "If the Doctor was dead, I'm sure I'd know about it!"

(152) Instruction given for undercover UNIT agents to break that cover

The name of the charity concert organised by Bertram.  The British government thought that its true purpose would be to spread peace across the world.  In fact, Mortimus intended to use it to further the invasion of the Vardans.  (20) The concert occured on Tuesday 22nd June 1976 at 2.00pm. The British leg was broadcast from BBC TV Centre.  Acts booked to appear included: (230) Paul McCartney and Wings (who would appear first), (233) Pan's People, Benny Hill, (234) Kenny Lynch and (208) The Rolling Stones (who were due to finish the concert at midnight).  (233) Each act would last about half an hour.  (208) The Doctor estimated that a quarter of the world's population, over one billion people,  would be watching.  (236) The concert was disrupted by the actions of Broadsword and Plasticine.

Much of the story revolves around locations in London, including: (7) Soho,  (8) Trafalgar Square, Kensington, (25) the Free Trade Hall, (30) The Houses of Parliament  and Big Ben,  (30, 55) Wapping,  (44) Kings Road, (45) Covent Garden, (46) Sloane Square, (48) Hyde Park, (53) the 100 Club, (54) Tottenham Court Road, Fitzrovia, Windmill Street (the areas where London based Dr.Who fans meet to drink!), (55) Prospect of Whitby pub,  (67) Oxford Street, (68) St.James Park, (184) Paddington, (185) Charing Cross, (188) Shoreditch, (213) Tooting Bec,  (218) The Bull and Staff pub, (262) the Roundhouse.


(230, 233, 235-236) Pop group consisting of Paul McCartney, Denny ?Laine and Linda McCartney.  The act was scheduled to begin the British leg of Bertram's Live Peace concert at BBC TV centre.  They were rendered unconscious by darts fired by Broadsword  and replaced on stage by Plasticine.

(61, 102) Former UNIT operative, mentioned in passing (See 'The Left-Handed Hummingbird')

(17, 20) Mr. Macoustra was the ?manager of The Chelsea Club

(14, 168) The being who gave The Doctor the information regarding "Danny Pain's fight against the aliens in 1976".  According to Mortimus, the Master regards Mortimus as a kindly benefactor.  Apparently, most of the Master's fantasies involve Def Leppard!

Pseudonym used by Mortimus.

(120)  Described by the Doctor as "an easy access Land of Fiction".  A community of fiction evolved from the collective unconsciousness of an intelligent species.   The Vardans can actually build houses and live within the Mediasphere. (121) The Mediasphere Benny and the Doctor enter via Benny's contact with a Vardan which began to process her is the collective unconscious of Britain, circa 1976.
Television programs and characters  alluded to in the Mediasphere include: (117) Dad's Army, (118) The Goodies, (120) The Good Life, (122)  Love Thy Neighbour,  (122) The Tomorrow People,  (123) Till Death Us Do Part, The Benny Hill Show, The Dick Emery Show, (124-125) and Frankie Howerd as Professor X (!).  (221) When Pike and a Vardan sentry enter the Mediasphere to fight they become Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls, characters from Jet Morgan and finally characters from 'Nightshade'.

(6) A title Benny wished she held.

(204) The blood of the Minyan Antokh was used in the ceremony to summon Artemis.  The poison required to kill a Minyan is rare and expensive.

(97) UNIT Lynx helicopter pilot, taken over by the Vardans.  Shot by the Brigadier.

(19) Pseudonym adopted by Ace.

( (208) aka Robert Bertram, aka the Meddling Monk, (197) aka the Time Meddler) (207, 208) According to the Doctor, Mortimus is a Time Lord who used to be an agent provocateur for the High Council.  Mortimus was betrayed by them and thereafter began meddling as a hobby.  He was once a Monk, of sorts - an initiate in one of the colleges of scholars in the Capitol, where "they don't worship as such, but they do keep secrets".  Mortimus is regarded by the Doctor as "a victim" but also "very dangerous".  (166) Mortimus has collected visual records of nearly all of the Doctor's adventures since they last met.  (169) He wanted complete revenge by "taking everything that the Doctor is" - his companion, his position in UNIT and his "beloved humans".  (202) He had been planning his revenge for decades whilst trapped on the Ice Planet that the Doctor stranded him on.  First he repaired and constructed new circuits for his TARDIS and then he accumulated information and useful devices through a combination of theft and "discreet commissions" across the universe.  Once he had all he needed, he travelled to the edge of the universe and summoned and captured Artemis.  Using the chronovore, he was responsible for the Doctor's encounters with Silurian Earth, The Garvond, Huitzilin and the Land of Fiction.  (197) The Vardans know Mortimus as the man who was "technical advisor to both the Moroks and Yartek, leader of the alien Voord".  (233) They were to pay him a large pile of gold for his services in helping them to invade Earth.  (200) Mortimus drinks tea and would not want to be the Ka Faraq Gatri.  (204)  He killed the Minyan Antokh.

London landmark; the TARDIS disguised itself as this monument.

...appear on pages 31, 108, 113 and 266 (amongst others)  :-)

(182-184)  Basic Chelonian technology that Bertram demonstrated to the British Cabinet, by using it on Tony Benn.  He claimed he could use it to pacify the world's increasingly anarchic population.  In fact, he planned to do the exact opposite.  (257) Mortimus had given the ray to the Vardans some months before June 1976.  They beamed it on its negative setting from a satellite above the Earth to create feelings of hatred and violence, thus making it easier for the Vardans to take people over.

(7, 29) Founder member of and guitar player with the punk group Plasticine.  The Master of The Land of Fiction told the Doctor that Danny featured as a hero in the fiction of the invaded Earth in 1976.   Following an unfortunate encounter with a woman who had been raped, he decided to be celibate.  (57)  He sympathised with Black Star.  (22)  He didn't take drugs and drinking made him feel vulnerable. (212) He arranged for all his gigs to be bootlegged onto analogue tape.  (34)  He turned down Ace's advances (65) but had a drunken snog with Benny.   One of his bootlegs contained the clue that allowed The Doctor to defeat the Vardans. (269, 270) Danny struggled through the eighties.  By  1993,  Danny Pain went under his real name of Danny Paripski. He was longer celibate, had married an Australian called Helen and had three daughters (one called Amy) and two sons.  He had become regarded as a hero after "kids into ambient dub" started dropping his name and the group Ozric Tentacles persisted in the story of how he had stopped the alien invasion.  Ace regarded his 1993 self as "very like Jan".

A traditional stage entertainment, featuring comedy, music and audience participation.  Pantomimes are often based on a fairy stories and are usually staged around Christmas Time.  Both (189, 261) the Doctor and (29) Benny have appeared in panto.  (125) Professor X's ship looks likes a pantomime version of the TARDIS (according to Benny).  (233) The producer of Live Peace favoured pantomime as the show's theme.

(268) One of Danny Paripski's five children.  In 1993, she has two brothers and two sisters.

(269) Danny Pain's real name, which he was using in 1993.

(233)  A charity organised by Bertram that would supposedly benefit from Live Peace.  (264) Its finances were based in Switzerland for less than charitable reasons.

Those mentioned, featured or implied include...
(24) George Best (football), (26) Boris Becker (tennis), (74, 177) Kenneth Kendall (who appeared as himself in "The War Machines"),  (121) Mary Whitehouse ("clean-up TV" campaigner),  (120) Mr. Kipling (manufacturer of "exceedingly good cakes"), (140) Gary Russell (child actor and future editor and writer of Doctor Who Magazine!), (147) Freud, (150) Keats, (177) Jimmy Tarbuck (entertainer), (233) Pan's People (all-female TV dance troop), Benny Hill (comedian), (234) Kenny Lynch (comedian).

(8) Alien Liason Officer from New York.  He had dark hair and a laughter-lined face.  (101, 226)  He was a Buddhist and a vegetarian.  (223-224)  Unbeknownst to the Brigadier or the Doctor, Pike had been replaced by a Vardan after his original was murdered.  The original Pike was killed by another Vardan,  in the back of a jeep in the desert.  However, the Vardan/Pike enjoyed being Alex Pike and sided with the Brigadier and shielded him and his allies from the Vardan's sensors. (226) Pike had a brother called Thomas who was a transvestite.  (223) Vardan/Pike had a brother with a "weird leg" who was left out on a rock as a child.  After Artemis changed reality, it was Vardan/Pike who freed the chronovore.  (267) He was returned to Varda by TARDIS and planned to start a revolution against the Vardan military.

Punk rock group consisting of Benny (lead vocals), Danny Pain (guitar), Kit (bass guitar) and Cob (drums).  (25)  Danny started the band; he met Kit through an advert in Melody Maker, he knew Cob as the drummer that used to hang around his squat and he met Benny through an ad in the NME.  Benny was accepted into the band because of her sex, dress and attitude.  Their repertoire included "Revolution Tomorrow", a cover of the Yes song "Chaos" and (236) "Dissent is Good".  They were signed to Priory Records by Robert Bertram himself.  Plasticine were instrumental in foiling the Vardan invasion by playing a rhythmic set of chords similar to sonic weapons used during the Vardan civil war.  (262) Their last regular gig together with Benny on vocals was on that same day (Saturday 26th June) at the Roundhouse. (270) When Priory went into liquidation Plasticine were unable to get another deal except a brief contract with EMI.  There, the group cut one single with Stephen Hall on vocals.  The original band reformed briefly in the summer of 1993 at the Glastonbury Festival.

Those featured or mentioned include...
(24) Harold Wilson, (177) Sir Louis Barfe, (178) Tony Benn (the Home Secretary), Enoch Powell, (182) Roy Jenkins and Maggie Thatcher.

Those featured, mentioned or implied include:
(7) Karen Carpenter, (21) Jack Hail of Doorstep, (22) Tom Verlaine of Television,  (23) Bay City Rollers, (24)Dr. Feelgood, Madonna, (25) the Sex Pistols, Eddie and the Hotrods,  (36) Bowie, Eno,  (54) The Wurzels, (54, 68)Rod Stewart, (58) Manic Street Preachers, (69)Cliff Richard, (111) Ramones, (123) Roxy Music, (126) Rubettes, (140) Richard Hell, Patti Smith, Jamie Reid,  (145)  Mike Oldfield, Lou Reed,  (154) Iggy Pop,  (168) Def Leppard,  (178) Pink Floyd, (183) Crosby, Stills and Nash, (183, 208) The Rolling Stones, (186) The Wombles, (210) Pete Shelley, (234) Jethro Tull, Bobby Geldoff,  (263) Sidney (aka Hymie),  (270) Stephen Hall, Ozric Tentacles, The Orb and Back To The Planet.

Songs mentioned (excluding chapter titles) include (17) "Paint it Black", (69) "Devil Woman" by Cliff Richard, (126) "Pretty Vacant", (187) "Give Wombling Peace a Chance" (as part of Danny's dream) and "Remember you're a Womble" by the Wombles, (228) and the musical "Hair".

Name of the group of companies owned by Robert Bertram.  (195) These included "Priory Records".  Priory ran Skywatch.  (270) After Bertram disappeared in 1976, Priory went into liquidation.

(233) An unnamed BBC producer who picked a pantomime theme for his show.  Is heard to utter phrases such as "I'm surprised and delighted" and (237) "...I have been persuaded to stay"!!!

(124-126) TV series starring ?Frankie Howard, scheduled between Bruce Forsyth & Basil Brush.   Professor X travelled in his TASID, which was disguised as a post box - described by Benny as "like a pantomime version of the TARDIS!".

A type of music, fashion and attitude that came to prominence in England in 1976.

Pseudonym used by Julie Quinlan.

(110, 140) Former music journalist and American member of Black Star.  Along with Kevin Doyle, one of the founders of the organisation.  She should have become a famous writer in the future.  With reference to Quinlan's novels, (110) Benny reportedly "really enjoyed the one about the tennis players". Quinlan was prematurely killed by the Vardan/Birney at Stonehenge on 21st June 1976.

Mentioned are (203) the title "Rassilon the Ravager" and the "sign of Rassilon".

(93) Airbase where interrogation of UNIT prisoners takes place.

Book in which Mortimus read about the Garvond.

(12) Song played by Plasticine.

(55, 60, 106, 262, 271) Ace's former lover, killed during "Love and War".  Mortimus seemingly engaged Ace's support by claiming he could change history and restore Jan to life.  By 1993, Danny Paripski reminded Ace a lot of Jan.

(223) First line of a routine developed to concentrate the mind against the Vardans.


Satellite surveillance system used by Black Star to avoid military activity.  (259) It was run by Priory.

(217) Used by the Doctor to remove some screws!

(32) UNIT officer who had served with the Brigadier since the Wenley Moor crisis.

An ancient stone circle where, on June 21st 1976, a battle was fought amongst UNIT, Black Star and Vardans, and where the Doctor was apparently stabbed by Ace.  The image of Artemis appeared above Stonehenge at Mortimus' command.  (155) Black Star had planned to kidnap a wealthy middle-class druid from summer solstice ceremony at Stonehenge.

(108) Mentioned by the Brigadier.  The Brigadier visited him in Eritrea to help get things moving with UN food convoys.

(7) Prior to her arrival in 1976, Benny had last sung properly during the Academy's production of Carousel.  Her stage costume when singing with Plasticine originally consisted of a ripped-up leather dress with swirls of lace on the hem; make up included black sworls of paint on her face. (29) She once appeared as the Principal Boy in Cinderella.  (5) She had a drunken snog with Danny Pain.  (83) The Doctor had heard Benny's voice before he met her - it was during a party in Finchley in the early 21st century,  on a live CD recording of Plasticine.  Thus he knew that one day she would meet Danny Pain... Benny tried to kill Ace, believing Ace had killed the Doctor.  (261) Ace pushed Benny off a cliff in the TARDIS simulation of Heaven - however, Ace knew that Benny would land on a bouncy floor... (131) Benny had heard of the Vardans' betrayal by the Sontarans.(261) Benny shot a Vardan helicopter pilot through the head at Stonehenge - she did not enjoy the experience.

(26) The Doctor's TARDIS landed in Trafalgar Square in 1976 disguised as Nelson's Column; (34) because of interference by Mortimus it briefly became the Statue of Liberty.  Within the  TARDIS is a costume room containing Arabian pantomime dress.  (191) Behind a usually sealed door, there is also a representation of the planet Heaven (complete with a bouncy floor) which was created when Ace restructured the TARDIS.  (215) The Monk's TARDIS materialises around the Doctor's TARDIS at one point. (222) When in the Monk's TARDIS, the Brigadier finds the Doctor's TARDIS  disguised miniature police box.  (271)  The TARDIS disguised itself as a tarot reader's tent, complete with Hanged Man sign, at the Glastonbury Festival of 1993.  After this, the Doctor deliberately broke the chameleon circuit once more (with the help of a hammer) and the familiar Police Box shape returned.  (272)  At the end of the story, the Doctor lets the controls set themselves.

Mortimus' TARDIS was disguised as (43) a desk with note paper, (164) a sacrificial stone, a phone booth, a van, a motorcycle and (184) a filing cabinet.  (157) Its interior resembled a cold, gothic monastery, complete with a stone control console.  (196-197) It contained a locked room containing Artemis access to which was possible for Mortimus by using his watch.  (200) This room had an intrusion detector.

Media which the Vardans manipulated in their attempted invasion of Earth.

Those mentioned or implied include:  (23) Follyfoot, (74) The Manchurian Candidate, (136) Scooby Doo, (230) Blue Peter, (232) Top of the Pops.  Also, (56) Professor X, Saturday Night at the Movies, The Generation Game and Basil Brush (In the UK, Professor X never existed of course, and the last 3 were all regular fixtures of Saturday evening viewing on BBC1 in 1976 - along with Doctor Who)  See also MEDIASPHERE.

(226, 229) A silver spherical object found by Ace on the eye of the White Horse in the "Heaven" room of the TARDIS. (229)  The Temporal Baffle was a primitive early Gallifreyan device and was created when Ace rebuilt the Doctor's TARDIS.  Following Artemis' instructions,  Ace used the object to wreck the control systems of Mortimus and thus eventually free the chronovore.  (256) When Artemis changed history, it was Pike that freed her in the revised timeline.

(67) A device the Doctor perfected after the Timewyrm business.  It detects temporal disruption.

(44) Operative with UNIT's Broadsword team.  (153) She went undercover to infiltrate Black Star.  (213) The Yeti invasion was before her time. (265)She was given a rabbit called Alistair by the Doctor as a farewell gift.

As well as Black Star, those mentioned include (181) Eta and the Red Brigade, the IRA, the PLO.

(202) The edge of the universe contains things even Time Lords speak of only in whispers.

(13) Something the Doctor tried to be.

Area of central London where the TARDIS landed in June 1976, disguised as
Nelson's column.

(203) The Trinity consisted of "Rassilon the Ravager", "Omega the Fallen" and "The Other whose name is forever lost".  Mortimus summons Artemis in the name of the Trinity.

Military organisation, which includes Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart as one of its senior members.  (67) By 1976, UNIT was losing about five troopers a year through apparent desertion or abduction.  UNIT operatives are ten times more likely to experience spontaneous human combustion (aka "hot jobs") than the general public.  An elite division - Broadsword - was created by the Brigadier in the mid 70's.  The Vardans infiltrated UNIT prior to June 1976.

(84)This HQ is situated in an old Buckinghamshire estate.  (82) It is a half hour drive from Amersham tube station according to Benton.  (189) The Brigadier created a secret emergency HQ underground in Shoreditch, containing rations for two weeks.

(261) Party during which a pantomime was held - The Doctor was the villain, Captain Yates was "Widow Twanky" and Jo was "Aladdin".

(8) Resolution enabling ultimate force to be used against hostile extra-terrestrials.

(205) (aka Brett) An Eternal who, whilst playing Russian Roulette in a bar in Paris, met Mortimus.  He allowed himself to lose, and Mortimus took some of his blood to use instead of human blood in  the ceremony to summon Artemis.  It is because of this that Artemis could be captured.

(14) A pub in London where Benton met the Doctor.  (255) After the defeat of the Vardans it was the venue for a celebratory drink between the forces of Broadsword, Plasticine, Doyle, the Brigadier, The Doctor, Benny and Ace.

(223) Home planet of the Vardans.  Considered by the Pike to be  "a beautiful planet".  (256) The Vardan solar system is five thousand light years from Earth.

(184) Mortimus' pet name for Live Peace.

(239)  A conflict, mentioned by the Vardan/Carpenter, in which sonic weapons were used.

(224) The Vardans who planned the invasion of Earth.  According to Pike, when the invasion was first planned, they decided to put "a couple of guys in every High Frontier unit on Earth.  According to Pike, since the Sontaran deal went wrong the Vardan parliament is "a bunch of whackos trying to hold the strings together".

(224) A group of Vardans, including Pike, who disagree with the Vardan military and who simply wish to explore the Mediasphere.

(137, 223) Creatures from the planet Varda, capable of travelling down any wave-form, including thought.  They can inhabit electronic media.  They can take over humans by interfering directly with their brains or replace humans by killing them and taking their place.  They can exist either as a cloud or in humanoid form - the latter they can tailor to their needs.  (166-167)The Monk freed Varda from its time loop.  (200) The Doctor claimed that Vardans don't like travelling down the telephone because it ruins their hair!  (222) The Doctor considers that one of their weaknesses is the fact that they're loquacious.  (225) They once made a deal with, and were betrayed by, the Sontarans (Invasion of Time).  (228) They cannot penetrate lead. (256) The Doctor foiled the invasion attempt and trapped the Vardans on the Priory satellite orbiting Earth.  He then sent them back towards Varda at the speed of light - the journey to take five thousand years.

(210) In another reality where the Monk did not interfere, the name of a computer game that a future Ace wrote to give clues to her and the Doctor's present selves(!)

(7, 216) Often a reliable means of escape.  As the Doctor says, "where would we be without them?"

Recording medium on which Mortimus kept private records of most of the Doctor's adventures ((166) including "The Time Monster") and also (210) adventures that might have been without the Mortimus's interference.  This included a version of the Vardan invasion of Earth in which the Monk was not involved, and where the Doctor won with the help of clues left by his future self.  The Doctor stole the video of this story from the Monk's TARDIS.

(153) Code-word for a UNIT agent working undercover.

Technique introduced by Bertram for training UNIT troops.

(159-160) A portable computer manufactured by a  Priory company in Taiwan. (259)  The Doctor channelled a narrow sonic beam from a satellite link to a Warboy to halt the Vardans at Stonehenge.

Area within UNIT HQ where Virtual Reality training occurs.  (210) The Doctor reasons that it probably contained an actualisation of Varda itself.

Prime Minister of England (first name is Shirley - the Labour Party are in power.)

(5) Seen by Ace aboard TARDIS, and within the Virtual Reality room at UNIT HQ.  An extension of Artemis, the chronovore.

Military device worn by Ace.

(109) Pseudonym used by Mike Yates whilst in Black Star.

(153) UNIT Broadsword operative working under deep cover within Black Star on orders from the Brigadier.  (109) In Black Star, he used the name Mike X. (154)  His background was credible to the group because he had formerly been a UNIT deserter. (153) He was unhappy with his work, and told the Brigadier that he would not renew his UNIT status.  (262) After the failed Vardan invasion, he decided to set up a co-operative, additive-free food shop and a booksellers with Kevin Doyle.  (261) Mike Yates played Widow Twankey in UNIT's 1973 Christmas Pantomime.

story synopsis

Somewhere, somewhen
A hooded figure watches a simulation of one of the Doctor's adventures.  The real game is about to begin...

London, England, Friday 18th June 1976.
On the Doctor's instructions, Benny has become a singer with the punk group "Plasticine" in order to get to know its guitarist , Danny Pain.  The Doctor has learned from the Master of the Land Of Fiction about Danny Pain's involvement in the fight against alien invaders - an invasion that did not happen in recorded history.

Plasticine's performance is witnessed and recorded on CD by the wealthy Robert Bertram of Priory Records, who chats to a mysterious companion during the concert.  Meanwhile, The  Doctor is imprisoned by UNIT as a hostile extraterrestrial and is disturbed to find that Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart no longer seems to recognise him.  The Doctor managed to escape with the help of a masked figure who arranges to meet him the following day.

That evening, The Doctor and Benny witness the destruction of Big Ben - the latest act of terrorism by the group Black Star.

Saturday 19th June 1976
The following day, after Danny has turned down Ace's advances,  Plasticine and Ace visit Bertram at his office.  There they sign a record contract and, as an anarchic act, steal his desk.  After Plasticine leave, Ace and Bertram realise that they are both anachronistic to the time period and a bond begins to form between them.  Bertram reveals his true name is Mortimus (a Time Lord The Doctor would also know as The Meddling Monk).

After narrowly evading capture once more, the Doctor meets the man who helped him escape from UNIT - his old friend, RSM Benton.  Benton tells the Doctor that he is worried about the Brigadier's recent behaviour.  They arrange to meet again the next day.

Through Danny, Benny is introduced to members of Black Star including "Mike X", formerly of UNIT.  During the meeting, Bertram's desk is stolen back, although Danny salvages a sheet of Priory note paper from it.

Mortimus informs his alien allies that he has removed all the clues that the future Doctor left for his present self.

Sunday 20th June 1976
The next day, following a drunken snog the night before, Benny and Danny decide to go for a walk.  Meanwhile, The Doctor is shaken when he helplessly witnesses the anarchy that is spreading across the country at first hand - a tube train he is travelling on is the scene of a violent fight in which at least one man is killed.

Benny and Danny witness an assassination attempt on the Queen at Buckingham Palace.  The Doctor joins them and leads them away from the ensuing chaos.

The Prime Minister makes Bertram UNIT's scientific advisor.

The Doctor gets Danny's autograph on the piece of Priory note paper and sends him home.  The Doctor and Benny return to the TARDIS and meet Ace who seems even more hostile than usual.

The Doctor, Benny and Ace are smuggled into UNIT HQ with the help of Benton.  Benny and Ace find a Virtual Reality room in which shimmering aliens are fighting with UNIT troopers.  Ace sees the woman in red, who had appeared in her dreams, and chases after her.  She meets again with Mortimus, creator of the VR environment; it is revealed that Ace was the Queen's would-be assassin!

The Doctor and Benny are discovered and captured.  The Brigadier decides to accompany them, along with Benton and Captain Pike, to RAF Lyneham for interrogation.  En route, the helicopter they are travelling in is shot down.  After the group escape from the crash site, the Brigadier shoots the pilot through the head!  The Brigadier explains that UNIT has been infiltrated by telepathic aliens (of which the pilot was one), thus his recent apparently odd behaviour.

The group are captured by members of Black Star, including Mike Yates (aka Mike X), Julie Quinlan and an Ulsterman, and tied up in a farmhouse kitchen.  They demand details of UNIT's surveillance flights over the South Downs. Realising that they will gain no information from the group, and that UNIT troopers are approaching, Black Star set a bomb and leave them to die.

Meanwhile, in the VR room, Ace finds the woman in red chained to a bed.  The woman promises Ace what she most desires if she sets her free...

Benny, who has been experiencing strange perspectives since her encounter with aliens in the VR room, finds her mind within the Mediasphere with the Doctor's.  There they encounter several characters from UK television of the 1970's and also their true enemy - the Vardans!

The bonds holding the UNIT team and the unconscious forms of The Doctor and Benny had been tied deliberately loosely by the Ulsterman, allowing the Brigadier to lead the group into the cellar before the bomb exploded and killed many Vardan/UNIT troopers in the process.  The Doctor and Bernice return to their bodies and the group set off down a secret passage.

The Prime Minister, acting on Bertram's advice, declares the Brigadier and Benton to be Foreign Hazard Emergencies.

The Doctor and co. emerge from the tunnel in a cottage where Doyle is waiting for them.  He tells the group that he thinks that Black Star has been infiltrated by aliens and that they should fight the common enemy together.  The cottage is stormed by Black Star, led by Quinlan who is angry at Doyle's attitude; however, at a word from the Brigadier, many of the Black Star members, including Yates and Tennant, reveal themselves as members of the elite Broadsword division of UNIT working undercover.  Broadsword and Black Star decide to join forces.

Ace meets Danny by the side of the Thames and become involved in more of the anarchic violence.  Ace departs after the fight.
Monday 21st June 1976
At sunrise, the combined forces go to Stonehenge where Black Star had planned to kidnap a wealthy druid.  There they are attacked by Vardans, appearing  both as Black Star and UNIT troopers.  Quinlan is killed.  The Doctor sees Ace upon a stone about to be sacrificed by the hooded figure of The Monk.  The Monk summons the image of Artemis, the Chronovore, above Stonehenge.  To Benny's horror, Ace thrusts the sacrificial dagger into The Doctor's chest.  The Monk, Doctor and Ace depart in the Monk's TARDIS (the sacrificial stone) as the battle rages on.

On board his TARDIS, Mortimus gloats over the Doctor.  It is revealed that it was he who arranged the Doctor's encounters with Silurian Earth, The Garvond, Huitzilin and The Land of Fiction.  Mortimus has now had almost complete revenge on the Doctor - he has destroyed his TARDIS (on Silurian Earth), taken his companion, taken his position at UNIT and will soon have invaded his beloved Earth.  Ace places the Doctor in a sealed cylinder of oxygenated liquid.  The cylinder is placed on the deserted Ice Planet where the Monk was once stranded by The Doctor, and the Monk and Ace depart.

At Stonehenge, the Vardans are thrown into confusion by a signal from one of the Warboy computers.  Broadsword (except Pike), Black Star and Benny leave in the chaos.  They regroup their forces in Salisbury near a Hi-Fi shop and observe the news of the spreading anarchy in the UK.

Bertram demonstrates his pacification ray to the British Cabinet and is authorised to use it through transmissions of his Live Peace concert on Saturday.  In truth, he plans to use it to allow the Vardans to take over the minds of over a billion people.

Ace finds a locked room in The Monk's TARDIS...

Mortimus returns to his TARDIS and tells his companion that all is going to plan.  Ace requests to see Danny again before they leave Earth.  She does so, and they talk about their dreams.

The Brigadier leads his forces to a secret underground emergency HQ in Shoreditch.

A disconsolate Benny returns to the TARDIS.  She encounters Ace and tries to shoot her to avenge The Doctor; she misses and pursues Ace through a door that has been sealed ever since Ace re-configured the TARDIS.  Within lies a representation of the planet Heaven.  Ace retrieves a silver sphere from Heaven and pushes Benny off a cliff.  Hanging on for her life, Benny is relieved to be rescued... by The Doctor!

Ace returns to Mortimus' TARDIS which is now once more the desk at Priory records.  Mortimus unlocks the room Ace found earlier and shows her the captured form Artemis the chronovore from whom his power in manipulating reality stems.

The Doctor and Benny rejoin the Brigadier's forces at the underground HQ. The Doctor plays them a video (stolen from the Monk's TARDIS) of how he would have defeated the Vardans if the Monk had not intervened.  In thevideo, it transpired that a vinyl recording made of Plasticine's concert held the clues to allow the Doctor to win.  However, the recording was made on CD by Bertram in reality and The Doctor could find no clues on it.  Fortunately, Danny has a bootleg recording of the concert on analogue tape.  They seek him out and find the tape, but can find no clues on that either.  On returning to Trafalgar Square to try and use the TARDIS' sound equipment, the Doctor finds that his craft has been stolen.  They decide to use Mortimus' equipment at Priory records.

After breaking into Mortimus' TARDIS, the Doctor unwittingly activates a Vardan guard  stored on CD.  Pike, who it transpires is also a Vardan helping the Brigadier and co. by shielding their minds, enters combat with the guard in the Mediasphere and defeats him.

Pike reforms at UNIT HQ where he encounters Ace.  Together, they enter the Virtual Reality room find the projection of Artemis, the woman in red.  Using the silver sphere ("a temporal baffle") the Monk's control over Artemis is disrupted and the Chronovore begins to free herself...

Using the Monk's sound editing equipment, The Doctor finds the vital clues on Danny's tape within a conversation in the crowd between Bertram and the Vardan Major Carpenter.  With this knowledge The Doctor can now win.  The Brigadier finds the Doctor's TARDIS (in the shape of a miniature Police Box) and gives it to him.

Tuesday 26th June 1976 - the day of Live Peace
Broadsword and Plasticine break into the BBC wearing lead headbands to protect them from the Vardans.  They take over the concert, and Plasticine begin to play a harmonic pattern - a series of chords similar to sonic weapons used during the Vardan Civil War.  Using this pattern, the Doctor (who has connected his  TARDIS to the Priory satellite above Earth) traps the Vardans who were going to use the satellite link to invade and also removes the rest of the Vardans from Earth.

The Monk traces the source of the disruption and materialises his TARDIS within the Doctor's craft.  The Doctor and Mortimus confront each other;Mortimus shoots the Doctor with a laser pistol but somehow the Doctor is unharmed; the Doctor stabs Mortimus with the knife Ace used to stab him...

Before the Vardan/Carpenter is captured by the satellite link, he shoots and kills the Brigadier.

The population of the world is released from the influence of the Vardans, and violence and anarchy begins to subside.

The Monk is unharmed.  The knife was a trick knife, with trick blood; Ace had not really stabbed the Doctor.  She had betrayed Mortimus instead.  the Doctor experiences the Brigadier's death; the Monk offers to restore the Brigadier's life by changing history, if the Doctor releases the Vardans - the Doctor refuses.

To Mortimus' horror, Artemis appears.  She transports them to the Embankment where she begins to devour people and threatens to devour the world.  The Doctor reasons that she will not do this, because she is "merciful and wise" - she must have been to have saved from the Monk's laser.  She would not do this and then consume the Earth and crush his spirit.  Artemis agrees.  Pike and Ace appear and Artemis asks for Ace's wish.  Ace requests that she was present to stop Carpenter shooting the Brigadier; it is done, and the Doctor and Mortimus appear back alone in the Doctor's TARDIS.  Ace's wish meant that she would not have been able to free the chronovore.. however, as the Monk escapes in his TARDIS, a scream and girlish laughter is heard...

Later, the victorious team meet at a London pub.  Explanations are offered for the strange events.  The Doctor managed to escape from the cylinder using the Priory note paper; being part of Mortimus' TARDIS, he was able to fold the paper into a shape whereby he could enter the Monk's craft.  It was the Doctor who sent the signal causing disruption amongst the Vardans at Stonehenge.  Ace acted in the way she did because she thought she was being watched at all times; she deliberately missed the Queen, whispered to the Doctor to "act surprised" when she stabbed him with the trick knife and pushed Benny off the cliff in Heaven knowing that there was a bouncy floor beneath.  It transpires that Artemis changed history and it was Pike who freed her, thus allowing her to persue Mortimus.

The Doctor sends the Vardan army (who have been trapped on the Priory satellite) on a five thousand year trip back to Varda at the speed of light.  Pike is returned by TARDIS, intending to start a revolution against the Vardan military.  The Doctor wipes the Brigadier's memory so that he will not recognise him when they encounter Morgaine in the future.

The Glastonbury Festival, Summer 1993
The Doctor, Ace and Benny meet again with Plasticine and an impromptu reunion gig is held.  The three travellers are happier with each other now than they have been for a long while.  The Doctor deliberately breaks the Chameleon circuit, puts the TARDIS on a random setting and they set off for another adventure.

Long ago in an English summer.

time line

Finchley, London, the 21st century
Before the events of 'Love and War', the Doctor hears Benny's voice on a recording of Plasticine.  From that moment, he knows that she will meet Danny Pain.

(Time Unknown)
The Meddling Monk, Mortimus, is stranded on an Ice Planet during 'The Daleks' Masterplan'.

Several decades later, the Monk escapes.  He travels the universe earning "discreet commissions", accumulating information and gathering "useful devices".

The Monk travels to the edge of the universe and summons and captures Artemis, the chronovore.

During his travels, the Monk discovers Varda.  Using Artemis' power, he frees the Vardans from the time loop that was imposed after The Invasion of Time.  Mortimus persuades them to invade Earth with his help in return for a large amount of gold.

Mortimus begins his revenge on The Doctor.  He is responsible for his encounters with Silurian Earth, The Garvond, Huitzilin and The Land of Fiction.  During the last of these adventures, Mortimus busies himself by removing clues that the future Doctor left for himself in 1976.

Earth, 1975
The Vardans begin their subliminal transmissions.  They infiltrate military institutions and governments across the world.

The Brigadier becomes a Buddhist and starts to practice meditation.  He creates Broadsword.

The company Priory, run by Robert Bertram (aka Mortimus) provides equipment for UNIT, including a Virtual Reality "training room".  UNIT is infiltrated.  The Brigadier becomes aware of this.

The Doctor, Harry and Sarah join forces with UNIT against the Zygons.  The Brigadier doesn't have time to tell the Doctor about his suspicions of alien infiltration within UNIT.

Winter 1975
Black Star is created and begins its terror campaign.

The Brigadier sets up strict mental barriers to prevent mind control.  Benton becomes concerned over his behaviour.

The group Plasticine is formed.  The Doctor, Benny and Ace arrive.  Benny joins Plasticine.

Friday 18th June 1976
Plasticine sing at The Chelsea Club.  The gig is recorded on CD and analogue tape.  The Statue of Liberty (The Doctor's TARDIS) is seen in Trafalgar Square.

Saturday 19th June 1976
Plasticine sign to Priory Records.
Ace meets Mortimus and The Monk begins to adopt her as his companion.
The Doctor meets Benton.
Benny meets members of Black Star, including Mike Yates.

Sunday 20th June 1976
Ace "attempts to assassinate" the Queen on Mortimus' instructions.
Bertram is made UNIT's scientific advisor.
The Doctor and Benny enter the Mediasphere after being captured by Black Star, and learn of the presence of the Vardans.
The Brigadier and Benton are declared persona non grata by the Prime Minister.

Monday 21st June 1976 (the Summer Solstice)
The figure of Artemis appears above Stonehenge.
Ace pretends to stab the Doctor.
The Doctor is abandoned by Mortimus on the Ice Planet; he escapes, returning to the Brigadier and co. via The Monk's TARDIS.
Black Star and Broadsword join forces.
Anarchy in the UK increases.
The Doctor finds the clue he needs to defeat the Vardans using Mortimus' equipment.

Tuesday 22nd June 1976
The day of the Live Peace concert (184) is erroneously thought to be a Saturday by Mortimus.
Wings play briefly before the concert is hi-jacked by Plasticine.  The rhythm they play is used by The Doctor to trap the Vardans.
The Brigadier is saved by Ace (in the original reality, Carpenter killed him)
Artemis is freed by Pike (in the original reality, Ace freed her)
The Monk flees in his TARDIS... but Artemis is free to have her revenge...
Violence begins to subside across the country.

After 22nd June 1976
Reunions are held and explanations offered in a London pub.

Glastonbury, Summer 1993
An impromptu Plasticine reunion gig is held.
The Doctor deliberately breaks the Chameleon Circuit.

themes and plot devices

'No Future' is the last book in the "Alternate Universe" cycle.

Ace's relationships with Alan and Jan are alluded to; Ace fancies Danny.

Ace's troubled relationship with the Doctor and Benny reaches a head.

The Doctor is not a manipulator or a "player of games" in this story - Ace is.

This is a UNIT story featuring an invasion of Earth.

The return of old enemies (Mortimus The Meddling Monk, The Vardans) and old friends (The Brigadier, Yates and Benton).

Cyberspace: the Mediasphere, the Virtual Reality room and the "Heaven" room aboard the TARDIS.

Copyright Peter Ware 1999