My Heroes Of The Faith
This is Dr. Hobart Freeman. He was a very prominent minister during the Charismatic Movement. He was well known for being strict in his convictions, but balanced in his teaching. He has had a huge impact on my life and ministry and is still loved by my mom and many others that remember him. His books and tracts can be ordered at his website that even includes several excellent tracts that you can read online. I am going to include a direct link to one in particular in the future. Click here to visit his site.
This is Dr. Norvel Hayes. He is a well known and loved full gospel Bible teacher. He has a college called New Life Bible School in Cleveland Tennessee. He has visited Knoxville many times in the previous years and still visits here and also in Pigeon Forge. Dr. Hayes is one of my heroes because he probably taught me the most about the Word of Faith, how to get the Bible to work for you, and also about the Baptism In The Holy Ghost. Dr. Hayes has a website that you can visit by clicking here.
This is Dr. Lester Sumrall. He was pastor to Rod Parsley, well known pastor of World Harvest Church in Columbus Ohio. Dr. Sumrall experienced great workings of miracles in his ministry. He has various stories of casting devils out of witchdoctors and raising the dead. Many people today view great ministers such as Dr. Sumrall as a nutcase. However, remember the words of the heretics to Jesus when they said to him,"He saved others, but he cannot even save himself!", and so on. I believe in Dr. Sumrall's ministry as he was used as a vessel by the Lord Jesus. Therefore, he is one of my heroes of the faith.
This is Rev. Drummond Thom. He is originally from Cape Town South Africa. Rev. Thom now pastors a church in Louisville, KY. Among my collection of old books and tapes given to me by my mother, I found a tape series by Rev. Thom. I listened to every one of them and learned a lot. Rev. Thom used to visit Knoxville and he was always one of my parents' favorites. I think he is one of my favorites too! I recently emailed Rev. Thom and he was courteous to even reply. Rev. Thom has headed an evangelistic ministry for very many years now. The name of the ministry is World Wide Native Evangelism. To visit Rev. Drummond Thom's Website click here.