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SCV Open House at the May House, August 19th, 2001
On August 19th, 2001, members of the Colonel Jack May Camp #1897 gathered at the Samuel May House in Prestonsburg, Kentucky and hosted the annual May House Open House. Built in 1817, the Samuel May House was the childhood home of Colonel Jack May, commander of the 5th Kentucky Infantry, C.S.A. and the leading Confederate officer in the Big Sandy Valley. The 5th Kentucky Infantry was organized at the May Farm and the house was used as a Confederate recruiting post during the Civil War period.
Don Stansky, Tom Burgess, Commander Mark Holbrook, Don Johnson, Jimmy Reed, Michelle Holbrook, and daughter Lauren Holbrook on the May House back porch.
Michelle Holbrook and daughter Lauren sure looked pretty in their new dresses. Here they are seen standing on the new pebble cement sidewalk that runs along the south side of the May House. During the day Michelle took visitors on tours of the house.
At twelve noon camp members got into their cars and drove to a cemetery near Hueysville, Floyd County, Kentucky, where they paid tribute to Private Amos Reed of the 64th Virginia Infantry, C.S.A., in a brief ceremony. Amos is the direct ancestor of camp member Jimmy Reed, the man holding the flag. After a three-gun salute, Michelle Holbrook sang Dixie while a crowd of twenty people looked on. From left to right are Jimmy Reed, Don Johnson, Tom Burgess, Commander Mark Holbrook, Lauren Holbrook, and Michelle Holbrook.
If you live in Floyd County and have an ancestor who fought in the Confederate Army, contact Camp Commander Mark R. Holbrook at 606-886-6709. His address is HC 70, Box 540, Van Lear, Kentucky, 41265.
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