The Big Sandy River In 1901
From the Collection of Henry D. Fitzpatrick, Jr. of Prestonsburg, Kentucky
Fife Sand Bar at the mouth of  Cowpen Creek, Pike County, 1902
Mouth of Stone Coal Creek
Below Pikeville, 1903.
Patrick Vaughn Swirl at the mouth of Spradlin Branch,
Floyd County, 1901.
Six Steamboats With Log Rafts,
Catlettsburg, 1901.
Steamer B. F. Johnson passing Fife Sand Bar
at mouth of Cowpen Creek, Pike County, 1901.
Steamboat Cricket docked at landing below
Charles Stafford's Store, Johnson County, 1903.
Three Pikeville belles waiting to board
a steamboat docked at Pikeville, 1901.
Big Sandy Packet H. M. Stafford and pushboat
passing Whitehouse, Johnson County, 1904.
Bird's-Eye View of Pikeville, 1901.
Bird's-Eye View of  Steamboat Andy Hatcher
passing Stafford's Landing in Johnson County, Kentucky.
Except for the last photo, which was donated by Martha  Damron of Prestonsburg, the photos on this page were copied from a collection owned by Henry D. Fitzpatrick, Jr. of Prestonsburg. He inherited them from his father, Henry D. Fitzpatrick, Sr. Thank you, Henry, for sharing them with us. Although the identity of the photographer is unknown, the excellent quality of the images indicates that they were taken by a skilled photographer using a large-format camera mounted on a tripod. His photograph of Fife Sand Bar on Cowpen Creek is a masterpiece of the photographer's art.
The Martha Damron photograph--the bird's-eye view of a Big Sandy steamboat--was the favorite photograph of her father, Dr. George P. Archer, Mayor of Prestonsburg during the 1960s. The print which Martha owns  is an 18x24 enlargement of the original photo. When I first saw it, I mistakenly assumed that it was a painting. It was done by a professional photographer who was trying to imitate the painters of the Hudson River School. Some have suggested that the location shown in the picture is Stafford's Landing in Johnson County. It was taken on a hazy day, and as a result, the landscape in the distance looks like the landscapes in Italian Rennaissance paintings. Thank you, Martha, for sharing this wonderful photograph with us.
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Courtesy of Martha Ann Archer Damron of Prestonsburg.
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