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The Samuel May House Archive
Jack May's War
The Battle of Middle Creek
The Middle Creek Battlefield Foundation
Ivy Mountain Battlefield Monument
The Oldest House in the Valley
Steamboats on the Levisa Fork
The Gardner Farm at Salyersville
Zebulon Lodge Photo Gallery
Wheelwright in 1946
The Lost Trunk of Winnie Fitzpatrick Johns
The Slave Narrative of Uncle Charlie Richmond
The Big Sandy in 1901
Captain Thomas R. Worsham
Colonel Reuben May
The Skirmish on Bull Mountain
Sally Dingus and Her World
Floyd County Gallery No. 1
Floyd County Gallery No. 2
Wets Versus Drys
Seed-Planting Time at the May House
Samuel May House Donor List
May Brothers World War II Service Album
John Graham Cemetery At Emma
Post Card Views of Floyd County
Colonel Jack May Camp #1897, SCV
Floyd County Historical Society
Friends of the Samuel May House
The Kentucky Explorer Magazine
The Gearheart Farm and Cemetery at Hueysville
May House Open House, August 2001
May House
Slide Show
Big Sandy
Slide Show
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