Singing with the Strength of the Lord! The Benny Hinn Crusade Choir, Bangalore.

The Festival Of Blessings Choir At the recently concluded ‘Festival of Blessings’ conducted by the Benny Hinn Ministries ( Bangalore, 21st to 23rd January 2005, the backing choir comprised of singers from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai (Madras) and Kochi (Cochin), where Bangalore took the major slice of the 2000 plus combination of senior citizens to youngsters, girls, boys, women and men. The amazing part of it was that for the first time in the history of Bangalore, members from all the Christian denominations joined together to Worship and Praise the Lord Jesus. The common factor being the focus on Jesus and not on individual ‘traditions’ and ‘doctrinal’ issues that is usually the platform for separation and differences of opinion and hurting in the Christian Community. The outcome, a fantastic oneness that gave birth to a fellowship that Jesus being the prime-mover time became secondary, self-sacrifice getting a much needed priority.

The preparation began around end October 2004, with auditions and voice selections for 1st and 2nd Sopranos and Tenors, Altos and Basses. Around 400 - 500 members were to come from Hyderabad, 200 plus from Cochin and Madras, they practiced at their own cities, and only joined the Bangalore group on 19th January for joint practice. Bangalore was divided into many centers and dedicated choir tutors were in charge of each center. The group I belonged to started practice at The Tamil Wesley Church opposite the football stadium on Commissariat Road, with Ms. Leila Alveres Lynn in charge, (memories of the tea and bondas or bajjies still linger, faithfully brought for us by a Muslim woman and her daughter). There were at the start separate timings for the women and men with still further break downs of each individual voice slated at separate times and days, till there was some respectability of the group to combine as one and do a joint session at the center. Later in December, we had ‘joint center’ male and female voices practice on the weekends at the FGAG Church in Indranagar, till there was a period at the end of December that it was felt the choir was ready for a total full Bangalore voice practice.  It was a little after this period that I got an inspiration (seeing the aid being collected at the FGAG and sent to the Tsunami victims by lorry loads) to write a poem dedicated to the Tsunami victims called ‘ Shattering Silence ’. This was immediately published on the Net, and at one stage Regi even considered reading and sharing a few extracts from the poem at one of the practices.

What was surprising that the FGAG Church took the whole choir on two levels, the male voice up in the balcony and the female voice in the sanctuary with altos to the left, 2nd sopranos in the middle and 1st sopranos to the right. The choir leaders were all experts, and were under the guidance of Regi Chandy as the conductor (some of the names I tried to remember (with some prompting from Priya) were Veera Sequeira, Reena, Manjula, Priya Mendens, Miracle Ward, Rahea, Mark and Jude Lazaro, Bejoys, Rajan, if you know all the names and correct spellings, please mail me for additions and corrections). As usual with a combination of youth and senior citizens, there was always a balanced mix of playful and serious moods, which kept the group in good humour during the long hours. Time seemed to be lost once the practice started, and what was very strange, that even after singing for so many hours, tiredness and hunger was really never felt. The choir leaders were really filled with the Lord to keep on with the strength that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere. At times we were all guilty of driving Regi to an exasperation that he threatened to write a book and put all the ‘odd’ happenings he experienced during these practice sessions, I am not sure if he really meant it, but if he did, I hope he may include some of these thoughts that I have put down here, in it!!

The choir members came in from all parts of the city, and never complained that they could not go back home early, if they got back by 10 p.m. that was early! In the first days of center single gender voice practice at FGAG Church, I would have to drop my wife Maisy for her 3-hour session, and then come back for the second 3-hour practice which was the gents combination, and she would have to wait for me till I finished the gents session, and then go back together. Looking back at the sessions and time spent, it was the effort of all that combined with the Grace of the Lord who was the mover that paid off in the end, we became a real well knitted group, who formed fellowships and warmth that was the key. Family relationships also bonded with inner healings and I personally experienced God’s touch in certain areas in my life, and especially regarding relationships within my own family. Of course, there were those who could not follow instructions, and time and time Regi would have to shout and stop the practice as the breaks in the music bars were not adhered to and some came in early in between the music rests.

Enough encouragement was given to all choir members in the form of CD’s or AudioTapes with the voice notations plus the whole music available in different combinations as required. More than a few took the media but never listened to it as perhaps they did not have any players or time, and so the next day they still were in the same groove as the previous day. This put a lot of pressure on the conductor and all, but then when you have a choir of this magnitude, it is an experiment each day and a real learning experience shared by all. The responsibility was on the head of Regi who had such drive that we were all put to shame and never complained of being tired. This slowly brought discipline and respect into the group and then the fun began, and all enjoyed the sessions thereafter, and it was really a fight to see who gets into the hall first, but there was also the reverse who gets out during the short breaks for a snack and tea which at times was totally war!!! A special word has to be written about a few people who worked behind the scenes for the choir. Barbara Lazaro was the force looking after the attendance slips at various centres and also arrangments for the uniforms, without her, the choir would have been in real trouble, she was everywhere, and with such a smile, and a joke or two to keep the choir members going. Sanjay Thomas and Niki were the key people who looked after the logistics at FGAG which covered the issue of sick passes, sound system at FGAG and distribution of music sheets and practice CD's. Bala, whose wife delivered a baby girl (Suzanne?) during the program week handled the Transport arrangements excellently. Many others helped these people in their own way, I know that Priya Mendens from Glorious with a few friends  took some responsibility for the measurements of the uniforms.

Amazing, one has visions of ‘American Idol’ auditions, and its quite remarkable how some of the singers of our choir ever made their way in? But then, God in His merciful goodness, encouraged all those who wanted to sing for Him and allowed it. Surprisingly, they did not sound too off at the end of the period of practices. Some of the numbers that were selected by the Benny Hinn Ministries were a wee bit old fashioned (for example one of the numbers, 'Just as I am', I heard sung during an early '70's Billy Graham Crusade) and did not initially spark off the enthusiasm that one expects from such an anticipated performance to come, imagine singing for 3 Million people!! But the more you listen to the 'old' numbers, they grow on you and you begin to really enjoy them, and the words come alive I have tried to sample them for the memory of the choir members. What really was exciting was getting together to perform as a choir and the challenges of being so huge and that too with a good majority of members not knowing how to read music. At the end of the session, they had the basic knowledge that if the black dots go up then the tune went up and if they went down similar pitching, and a white empty dot meant to hold the note, and so on and so forth. End result, a very dedicated professional combination of ‘all kinds of everything’ that came together to Praise the Lord in song. We all witnessed the effect of giving our effort to the Lord and to see His marvelous way He churned out the result like the potter and the clay. Effort was not lacking, leisure time was becoming a rare commodity, and even with the objective dates looming up, confidence was never short. A break was given for Christmas, with a condition that a full combined split voices practice for the Bangalore centers was to be held on 1st January 2005 at FGAG, and it was held with a little sadness because of the Tsunami dampening the joy of the celebrations. As expected, 1st January 2005 was ‘house full’ because of the commitment, and the seriousness returned as if there was never a break. Polishing up the main songs, and adding new choruses and local language adaptations were taken in stride. Nobody was surprised if suddenly Regi added a new number, the challenge just became second nature and all went about as if the same was originally listed.

Seeing the Hand Of God in the situation at FGAG was such a joy, as we were all being blessed in different ways, peace at home, fellowship with other Christian members of the choir, work place, and so many personal healings, I am sure there would be many a testimony given if ever asked for. I observed many a youngster who was ever so energetic during the practice sessions, later receive the ‘effect’ of the touch of the Lord in a mighty way during the ‘slaying in the spirit’ of the Choir, both on the 1st day and last day of the Crusade.  Photographs of the Choir Day 3 were generously given to me by John and Mark Lazaro to share with you all, my Jesus Click On This Text For The Collection. The Choir Day 2 Collection were generously given to me by Josy Joseph (Choir Member) and Pastor Bro. Vadharaj.

Although there were so many youngsters, discipline was always in the forefront and observed, and I have never come across any incident that would tarnish the image of the choir. There were about 1000 women and girls and around 700 men at any one practice. There was however, just one girl who I accidentally observed? who held her own in way of self-disciplined dress code, and she really stood out at FGAG. During the joint practice we had at the Campus Crusade, I pointed her out to my wife Maisy who remarked that she knew that girl as she was an old student of her school, this even shocked me as it sure did not look like a coincidence, and I left it. However, during the 2nd day of the program at Jakkur, I did pick up the courage to ask this young lady about herself and found that she was a Final Year Commerce student at MCC, and I did tell her that she did carry herself well to be outstanding in simplicity. But then, I may  have been very very wrong in my  judgment, I don't know, only time will tell, if I was right, as they say 'never judge a book by the cover'! Who knows, I have been wrong on other occasions, and I hope that I am not so in this case too!. There may have been many like her, but then, there was a 1000 of them and only one seemed to  be set aside and stood out!!!

The Choir was invested during the week at FGAG, (I think it was Saturday 15th January, and we did have a full day practice at Campus Crusade on 16th January) with a prayerful, Spirit filled ‘dedication’ service that committed ourselves into total obligation for the Lord, or was it the  9th January? I am really losing my memory! Anyone can help me with the dates?

my JesusFirst trip to the venue (Wednesday, 19th January, 2005).

The choir masters We all went by bus arranged by the local organizers (Glorious, office) after being picked up from the respective practice centers. Having opted to be in-charge of the bus, a rapport with all members was fun and sharing of seats for those who could not 'squat' in the isle of the bus as 83 members had to be accommodated. One of the senior ‘aunties’ was given the heavenly duty of saying the prayer for the journey, and we took off in anticipation of what lay ahead of us. Reaching the site, we did get taken in with the size of the field, and the black covered over 60 plus large projection screens presented a real larger than life look to us. After winding through the maze of entrances, we finally did bring the bus near the stage.

First look at the stage for the choir, and it was frightfully high, can’t really say how many rows were used, but one definitely could not make out the face of the person in the last row!! The row was well spaced for a comfortable seat and place to stand, the problem it took 40 mins to load the choir up, and another down, so we were forced to go up much earlier than the scheduled start of the program. The sun, in all it’s glory shone through the cloudless skies and we were basking (on the choir stage) like seals on a cliff backed beach. Sitting on the choir stage, and looking out into the distance of the grounds, I felt a peaceful awesome endless calm, that could only be the presence of the Lord around the grounds, even my friend Sydney Mendens felt the same. Thinking back, we really did not feel the heat, and to complain was not an option, as all were in the same boat, you would not even think of it, as for both men and women, the experience was unaltered. The choir practice in the cold After the rigmarole of arranging the choir in groups of voices, and doing what they called a voice check as the first lot of the Benny Hinn Ministries audio personnel were around to sample us. We did do a few sessions of choruses and songs and left to go back by 10 p.m. Tiredness did not seem to come to mind, and we all looked forward to the next day, (after all we were here to sing for the Lord), and then to experience the combination of the outstation choir members who joined us for the first time, the night was quite cold as we were all in the open. The buses dropped us at our respective practice centers late into the night. Food packets of 'Briyani' were given and we carried them home, as at the end of the day, it was easier to carry then to eat as we were eager to get back as fast as we could.

my JesusSecond trip to the venue (Thursday, 20th January, 2005).

Having the previous day as experience, coats were carried, and water bottles much in view. The practice session was passed through without much ado, and changes in the positioning, as Jim Cernero the conductor of the Benny Hinn Ministries was present to give his thoughts and requirement. As in the previous day, food arrangements were made and snacks too were distributed. The uniforms somehow could not reach in time, and we gents were issued only our white shirts, and the women who were wearing sarees got the advantage they were issued a few days back to stitch the blouse, while some of those who opted for the salvars kameez had to wait till the next morning for the issue and then get into the same.

my Jesus Day 1, Benny Hinn Crusade, Friday, 21st January, 2005

This is a day to remember for the Choir, not so much for the event, but for the closeness that God in His goodness brought everyone together. Anticipating the resistance from those who did not appreciate that Christians should gather together to Praise and Worship their Lord, the bus we travelled by was covered with prayer and I personally covered us all with Psalm 23, The Lord is My Shepherd. At this point I would like to share our experience of ‘waiting on the Lord’ and ‘in His time’, which theoretically became a reality. Being a stickler for timing, leaving for the venue was scheduled for 1pm from our practice center, the Tamil Wesley Church, and all were forewarned that they would have to be on time or else the bus would leave and they would have to find their own way to Jakkur. The time approached to leave when one of our choir members, Gama, happened to bring his children as they could not get a van to pick them up, and there was much debating on why we shouldn’t leave as we had been instructed by Regi. I held back saying that he, as a father, could not leave the children on the side of the road till arrangements for their safe pick-up be concluded, as we already came to know that there was violence around the city and we did not want to panic the choir members. Finally the arrangement was made, and a mobile phone was given to the children to keep in contact and we were about to set off, and then we got a message (on somebody's mobile phone; yes, at times it does have it's good use) that one more member of the choir was joining us and we paused for a few minutes and set off around 1.15 p.m., with much grumbling from the choir members as to why I did not start on time. We went through the city following a route that took us through Mekri Circle and proceeded on Bellary Road towards the venue (each day we had a different bus driver, and he took his own route to the Festival of Blessings). The roads were crowded and a couple of ambulances could be heard wailing on different roads making some of us apprehensive. In general there was peace all around us, as most of the traffic were heading out of the city towards Jakkur Aerodrome, the venue for the Benny Hinn Ministries ‘Festival of Blessings’ program. We reached the strip of road from Mekri Circle to the ‘fly-over’ the Ring Road, and experienced the first of the storming of the elements that were against the Lord. There were groups of people rushing through lanes and stones were flying around, and police men with their lathis chasing harmlessly behind the crowd. What was amusing was that the crowds were emerging from the lanes on either side of the Hebbal Police station. Soon there was movement in the traffic and we proceeded towards the venue and arrived unscathed. Looking back at this incident, we clearly see the hand of God on our side and the protection by His angels, as if we had left the Wesley Tamil Church on time, we would have been caught in the middle of the stone throwing as the previous buses before us. Choir members in the bus I presume also thought of the same, as they were all silent as we entered the grounds. The men were given one dark blue/green pant as part of the uniform.

There were many groups of choir members from different locations who did not reach, some had no buses arrive to pick them up. We were indeed saddened that about 30 members (choir members and volunteers) were hurt as their bus was willfully diverted, but more resolute in our commitment to the Lord and joined the various circles of incessant prayer that filled the ‘Prayer Hall (Tent)’ where the choir gathered before getting on stage. Right through the evening into the program, we were heartened to see choir members arrive safely and join us on stage as and when they were able to reach the venue. This must have been the first time that any performing choir encouraged any of their members to join the group once the performance started. You could see the joy and recognition by the different choir members as and when these made their appearance. The program went off without a hitch, and all the members performed excellently digging deep and drawing out the efforts of days of practice, remembering the pain of those who were suffering trying to reach the venue (choir members, ushers, and lakhs of men, women and children turning up on day one through all the difficulties of no transport!). One also thought of the ones who painstakingly day after day pushed us all with their skills to mould this choir into one voice for the Lord. All were excited, and looked forwarded for the next day, inspired by the turnout of those who came to Praise the Lord and see His miracles and also take home His Blessings.

We planned to sing a vernacular piece and one chorus before main service started, but I am mixed up, my wife tells me that we never did that and just went on with the Benny Hinn Ministries songs. Pre-Service, the choir was to be backed by the Glorious band, some of the members were Pastor Jaziel Ferdinand with a fantastic jazz touch on piano, Lawrence G on keyboards (he also plays for Firebrands), Gaurav on electric Bass, Ashis on Drums, Raman Iyer on Tenor Saxophone, Mark Rowlands on acoustic electric Guitar, their main Praise leader singers, and an orchestra assortment featuring a double bass, Cello, violins, flutes, guitars, drums and keyboards.

Once the service started, the choir was co-ordinated by the Benny Hinn Ministries own musicians and solo singers like Steve Brock and Sue Dodge, with part of the backing on part pre-recorded instrumental track. It was a little disappointing that after all the practices we were only ordered to sing one or two choruses, but then, we knew from the start that obedience was the key point and that could be our requirement and we were prepared for it with acceptance. At one point of time before we ended the service, the choir was prayed upon for an anointing of the Holy Spirit and more than a few of the 2000 plus were ‘slain in the spirit’ and fell across chairs and into the aisles in waves. I can vouch that not all members of the choir were ‘felled’, and none who were ‘felled’ acted!. This was also done on the final day, some of the choir members were thrown back 2 rows!!

Our return was another experience, as we met quite a lot of new faces from different centers as our bus had to take part of the Koramangala center group back as their bus did not turn up. I think there were many people who attended the program, spread through and shared in the love and goodness of others and reached home, men, women and children - most walked for distances, but with a cheer on their faces as we passed them by on the road home. I also feel that secretly in the hearts of those who caused such distress for the old people and women and children, there must have been a certain amount of compassion and guilt. However, at the same time since they were committed to the cause of ‘disrupting’ the proceedings, they couldn’t express their remorse. I honestly think the Lord has touched many of these ‘such’ people, and they have become better human beings by their own deeds. The Lord’s ways are mysterious.

my Jesus Day 2, Benny Hinn Crusade, Saturday, 22nd January, 2005

This day was more exciting than the day before, because we knew there was peace in the city and proportionally there would be more people at the venue to Praise the Lord. Arriving through still a different route, as each driver who took us to the venue took a route he was comfortable with and we did not argue with his decision. However, the buses were made to park quite far away from the stage or where we alighted on previous days, and we had to walk through the dusty paths and reach the ‘tent’.

The local Praise leaders led us into two numbers, a Kannada number and one chorus backed by the Glorious instrumental team and orchestra, before the Benny Hinn Ministries soloists and instrumentalists took over the stage to back the choir and vice versa at the start of the service.

The women had to wear the same dark blue outfits of the previous day with an off-white 'dupeta' or narrow stole, and later after the program, were issued the second light blue set for the final day. Men had the same combination, white shirts, ties with a Benny Hinn Ministries monogram tiepin (actually these tiepins were given to us on the final day, navy-blue pants, black shoes, black footwear was standard for all). We went back home pretty late as the issue of uniforms had to be complete. All looked forward for the next day as the Choir was promised a ‘special blessing of the Lord’ by Benny Hinn. We were surely blessed by the Lord for on our way back we were able to share our 'Blessings' with a physically challenged girl and her family by giving them a lift to Cubbon Road. CHECK OUT THE NEW PHOTOGRAPHS OF DAY 2, THANKS JOSY JOSEPH & PASTOR  BRO. VADHARAJ.

my Jesus Day 3, Benny Hinn Crusade, Sunday, 23rd January, 2005

As the final day arrived, there was the expectant sadness as all good things must come to an end and personally I felt that the ‘choir family’ and the new friends whom I met and interacted with left an indelible impression with me that I would carry. This experience I have shared with you. We sang only one chorus before the Benny Hinn Ministries team took over the stage and packed our musicians up and away. Three of the members of Glorious, namely Rahea, Miracle and I think it was Manjula did a threesome in different voices.  Similarly, as on Day 1, during the Service, when Benny Hinn prayed that the Spirit of the Lord fall on the Choir, there was a tremendous outpouring of the Spirit, and many members were totally 'slain in the Spirit' and the Lord's touch. Some of the youngsters were 'ministered' right through the 'healings' and lay lifeless, totally 'zapped' by the Spirit of the Lord, some were thrown over backwards, but as on Day 1, not all were downed.

The choir on the final day As you have read above, you may be surprised that there is not one mention about the Program itself, true, this account is a dedication only to the Choir alone and those who got hurt trying to be in it. There are many who would write about God’s healings through the program, and the Press have had it’s heyday, I leave that to the ‘experts’ on physical healings, etc. to do justice to all we witnessed, I think we all carry and treasure that little 'secret satisfaction' of having being there, a Witness for God, to Praise and Worship Him with all our hearts. That moment in time has been captured, cannot be explained, and will never be repeated again. If it does, then it would be another miracle. As for Hyderabad, February 2006, I am not sure I would there, but I wish all those who are planning to go there, God’s Grace and His Blessings on you all. I thank Regi Chandy and his wife Esther, for all their openness to the Lord, allowing Him to work in their lives and thus able to deliver and lead the choir to Praise and Worship Him. We again shared the Lord's blessings by giving a lift to a mentally challenged lady and her family from Vijayawada, giving them a lift to Mekhri Circle. Thanks must be given to Rev. Paul Thangiah, the Chairman Bangalore, Festival of Blessings, without whose full backing and invitation, the Choir would never have been in existence and the Benny Hinn Crusade not taken place in Bangalore. He also gave us the FGAG Church premises for practice. my JesusLet us hope that he invites us for a 'reunion thanksgiving service' when we can all sing 'Almighty', a song liked by all the choir members, but dropped by the Benny Hinn Ministries for this Crusade at Bangalore.
my JesusSome of us Choir Members are hopeful that the Benny Hinn Ministries deems it upon themselves to give us a copy of the Bangalore Crusade on DVD as many cannot afford it's cost of $40, hopefully as a kind token of thought that some Choir members even literally 'shed their blood', while others walked for miles at their own risk to be there on Friday, the 21st January 2005 to support the Crusade!!

With the Love of the Lord, God Bless,
Cheers, Love

Ronnie Johnson  (1st Tenor*) and Maisy Johnson (Alto)
Bangalore, India, 29th January 2005

A glimpse of the Benny Hinn program

my JesusSome of the songs the Choir practiced to be sung, backed  by the Benny Hinn Ministries musicians and solo singers: A Mighty Fortress; Greatly to be Praised Medley; Grace Medley; Holy King Medley; Holy You Are - Holy, Holy, Holy; I Believe Medley; I Found the Answer; Let the Veil Down - Holy, Holy Holy; Nothing is Impossible Medley; Who Am I Medley; Just as I Am ; Give Me this Mountain; Hallalujah, Praise the Lord.

my JesusSome of the Chorus the Choir pracitced to be sung, backed by the Glorious musicians: All Heaven declares; Blessed be the Lord God Almighty; Breathe upon me; Glorify Thy name; He's the Saviour of my Soul; Holy Spirit Thou are welcome; How great Thou art; I am the God that healeth thee; I just want to Praise you; Jesus your presence; Spirit of the Living God; Spirit Song; We are standing on Holy Ground; You are Great; Blessed Assurance; Agnus Dei; As the Deer panteth; Ancient of days; Shout to the Lord; Born again; Live for Jesus; Hail Jesus; Shine Jesus Shine; Righteous, Peace and Joy (Action song sung on Day 3 really energized the crowd into activity); Alpha and Omega; Power of Your Love; Crucified; He'll be there.

my JesusOur Choir Bus Group from Tamil Wesley "G": Achila Jamir, Agnes R Imelda, Alan Vincent Dass, Alovi Kiho, Ancy Mathew, Anjali Deepa, Anju Abraham, AR Vasantha Vinodini, Aravindan D, Atula Longchar, Beena Priyadarshini, Dalia Merin Mathew, Dishon S, Divya Jyothi, Doris Anna, Effie Peter, Elias Prashu, Emerita Noronha, Emilo Patton, Enosh S, Fatima Nelson, Francis Gama, Gabriella E, Gladys Diana, Griselda Eardley, Harshini Rebeca, Janet Dowling, Jason T Fernandes, Jaya Meagher, Jiamila Aonok, Jocelyn Jerusha, Joshua Samson J, Juliet Suzana Bai, Karunya, Keerti Thomas, Keninguno 'Cookoo' Angami, Lisa Abraham, Lucy Peter, Malcolm Santosh, Manuella Sushanthini, Marceleena Dunn, Marie Dunn, Mario Dunn, Mary KH, Mercy Ambrose, Monica, Nadia Antony, Nelson John, Nitin Doddamani, P Prakash Kumar, Patricia Natalia, Pearlo T Dinish, Prema Gyanakand, Priya Mendens, Rachel Longchar, Rajbhuvaneshwari KH, Rini Peter, RS Karunia, Sadhana, Sagayamary Geetha, Sajna K, Samson Deva Paul, Samson S, Sara Abraham, Sheba Miriam, Shephali Singh, Sophia JA, Stanley P Benjamin, Sulekha Jagadish,  Sunil Jose MD, Surnati, Sweety R, Sydney Mendens, V Ramesh Chandu, Varneetha Raj, Venessa Pinto, Vishal Martin, Wendy White, Whity R, William Patterson, Yashimenla Longkumer, Zoe Veigas.

my Jesus"Festival of Blessings" - The Choir Members: Bangalore:
Venue A - S.A.B.C, Venue B - Garden City A G Church, Venue C - Zion Church, Venue D - New Life College, Venue E & K - Christalaya, Venue F & I - F G A G Church, Venue G - Wesley Tamil Church, Venue H - Bethel A G Church, Venue J - Jalahalli, Venue L - Revival Centre, Venue N - Bangalore, Glorious, Mathews Church, Vellore, Chennai (Madras), Hyderabad, Kochi (Cochin). my JesusSome of the Choir members belong to the Glorious Choir and also the Soul Seekers.

If there are any of you choir members who would like to send in their experiences or photographs and would like to add the same to this, please send mail to or phone us at (91) (80) 22240145, with the understanding that what you say will be attached and shared. 
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All photographs used on this page were taken from the John and Mark Lazaro Collection.
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* - The fat old guy with the 'Pony Tail' who has a slim pretty wife!!